Scott Hartnell Follows Shady Path, Claims He was Hacked

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 3.09.21 PMThe LeSean McCoy Book of Social Media: Three Steps to Success:

Step one: Tweet about child support or alimony payments by disparaging ex-wife or baby mama

Step two: Claim you were hacked

Step three: Statement

That’s it. Scott Hartnell has already completed the first two steps in the process, and we’ll expect a statement shortly.

On Monday, Hartnell tweeted about his alimony payments to his ex-wife, Lisa Renneke, being over. Several players, including a certain former captain, one Mr. Mike Richards, tweeted her as well:

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.42.18 AM

But yesterday, Hartnell, who had retweeted those retweets… claimed that he was hacked:

Yeah, no. Nice try, though.

If I were him, which, apparently, judging by the fact that I don’t have Sheena Parveen’s number in my phone (but I do have Jeremy Roenick’s!), I’m not, I would embrace that Tweet. It was the perfect mix of mean and funny, two things that you should value in a tweeting athlete.


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  1. I see “mean,” i don’t see “funny.” what’s so funny about that tweet?

  2. Who gives a fuck and who gives a fuck about some third line center in the western conference.

  3. He meant everything he said… he just has to make a response like this because Flyers management has to step in. It probably violates whatever social media agreement all the players signed in the beginning of the season.

  4. as i said on monday with his original tweet, what sense was there to posting such a statement. you have to know that nothing good would come of it. he should have known he would have to answer for it by either the media and/or the flyers. whether she is a gold digger or not, he should have just left the past in the past and move on with banging sheena or whatever bar ass he has going on.

  5. Another reason to love Hartsy. The dude is hilarious and is taking a well deserved shot at a gold digging hoe. I love everything about this tweet. Hard to pull off when all of you guys bitch about how your girlfriend left you for someone with actual substance, but Hartnell can pull it off well. Well, played. #wifedown

  6. I just assumed the “account hacked” tweet was also a joke. Especially since he didn’t delete the retweets.

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