Here’s DeSean Jaccson Trying to Holla at Rihanna

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_12-29-31_PM

DeSean Jaccson is obviously trying to repair his image. After having his name dragged through the mud by reports about his poor work ethic and gang affiliations, Jaccson, in a dramatic shift, looked very professional on Instagram and in an interview with Stephen A. Smith. Then he skipped the start of OTAs by heading to a private island, instantly grammed a picture looking high as a motherfucking kite, attended a series of high-profile parties, and tried to holla at Rihanna with his pants nearing his ankles.

Wait, what?

Ya boi might have some explaining to do to former teammate Mychal Kendricks, who, apparently, is the object of Ri Ri’s crotch-rubbin’-charged lust.

Rihanna was spotted by TMZ leaving a party on Saturday night. In the video – noticed only by reader Jeff – we can see DeSean, wearing nearly Larry Platt pants, having some sort of conversation with Rihanna before she pulled away:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_12-25-02_PM Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_12-25-13_PM

It doesn’t appear as though Rihanna rolled her window down any farther for D-Jac.

You can’t hear what’s being said, but, as a male, I’m just going to assume it was that last-minute, late-night plea to stay for just one more drink and then my friends can take you home later. Or, you know, you can stay over at my crib.

Anyway, can’t imagine being photographed in a wife beater, bandana, chain and with ass hanging out while talking into the back of Rihanna’s SUV is the image Redskins brass were looking for when they signed DeSean.



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  1. I’ve played GTA San Andreas enough times to know that bandanas with gang-affiliated color schemes are supposed to be worn frontwards over your mouth, not baccwards like a du rag.

    You’re doing it wrong, OneOfone.

  2. I am so sorry for inflicting this little douche bag mother fucker on society. Good luck, Jay Gruden, I give up.

  3. I put the over/under on how many years before he declares for bankruptcy at 3, what’d are ya taking..

    1. Says the coward hiding behind the keyboard.

      Let it go man DeSean is no longer an Eagle,stop stalking his instagram account for photos,it’s rather embarrassing on your part Kyle to think this news worthy,unless you’re like the rest of these racist drunken slobs who only feel good about themselves when they’re spewing their racist filth.

      1. You mad bro? It’s not white people’s fault black culture is fucked. So I’ll laugh at you until you take some responsibility as a community. Affirmative Action is getting rolled back hallelujah!

        Ed Rendell

        1. Wise duh jales mosley full uh us blaccs? Duh, because it’s the uneducated, stupid motherfuckin niggas that commit most of the crimes!! Asshole Jaccoff will be the next washed up and broke Iverson!
          Fuck the assholes that don’t like “this kind of talk”. Stay the fuck off of here if it offends you, asshole!!!

  4. I’ll fuck with just about anyone but I don’t got no time for gayass niggas like dat.

    Ima die like Whitney smokin rock in the tub and black people gonna act like JFK got shot.

  5. With his pants that low, ol’ Jaccpot is just begging for someone to butt fuck the shit out of him, and it isn’t going to be a girl.

  6. Hey did anyone ever bury me yet? My greedy fucking relatives are still fighting over my money, lazy motherfuckers!

    1. Ain’t that a goddamn bitch! I think mine eventually threw me in a lake or something, those shiftless eggplants. Who da fuck be Rihanna?

  7. I was there too baby! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I tried to tell DeSean. I pulled him aside and said, “Hey there little buddy. Let old Nature Boi…WOOOOOOOOOOOO!…tell you somethin’ about Rihanna. You want in that girls comically undersized pants? You gotta’ give her the old Nature Boi knife edge chop, right across the chest. Walk up to her, don’t say a single word! Just back hand slap her right across those tattooed tittums, look her dead in her dead eyes and say…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then strut!”
    Hope it worked out for him…

    1. Its prison culture. It means he is open for business. Basically he is another down low brotha offering his cheeks up for service. A lot of brothas like that in Philly


    How the fuck do his pants actually stay up?

    **Insert jab at Riley Cooper for being white**

    1. She’s already admitted to having poor hygiene and not showering or shaving routinely. She is gross.

  9. Kyle has such a hard on for anything Jackson does. He sounds like such a dork hiding behind his keyboard. None of what he says sounds cool or funny. Instantly gramming? Oh, you must mean instagram. How witty of you! It wasn’t funny the first time you wrote it and it sure as fuck isn’t funny now. Dude is such a pussy, you can tell. You know he would never say any of this shit to Jackson’s face. Wait yes he would, because he would get his ass kicked then sue him. Such a suburban pussy. And everything he writes about Jackson smacks of subtle racism as well. Kyle is a turd. And yes, I know that me posting this will give him ‘incremental revenue’. Like I give a fuck. Enjoy the .03 cents you made off this comment, you pussy.

  10. Ever notice blacks can’t make sex tapes without having the tv on in the same room? Whaaat is with the deallll with THAT?

  11. Jackson is on Arsenic right now. Hopefully you’re getting this Kyle. For the record, I randomly clicked on the channel.

  12. He just said his agent called him and told him he was released bc he missed the coach’s call. Now talking up the birds/skins games coming up. Getting applause upon mentioning Crenshaw.

  13. He just said his agent called him and told him he was released bc he missed the coach’s call. Now talking up the birds/skins games coming up. Getting applause upon mentioning Crenshaw.

    *arsenic hall show, not arsenic

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