Bird Droppings: Shit

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pic via Ryan Messick (@rm973), who said he called for help and paramedics checked the guy out– he’s fine

Chip Kelly looked overmatched last night. His players didn’t execute, his offensive line didn’t block particularly well, and Michael Vick never looked in control… almost like he was speeding down a highway in a McLaren trying to read street signs.

That swinging gate play was stupid. There’s no strategical reason to go for two when the score is 10-6 in the first quarter. I don’t even care about the formation– it’s just dumb to go for two there. There’s taking risks and then there’s just I’m drunk and been playing Madden for hours so fuck it.

I love Chip, but the Eagles looked like they were colossally unprepared for that game. I never got that feeling with Reid. I got the feeling Reid didn’t know what the fuck he was doing… but I never got the feeling that the team was not prepared. Just sloppy and disjointed last night.

Anyway, I’m tired and can’t write anymore. Here’s some shit from last night:

Marcus Vick, everyone

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 8.56.02 PMVapor

If only… he had a sports car:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.22.09 AM

Swinging gate

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.22.59 AM

First quarter. 10-6. Why?


What the hell was with that stupid couchgating thing KFC was pushing? Was there no one who said, “Hey, you know guys… this is really corny and we probably shouldn’t put it on TV”?

Alex Flanagan


McCoy’s ankle injury: “Eagles calling it nothing more than a right leg.”


Phillies at the game

pic via Phillies
pic via Phillies

Darin Ruf and Cody Asche under the tutelage of Larry Andersen? This doesn’t end well… or it ends really well.

Bad look Mike Mayock on what they call a “bad look” in West Philly: “In West Philly, they call it a BL.” No they don’t.

But Mike Mayock is still my new favorite person, because of this.

Cameraman holds his ground nicely here

The McNabb Era summed up in one Tweet

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 1.22.57 AMScreen Shot 2013-09-20 at 1.22.03 AM

False start

I actually had to look up to check and see if I was watching a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial when the Eagles were called for a false start in the fourth quarter: “False start, everybody but the center.”



This guy

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pic via Drew Magary


Reid knew this was coming:


Tammy kiss

BOW CHIKA WOW WOW. I’m hot right now.

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pic via Mike Garafolo

Howard Eskin in his usual position

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.27.50 AM

Eagles fans taunt Alex Smith after his team embarrasses Eagles

Reid chub

The tomato squirts: “14 years is 14 years. That’s a long time, especially for a chubby old guy.” Especially for a desperate fan base.


John Bolaris watched the game at the old Bazaar in lower Delc:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.28.59 AM

Burning McNabb’s jersey

Other posts from the game:

Michael Vick test driving a McLaren before the game

Andy Reid puts Sal Pal in his place

Andy Reid kisses Derrick Gunn on his forehead

Some preliminary video of the massive fight in the stands

Donovan McNabb’s shouty halftime speech

Horrible Philly fans give Andy Reid a standing ovation


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  1. Nothing personal, but it’s so awkward pulling this site up in an office with that skanks of philly ad. yeah, I know they are wearing tank tops but seriously, it’s trash.

  2. I live in West Philly, and I have no idea what Mayock was babbling about. Otherwise, last night’s game was pretty much forgettable.

  3. You are stepping up bid time on a friday hungover holmes. You don’t remeber all those games where the eagles offense wouldn’t wake up till the 3rd quarter and Jim Johnson, Dawk and the defense held them in the game??? Or the entire team post Jim Johnson Reid didn’t always have them prepared. get some coffee.

  4. Holy shit I thought the face painter dude was a little kid until I saw his mustache.
    Would love to see that cherub face without the makeup.

  5. It wasn’t necessarily a decision by Kelly to go for two. You line up that way, and if KC doesn’t put enough guys out there, you go for it. If they do put enough guys out there to cover it, you shift back to regular kicking formation and kick it. Last night, KC only had 5 guys out there (with one way off the line), and the Eagles had 5 blockers. If you think you can get 2 yards 50% of the time (which you should when you have a blocker for each defender), you go for it. It was the right call, but Lane Johnson just missed his block.

      1. Agreed, it’s CK’s call. And I guarantee you he’d make it again, and he’d tell the team that if they get the same defensive alignment again, to go for two again. Just next time, Lane should block the edge defender. If he had, it’s a walk-in 2 pointer (as many of the players said after the game). It’s not a “goofy” playcall. It’s unique, but it makes complete sense.

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