Hey, Look at That: Multiple Players Say Bryz Did “Doze Off” During Team Meeting


Bryz resting in Winnipeg

Earlier today, I cited a source who told me that Ilya Bryzgalov fell asleep during a team meeting and that the shut-eye may have led to his benching last night. Harry Mayes was first to report this, on 97.5 The Fanatic, about 20 minutes before my post went live.

The Flyers – players, coach and the GM – quickly (and not surprisingly) denied such a thing happened. You can read their quotes in this press reale… uh, at CSN Philly. You can read them at CSN Philly.

Following those denials, Flyers beat writers – who get insanely offended when a story isn’t broken by one of their own (see: Eskin, Howard and Gross, Dan) – were eager to trumpet the company (Flyers) line and dismiss the report using ALL CAPS and healthy doses of sarcasm. Mayes took the brunt of it, because how dare they credit a blog:

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Enter Frank Seravalli, who remained notably quiet during the day. Multiple players confirmed to him that Bryz did, in fact, fall asleep – or at least shut his eyes – during a team meeting and, perhaps, on the bench in Winnipeg. Seravalli also reported that Monday’s team meeting was held after Bryz had been notified that he wasn’t starting. So the assumption that the snooze led to his benching was incorrect.

From Philly.com:

Despite public denials from four Flyers players and coach Peter Laviolette, multiple sources confirmed to the Daily News that goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov did in fact “doze off” during a team meeting on Monday.

News of cameras catching Bryzgalov with his eyes closed on the Flyers’ bench during the third period of Saturday’s loss in Winnipeg rippled throughout the team on their charter flight home. Bryzgalov was pulled after allowing four goals in the second period.

After practice on Monday, Laviolette notified both Mason and Bryzgalov of his plans to start Mason.

At that point, multiple players confirmed Bryzgalov closed his eyes during the team’s brief meeting that followed him being notified.

“Whether he was actually sleeping or not, no one knows for sure,” said one player on the condition of anonymity, for fear of retribution. “It seemed like he may have been doing it to get a rise out of other players. I’m not really sure why he did it, or if he was faking it. Either way, it seemed to catch and lot of people by surprise and angered a few people.”

Nice work by Frank. No word on who the players were, but the source – and others over the past year – have pointed out to me what is likely obvious to most fans: that many players don’t like Bryz. But most beat writers will just continue to transcribe things.


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  1. So, Seravelli has no named sources but there are many players that publicly come out and say this story is bullshit. And the coach says its bullshit and the GM says its bullshit.

    But it should be obvious “to most fans” that the players don’t like Bryzgalov.

    Kinda argued against your own point there,didn’t you?

  2. Because it’s extremely important that all TEAMMATES like or get-a-long, right? Multiple or two players confirmed this….yeah. Bryz isn’t the biggest problem with this team, but it’s the easiest drum to bang. Lazy Media.

  3. Well if we learned anything about stories like this in the past (Richards, Carter), Bryz will get run out of town this summer.

  4. Baicker is terrible. She’s always the first to bash a Flyers report from somebody outside the everyday reporters secret circle

    1. I’d bash Baicker and her big schnoz! I hear she knows how to handle the stick.

  5. Seravelli named no sources. That’s cowardice. We have players, coaches, and the GM on record saying the report is false. So I should believe Seravelli and his “sources” because he wrote the story after the denials took place? Nope. I’m in the middle, bullshit on both sides. Until 97.5 or Frank reveal their sources, this story has reached a dead end.

    1. do you really expect a player or coach to say “yeah, he fell asleep.” have fun getting traded. not saying it’s right, but that’s how it always works.

      1. So there is one report out of dozens, that says he “shut his eyes.” Not slept. Shut them. For how long? Was there snoring? The guy even said he thought it was a fucking joke. But nope…Hes just a lazy, terrible goaltender that sleeps on the job…Ya know, I might give this story a little more credence if people like you, Kyle, weren’t so frothing at the mouth in your hatred for Bryz. People like you criticize him at every turn for trivial, irrelevant bullshit just to drum up page views. Your previous post is libelous drivel that blatantly misquotes him, so I’m not going to take anything you write after that seriously.

        This is just a dry-island, non-story deal all over again…Vague, shotty reports of malcontent in the locker room that was never actually confirmed, but denied by most associated with the team..But you stand on a high horse and just dismiss that because they’re associated with the team. Speaking of Dry-Island…You speak about dry island and reports of Richie and Carter abusing drugs as if its a goofy, endearing, harmless kind of quality, yet Bryz jokingly sleeping in a meeting, or throwing his stick out of frustration (ie HE CARES) is apparently grounds for public crucifixion… I’m not seeing the consistency here…Please explain your logic.

      2. didn’t snider shutdown Seravelli’s laughable article during the lockout? Stick Adrew Bynum and Phillies Kyle.

  6. You wanna know where roughly 90% of the goalie issues in Philadelphia stem from? The media.

  7. If bryz ever pulled that shit in my locker room, I would shoot a puck at his head. See how he likes that

  8. Here are two goalies killing it this season: Ray Emery and Sergei Bobrovsky (and Columbus isn’t even a playoff team). LOL.

    Besides, this whole thing is a non-story. Why is anyone surprised? Bryz has been sleeping in net all season!

    1. Here are two goalies that were run out of town by the rabid fanbase and media and never given a fair or long enough shot to prove themselves: Ray Emery and Sergei Bobrovsky.

      1. Emery wasn’t driven out of town… Are you nuts?

        He had hip surgery that was supposed to end his career, so he wasn’t resigned. He was absolutely not driven out of town. He was doing great when he went down with the injury and likely could have led the Flyers to the Cup that year. No one hated him.

        1. No man…Maybe he wasnt run outta town, but there werre people bitching about him not being tough enough, not good enough to get us over the hump, not worth a big contract Yada Yada Yada…same bs as Bryz woulda taken full effect had he played that whole season

  9. Bryz rests his eyes at a meeting and Kyle hates him and Richards and Carter do coke and he loves them. Do us all a favor Kyle, stick to baseball, stick to blowing Cliff Lee and the shitty Phillies. Cause when it comes to any other sport you’re an a clueless moron. You focus more on jersey posts and drama than how the team is doing.

  10. Yup, just more mud slinging from a clear cut Bryz hater.

    “Hey, Look at That: Multiple Players Say Bryz Did “Doze Off” During Team Meeting”

    As opposed to the ones earlier in the day that said he didn’t, that you give no credence to despite the fact that they’re all very trustworthy players? Yea.

    Stupid article. Stupid non-story. Stop whining because you’re a fan blog and the beat writers don’t respect you. They shouldn’t. You’re a fan blog with no real connections, and they’re actually in the business. Leave it to the professionals.

    1. Agreed, this manufactured “story” is another poster-child for everything wrong with instant blogety “info”. And not just an indictment of CB…anyone running with this who wasn’t in the room yet who’s reached some firm conclusion looks really bad.

  11. Nice job by the Flyers apologists, I mean beat writers, they miss a story and then take cheap shots at the guy who reported it.

  12. I can’t believe KyleScott ghas the balls to try and act like this shitty blog he runs deserves credit for breaking this story. All you deserve credit for is copying fightinphils and you didn’t even do a good job at that you nova yuppie.

  13. sadly even if henrik lundqvist played goalie here in philadelphia, he’d be torn apart just like every goalie, this town wants a good goalie, yet needs to hate them, the day we actually stop focusing on the subject, we might actually be okay in net, of course this city can never not make it the issue of the flyers, even when the rest of the team and coach and gm are shitting the bed.

  14. why is noone pointing out how BAD these local reporters are. Not only the flyers but the eagles too. Do they ever break any story? they all just wait for a national reporter to get a story and then retweet it as if they were in the loop.

  15. Maybe Bryz was reading this shitty boring (2 posts per day) blog. it’s fucking nap worthy nowadays.

  16. Helllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooo Frisco! He would fall asleep if he was with me, if you know what i mean……

  17. Kyle has to learn the most valuable life lesson: LET IT GO.
    The Carter/Richards/Bryzgalov menage a trade is ancient history.
    If you want to be a reporter/writer/journalist…..you have to be objective. not biased.

    I gave Kyle emails from the most respected football analyst in Philly, relating how Andy Reid and Morningweig were the worst playcallers in the league.

    Kyle didnt publish it because he’s a professional. good for him.

    Life can be made up of fleeting moments, a true journey and not a destination.

  18. Bryz fucking sucks. Any fan who is an apologist for him is just flat out wrong. For his contract, and track record, he should be much better. Beyond that he should at least not be turning into a “cancer”. Holmgren changed the whole team to sign him, and he missed big.

  19. Do you know who falls asleep at hockey games and team meetings? Somebody popping too many pain killers or drunk off their asses. I doubt he can get away with drinking.

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