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DeSean Jaccson is obviously trying to repair his image. After having his name dragged through the mud by reports about his poor work ethic and gang affiliations, Jaccson, in a dramatic shift, looked very professional on Instagram and in an interview with Stephen A. Smith. Then he skipped the start of OTAs by heading to a private island, instantly grammed a picture looking high as a motherfucking kite, attended a series of high-profile parties, and tried to holla at Rihanna with his pants nearing his ankles.

Wait, what?

Ya boi might have some explaining to do to former teammate Mychal Kendricks, who, apparently, is the object of Ri Ri’s crotch-rubbin’-charged lust.

Rihanna was spotted by TMZ leaving a party on Saturday night. In the video – noticed only by reader Jeff – we can see DeSean, wearing nearly Larry Platt pants, having some sort of conversation with Rihanna before she pulled away:

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It doesn’t appear as though Rihanna rolled her window down any farther for D-Jac.

You can’t hear what’s being said, but, as a male, I’m just going to assume it was that last-minute, late-night plea to stay for just one more drink and then my friends can take you home later. Or, you know, you can stay over at my crib.

Anyway, can’t imagine being photographed in a wife beater, bandana, chain and with ass hanging out while talking into the back of Rihanna’s SUV is the image Redskins brass were looking for when they signed DeSean.