Eagles Move Training Camp Back to Philadelphia

image from mobilwi.typepad.comSadly, Rich Hoffman will no longer be able to lay 'neath the trees (pic via Dan Gelston)

Oh little town of Bethlehem… how inadequate your professional training facilities are.

The Eagles are moving their training camp back to Philly for the first time in 70 years. They’ve spent the past 17 seasons at Lehigh University.

From the release:

The Philadelphia Eagles will hold Training Camp in Philadelphia this summer both at the NovaCare Complex and at Lincoln Financial Field after staging the team’s annual preseason practices at Lehigh University for the last 17 years.

The new Training Camp plan will include a number of free, public practices at Lincoln Financial Field along with private practices (invitation only) at the NovaCare Complex. The full Training Camp schedule will be released later this spring.

The Eagles become the 21st NFL team to move practices to their own facilities as the demands of practice make it more and more difficult to replicate what the teams have at their practice facilities.

The decision was a very difficult one for the entire organization, noted team president Don Smolenski. 

“There are so many people at Lehigh University who went above and beyond to accommodate us and to make Training Camp a special place for fans to travel each summer to get an up-close look at the team," Smolenski said. "We especially want to thank and recognize Joe Sterrett, Dean of Athletics, who opened the doors for us 17 years ago and has been supportive every step of the way and Mary Kay Baker, Director of Conference and Special Housing Services, who was there for us on a daily basis to make sure everything ran smoothly. It’s people like them who made this such a difficult decision for us.

“The city of Bethlehem has been part of our lives every summer for the past 17 years.”

But, efficient access to all the facilities at the NovaCare Complex – from the training room which is equipped with everything from a hydrotherapy pool and access to an MRI machine, weight rooms with state of the art equipment, an indoor practice venue, video and computer equipment that utilizes network infrastructure – has become a necessity for the team. 


Upon his arrival, Chip Kelly brushed aside a question about whether Eagles would continue holding their camps at Lehigh, saying that he was just trying to get through his first day on the job. But it’s a move that makes sense for the Eagles, who have a state-of-the-art facility to call home and a huge stadium at which to hold public practices. Some folks, I’m sure, we’ll be all pissy that they can no longer drive two hours to stand in the hot sun and watch unrecognizable players drop passes… but this move makes sense (although I would suggest that the Eagles hold camp down the shore, in Sea Isle– 1) because it would be awesome and 2) so Trent Cole could be that much closer to the Princeton, where white P is available in abundance). 

Sadly, during the Eagles' last summer in Lehigh, the coach’s son and team strength and conditioning assistant was found dead in his dorm room with a gym bag full of steroids.


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  1. The white trash making annual taining camp day trips can not be happy about this move

  2. Well, this wasn’t exactly a bombshell. When Kelly stonewalled reporters asking about Lehigh on his first day in Philly, the writing was on the wall right then and there. And with more NFL teams deciding to hold camp close to home, it only stood to reason that the Eagles would jump on that bandwagon. On top of that, the prospect of practices being held at the Linc gives Jeff Lurie a perfect opportunity to gouge fans coming into the stadium (What? You think he’s NOT going to charge for something? Anything?). But then, I never went to Lehigh, so it doesn’t matter to me anyway.

  3. So, you talk about this but not all the signings they made yesterday? Come on bro, step it up.

  4. Typical Jew trying to save money. Plus Chip heard there’s no gay bars in LH

  5. Sweet, no more broken down hoopties on 378 with fat fucks from the northeast hangin ass crack under the hood to fuck up my commute home during musikfest.

  6. Tom “The Animal”, You can make a day trip down my pantalones anyday, if you know what i mean…

  7. Oh and by the way they can now charge $25 for parking, full concessions, market more crap, etc. during every “free” public practice.

  8. CANDY MY NGA.. you got me laughing hard at the gay bar joke.
    For real though – Summers in Philly are gonna eat this shit up. Trash will check out practice at the Linc during the day then get shit faced at XFinity and stumble over to Citizens Bank Park for a Phils game.
    Ridley is going to start shipping shuttles back and forth to south philly to help keep a fresh supply chain of white trash

  9. They weren’t going to make the players have to sidestep the giant elephant in the room that was Garrett Reid’s deathbed every day.

  10. We can’t have training camp down the shore. If we do, Carter and Richards will be taking the players off of dry island every night…. Actually on second thought maybe its s good idea. Maybe Trent Cole can do something stupid so we can void his massive, unmovable contract where he doesn’t fit into a 3-4 defense.

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