CB Mailbag: “It is uninformed and uneducated dog people like you that cause the misidentification of dog breeds amongst the general public”

It’s not hard to imagine the vitriol that gets directed toward Michael Vick. After all… dog people are a strange, and intense, breed. 

I knew when I posted those photos last week that I would get a few unique emails, but this one is the winner.

An apparent dog trainer of some sort, Steph, took issue with the following paragraph from the post: A CB tipster, whose claims can be corroborated by several tweeters, sent along a few photos of Vick that were taken at a New Jersey PetSmart*, where Vick, his family and a bodyguard have been attending dog training classes for Angel, the Vick family’s young Belgian Malinois (a type of Shepherd).

This was our email exchange over the weekend. Totally sic’d, of course:

To whom it may concern,

It is uninformed and uneducated dog people like yourselves that cause the mid identification of dog breeds amongst the general public. The dog in that photo is most definitely a Belgian malinois but are not related to German shepherds. Its like saying that a Siberian husky is a type of Alaskan malamute. People like you infuriate me and make my job so much harder.  Thanks so much for that.




And here I always thought the Alaskan Malamute was just a gay Husky. Silly little blogger.

Steph, of course, was wrong about the Belgian Malinois.

Just for fun:


This is the most ridiculous email I have ever received. First, I never wrote that a Belgian Malinois was a German Shepherd, so I don't know why you are even emailing me. Second, according to Google and Wikipedia, the BM is known as a Belgian Shepherd. Third, THAT is the part of the post you take issue with? Not the dog killer owning a dog? But a parenthetical, and just about meaningless, aside about the type of dog? And how, exactly, does this make your job harder? Is there a rash if misinformed dog owners instantly gramming their BM's that has the animal community in a frenzy?

For real, what would make you even think to send that email? But congrats, it just made the website. Please step off your high horse, which is a type of Equus ferrus.

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I work with dogs and their misinformed owners everyday and classifying them is part of my job. A Belgian shepherd is a different dog then a malinois it said in the article that it was a type of shepherd. I think the article it self was stupid, no I don't like Micheal Vick or what he did but cudos for him for actually trying to raise a dog right for a change. And yes mid labeling breeds is z big deal to me so sorry to pick at your precious article but just because its on the net doesn't make it truth or law. As a reporter you suck, Wikipedia is not a source that should be used for anything. So sorry I insulted you lazy reporting.



Picture response, from Google:

Belgian Malinois 

Or, perhaps she would have preferred the American Kennel Club.


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  1. Ok, I am going to have to classify Steph as a Bitch. It’s a breed that results from mixing Crazy and stupid together and dumping them into a cunt. 9 months later a Bitch is born, let’s name her Steph. Aww sooo cute, I bet she will make some unlucky man VERY miserable one day. Kyle, write something about Eagles/ Phillies before I ban you from my conditioner in the shower. We all know you aren’t using it on your hair. Get Mom a drink NOW!

  2. I enjoyed this because I work in the pet industry and have deal with crackpots like Steph on a daily basis. Good job, pyscho dog people are unbearable.

  3. Well done Kyle.
    What a weird chick. Something tells me she’s never been laid…

  4. Dog owners for the most part are like the spoof “Best In Show”
    Such is the trendy world of “dogs are people, too”. I have been the owner of a Black lab/Rot female, a Siberian Husky male and a Sharpe’. Dogs arent for everybody; but i like Dogs more than humans. Friends of mine have rescued dogs from being put down and the dogs become members of the pack. Using dogs for fighting is no different than using beagles to hunt down foxes for the Elite crowd. Stu Bykofsky has a column about those organizations that still shoot pigeons just because it’s a “tradition” African Greys are smarter than some of the intellectuals that post here. Human arrogance.

  5. “As a reporter you suck, Wikipedia…” Was that some kind of weird Freudian slip caused by years of pent-up sexual frustration?

  6. “Totally sic’d”
    Yeah, Steph is a bit of a spaz, but you come off as kind of a douche. A+ for your spelling and grammar though.

  7. @Truth-Your right no point to this post. Just wanted to once again prove how much smarter you are than your readers. SMH.
    Kyle please stop writing about anything but the Flyers because its the only thing you care about. Ever other post is about how much all the other teams in Philly suck and how dumb your readers are.
    Classic hockey fan, hates everything not hockey and hockey can do no wrong. So keep the positive spin coming as the Flyers can’t beat anyone worthwhile.

  8. Dude – who cares – what are you trying to prove?
    Your website blows – and so does your mom.
    Ugliest blogger on the internet … Ugliest

  9. I haven’t seen Wikipedia cited since the Republican committee used it in my university’s newspaper.
    That was pretty much her only point.
    Her grammatical errors bothered me, too. :-X

  10. Way to feed the troll, Kyle. This is why I only come to this site 3 times a year. Who wants hack reporting about nothing in the first place, and furthermore, who argues with someone about something so trivial?
    Kyle has been a pro/con for this site. He’s increased the popularity (marginally, at best) while performing hack “reporiting” all while bashing his readers. Let us know when you get around to the trade talks reporting, or anything sports related.
    Also, there were several grammatical errors on Kyle’s behalf, since we’re all grammar nazis all of a sudden.

  11. “Mensa? What’s that, like, a gay dating site?” —92% of CB readers

  12. Rob Zombie’s gonna have a field day with the mid 70s Flyers/Philly era….but it could end up a cross btw “Slapshot” & “From Dusk til Dawn” lol

  13. Steph probably has saggy tits, a fat ass and is a lover of black cock, she also probably has one “exotic” animal like a Parrott or monkey.

  14. HEY! everyone on here is rude and uneducated. I have a phD in Dog Science i know my shit

  15. Hockey really is the only sport worth watching or talking about. That being said, I loved on WIP yesterday some clown called in saying he and his faggot friend were watching the NBC game Sunday and that the bar changed it to the Chelsea-Man U game. Apparently they left and reprogrammed some remote so they could change the channel from their van to ruin everyone else’s time. So the idiot fat ass Cuz and the other idiot are praising these retards for turning off the worst hockey game I’ve ever seen. Seriously, did anyone watch that game and enjoy it? It was an abortion. And your mother should have had one if you think otherwise. I don’t really care for soccer, but I can get wasted and enjoy pretty much anything, even curling, but not that atrocity that NBC put on Sunday.

  16. You both look pretty pathetic going back and forth like that. That being said, Steph is off the charts crazy.

  17. This smeez is a weird one. She comes off like the Beastiality type. Taking red rockets in her dumper daily…

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