Dom Brown Defends Cowboys Fandom, Says Philly Doesn’t Love Him and Boos Him

Dom_brown_swingAlways kinda liked Dom Brown for his cocky swaggerness (word?), and I don’t particularly care that he’s a Cowboys fan (it makes a bit more sense than Mike Richards being a Yankees fan), but at this point he really needs to stop tweeting about the matter.

Responding to the myriad Tweets, colorful and otherwise, that he received yesterday, Brown told a couple of fans that they could basically go fuck themselves and that Philly doesn’t love him:

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.29.39 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.29.59 PM

Dom Brown, who has no money, made $1.4 million over the past three seasons. And he doesn’t get booed “almost every night.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.32.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.32.33 PM

If Dom was really smart, instead of arguing with Mindy, he’d do that social media flirting thing he does so well.

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25 Responses

  1. Hahaha wow the Hambrick brothers are from your town, really Dom? That’s the best reason you could come up with? Troy Hambrick didn’t even play for the cowboys in the 90s. He was on the team from 2000-2003 and he scored a grand total of 10 TDs. Though I guess I could see why Dom thought he was a 90s cowboy, because he was arrested for dealing coke in 2007. Darren was barely on the team in the 90s (1998-2001) and he had one or two decent seasons. He was also later arrested.

  2. Mike richards just likes baseball in general. He had season tickets to the phillies while he played here and now has them for the dodgers. I am pretty sure he also goes to a ton of blue jay games.

  3. U think we booed u before. Just wait till next season fuck face! U bigged time previous engagements because u made an all star team for 1 1/2 of decent baseball. Ur dead to me u piece of shit

  4. I don’t care that he’s a Cowboys fan, but this shit is making him out to be a total jackass. He’s almost embodying the reason why we hate the Cowboys so much. Here is a professional athlete who makes millions of dollars to play baseball for the city of Philadelphia, and yet his dickhead, Cowboy fan nature renders him unable to resist the urge to troll Eagles fans. Because Cowboys fans are insufferable, arrogant pricks, and that is what they do. So congrats, Dom. Your approval rating in Philly is going down and at the same time you’re making Cowboys fans out to be even more intolerable than they were before, if thats at all possible.

    And who gives a shit about whether or not Phillies fans like you. Because we’ve never had any influence on who gets offered bigger contracts to stay here before. =

  5. I’m sure there are plenty of Cowboy fans on Philly teams. Only Dom was dumb enough to taunt Philly fans – the same ones who are responsible for his paychecks.

  6. He likes the Cowboys because he’s black. All Cowboys fans who live outside of Dallas are black. They are cockroaches.Thank you for exposing yourself as a cockroach.

  7. Nothing funnier than bunch of douchebags who wear another man’s name on their back getting mad at a different douchebag because his jersey doesn’t match theirs.

  8. Could b worst just go to twitter and look at the shit Dustin Penner is throwing around. Now that’s funny

  9. Mike Trout is a Eagles fan and we praise him for that. Yet we kill Dom Brown for the exact same fan hood! Who cares if he’s a Cowboys fan.

    1. Idiot, Mike Trout is from this area, he SHOULD be an Eagles fan. Dom Brown is from Florida. He has no business being a scumbag Cowboys fan. You don’t care that your starting LF is a big enough moron to wear the jersey of a) the most hated team in Philly, and b) a man who choked his own mother?

  10. Get off this guy’s case, seriously. Where does it say that a player who is from another city has to be a fan of all the other teams in the city where he plays. If Dom grew up here I could see where fans have a case to resent him. If he cranks out 30 HR’s a year I wonder how many of the Eagle fans who have been giving him crap will suddenly will be saying Dom is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    1. It doesn’t say that anywhere. He’s allowed to be a Cowboy fan. But he should recognize he gets paid to play in a town whose biggest rival is the Cowboys, and just keep it quiet (ie not repeatedly broadcast it to 16k Twitter followers). Instead, he taunted the fans – HIS fans, but he’s too dumb to realize that.

  11. I was in line behind Dom Brown at Starbucks recently & he was holding the line up fighting over a coupon. I was so annoyed

  12. Dom should realize that he really was well liked in Philly, before all this. Dom, use some common sense sometimes. If you just showed up to the game and didn’t tweet all that “go Cowboys” shit you wouldn’t have annoyed so many people. Dude, use your brain. Sure, show up in gear, get loud, but don’t tweet to the world your love and devotion for the Cowboys while playing in Philly. Common sense did not prevail here.

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