The Top CB Posts of the Last Month

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 8.23.48 AMGiven that there’s a running stream of posts that quickly find their way off the homepage and into the bowels of the ether, here’s a roundup of CB’s most popular posts over the last month (dating back to June 1) that you may have missed. Or that you may want to read again. Or that you’ll just want to click so I can line my pockets with your coins. Whatever.

An update on those surveys: why you are sometimes seeing text greyed out.

Paul Holmgren has no time for Michael Barkann’s jokes: not amused by a joke about fire alarm.

Watch as Flyers beat writers pile on Bryz: Randy Miller is a bad journalist.

Riley Cooper fighting outside Kenny Chesney concert: sort of.

Cliff Lee wasn’t a fan of Phillies team meeting: what it says.

The life of a troll: an expose on KITMIACRS, the biggest CB troll thus far in 2013.

Fuck you, Ryan Braun: F that guy.

Sam Hinkie and his calculator did amazing things in the NBA Draft: an in-depth look at Sam Hinkie’s magic on the night of the NBA Draft.

From the sports bowels: looking down the barrel of a loaded Mike Tyson: Joe Santoliquito with an excellently written piece on the night Mike Tyson called him a “motherfucker.”

And now, me reading mean comments: the most popular video we’ve posted in some time.


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  1. Uh Kyle, you missed the LilSnupe death post (June 20th). One of my all time favorites, and one of the most commented on as well.

    I’m not trying to incite / reignite anything here, I swear.

    1. Figured it’s timelines had run its course. Strictly with views, that was up there.

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