Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I guess whatever illness Mike Schmidt had or has isn’t too serious– Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News reports that Schmidt will be joining the Phils broadcast team for Sunday home games played at 1 p.m. on even numbered dates when the sun is in the third house.


The “Sundays with Schmidt” for the 2014 season could begin next month: Schmidt is scheduled to visit Clearwater in mid-March and is likely to jump into the broadcast for a game while in town.

While Schmidt is set to work in all 13 Sunday home games, Moyer will broadcast 109 games (including spring training), while Stairs will be on the air for 108 total games. Moyer and Stairs will work together for 30 games; none of those 30 games will occur on home Sundays, meaning the network will never employ a four-man booth in 2014.

The Phillies broadcast team schedule matrix is getting more confusing by the hour.

There are two ways to look at the Schmidt thing:

1) Schmidt gives exactly not one fuck and is willing to throw everyone from Jimmy Rollins to Chooch under the bus so he can make his points. Personally, I think Schmidt is kind of a jackass, and Comcast probably does too… which means he’ll make for great television on Sundays when the games are broadcast on NBC. Bonus: the old ladies who don’t have cable will be able to hear Michael Jack.

2) Schmidt just likes to hear himself talk and he’ll challenge Tom McCarthy for the Not Letting the Game Breathe or Even Gasp for Air belt. And it might be horrible. The ratings machine has officially taken over Phillies baseball.

Either way, Schmidt Happens.