And Now, Jeremy Roenick Leaves Angry Voicemails

Credit to Barstool Philly for obtaining a voicemail that Jeremy Roenick recently left for a Flyers fan – in which he told the fan to “fuck himself” – who had a problem with Roenick crying after the Blackhawks won the Cup… three years ago:

That’s great.

No further context was given as to how Roenick obtained said fan’s number, or to whom the call was placed.

I hate to be scooped on the JR phone call game, though. So now might be a good time to remind you of when, two years ago, Roenick absolutely flipped out at me about fan response to comments he made on douchebag Jay Mohr’s show.

But, what I didn’t post at the time was the follow-up voicemail he left asking me not to be a “hater.” So here it is, from September 15, 2011:

That probably never would’ve seen the light of day (except for when I whip it out drunk to show it off to friends– the voicemail, that is)… but I’m competitive like that and hate getting scooped on vindictive Jeremy Roenick voicemails. That’s a territory I’m not willing to cede.

Have to agree with Smitty over at Barstool, though– gotta respect JR’s perseverance and caring to call fans and bloggers and leave angry voicemails. It takes a special type of sociopath to do that. And I like it.


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  1. I have nothing but respect for JR, he played his guts out while he was here. One of a few players I rooted for after he left Philly. Pro athletes today are brainwashed to be overly politically correct and as a result theyre boring to listen too.

  2. Kyle, I’m legitimately impressed how you were able to make yourself the center of the story here.

    1. Let me guess… your from a city like Pittsburgh, who’s fans were so terrible they were about to move the team to Kansas City?

  3. You couldn’t be more irrelevant to the world of sports reporting no matter how important you think you are.

  4. JR called the Philly fan from a Blackhawks fan’s phone. The Philly fan never actually met JR in person. Mystery solved.

  5. This guy writes a “philly sports blog” but does nothing except for find ways to bash people that are or were associated with sports in this city. You cause more trouble than anything and are a troll to this city. Oh and not to mention a complete SELLOUT for the BS people have to go through just to read this garbage.

  6. JR is a fraud. The cry was phony. That was the Blackhawks moment, not his moment…. Maybe if he could have scored a goal in the ’04 Eastern Conference Finals he would have had his shot.

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