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As you know, with the win against Florida and their lousy low-angle camera platform which makes it difficult to judge on-ice spacing and makes you feel like you’re watching a game from the old Spectrum, the Flyers earned a playoff spot, something that seemed like a damned near impossibility 100 days or so ago.

I didn’t feel well last night. It might have been due to the multiple Allagash Whites and burgers during the Phillies’ horrific home opener (more on that later)… it might have been sympathy sickness upon hearing that Chase Utley had the flu… but most likely it was the crow I gleefully jammed down my throat.

I, along with just about anyone else in this town who writes or comments on the Flyers, ate a lot of crow last night. Mine is best served via block quote.

F This Culture, November 2:

They were finally on the right course three years ago. They had a team that came within a game of winning the Stanley Cup. The next season, they finished with the third-most points in hockey. They had a good core of skill and character guys and a promising (cheap!) young goalie… and they blew it all up. They’re giving contract extensions to goons, they made Craig Berube (CRAIG BERUBE!) their head coach, they brought back Ron Hextall, they’re collecting former players who have “an edge” like there’s no tomorrow, and the owner is angrily defending the cause and telling people “WE DON’T NEED A CULTURE CHANGE!” The Flyers are a caricature of themselves right now. It’s embarrassing, annoying and maddening.

Good Morning, the Media is Going to Run Claude Giroux Out of Town, November 8:

On the other hand, Giroux is the captain. It is his responsibility to deal with the media– that’s what captains do. Players and coaches have to address the media. It’s a league mandate. The captain and goalie are expected to always be on that list, especially if the captain called a players-only team meeting after the game and then was seen addressing the owner outside the locker room in full view of reportersThere’s no excuse for dodging the media after that.

And perhaps the biggest offender, Here’s to the Crazy Ones: Claude Giroux, October 22:

I admire his confidence. But this is why hockey players are so dumb. How many points are we out, six? YES, YOU’RE OUT SIX POINTS AFTER 8 GAMES(!!!). AT THIS RATE, YOU’LL MISS THE PLAYOFFS BY 60 POINTS.

We’re that close? NO.

Look, it’s early, and the Flyers can certainly climb out of a six-point hole. But someone might want to explain to Giroux that trends typically compound over time. The line keeps going up and to the right. Six points turns into 12 turns into 24 turns into 48 turns into 100 billion. This might be the dumbest athlete quote I’ve ever read. Ever.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Can someone pass the ketchup?

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