And Now, What It’s like to Converse with Michael Del Zotto

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At this point Michael Del Zotto is sort of a Tinder all-star. His bare-bones, no frills, take no prisoners (but happily use the handcuffs anyway) approach is winning hearts and loins of the tri-state area. Or it’s not. Who knows? We’ve heard about his attempts with Lisa Ann, seen his Instagram overtures, and now, reader S gives us a glimpse of what she says is a Tinder Facebook convo with Del Zotto:

Voila_Capture 2014-12-01_09-45-51_AM

Just found it funny that new athletes in the city think this will work.  This is why tinder and online dating are just bad news.

Surely he couldn’t have been serious. But he was serious and don’t call him Shirley.

You got to respect the straightfoward approach. DZ’s secret is out of the bag. At this point he’s got nothing to lose. He’s either DM-ing a freak like him or he’s not. There will be no middle ground. So skipping the pleasantries and getting down to brass tacks seems like a good strategy.

UPDATE: Apparently that’s a screenshot from the new Facebook Messenger app I refuse to download, not Tinder.


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  1. Who does she think she is? She could have hooked up with Del Zotto and she’s probably holding out for some douche that works for Deloitte.

  2. Fuck this team. Just tank for Christ’s sake. As long as they get close to the worst record, the Comcast-NHL partnership should be enough cover for Bettman to fix the lottery.

  3. Got to respect DZ’s love & desire for pussy. He’s puts in a lot of effort & deserves to get his dick sucked

  4. They should blow up the Flyers. I’d begin by shoving a large stick of dynamite up Holmgren’s ass and lighting it. But that’s just me.

  5. Btw the “come over” line works a large majority of the time. DZ just isn’t smooth enough to pull it off….like most pro athletes.

  6. This team is brutal and the schedule doesn’t get any easier this month. Short, west coast road trip in the beginning and a massive 8-game road trip to finish it off. Good luck.

  7. flyers are so bad & have no heart. My buddy Snake made some nice cash $$ wagering on the Rangers the last 3 times they played.

  8. Cmon with this guy and his tinder/ Facebook bullshit. More posts about some single millionaire athlete trying to get ass ( god bless him) than the eagles game on thanksgiving. I get its about page views chief but you have reached grade school gossip level now.

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