Jonathan Papelbon is Selling His Condo, Probably Not Actually Going Anywhere

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While Jonathan Papelbon is apparently impossible for Ruben Amaro to move, he is not impossible for Jonathan Papelbon to move. And no, that didn’t really make sense.

Papelbon has put his Rittenhouse condo up for sale for a cool $6.9 million, which probably gave Paps a nice big laugh. The condo, at 1706 Rittenhouse Sq. (home to the unofficial Phillies dorms), features four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, over 4,000 sq. ft., and a balcony out on the 15th floor. Additionally, as pointed out by reader Bob, it seems to have a Fenway themed guest room:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.06.11 AM

There’s also “an automated parking system that allows residents to swipe a fob on the way down and have their car waiting when they get to the lobby,” which is a nicer anything than I will ever experience. More pictures (and the fuel for your hate-filled daydreams) can be found here.

[Editor’s note: Good post by Jim here, but this is where veteran experience comes into play. That Fenway-themed room is actually a carry-over from Papelbon’s old Boston condo. And that car elevator thing? Been there— in the comments. My knowledge is useless.]

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  1. there is a certain irony in the terrible swing-and-a-miss at humor that is that first paragraph and the subject of the post. but I think the worst part is Kyle’s ‘good post here by Jim’. I imagine him forcing his hands to type those words out to be exactly like the scene from liar liar in which the color of the pen that I hold in my hand….issss…. bluuueeeee

  2. For $6.9 million it seems overpriced. You could move out to the Mainline and get a estate for
    that much money. Rittenhouse Square is not a big deal. It’s a far cry from living on the Upper West Side in NYC across from Central Park. Never could understand the attraction of living in Center City. Chestnut Street from 13th-19th is about 50% boarded up stores. No Center City movie theaters. Only advantage for Papelbon is it’s easy to get to the CBP.

    1. Somehow I get the feeling that “Move into Rittenhouse Square or not?” is a decision you are never going to have to make.

      And really? No movie theaters? You move into a new place and your first question is “Where is the closest movie theater?”

      1. 3 most important things in RE…all the ballplayas have condos on the square…15 min drive to CBP trumps all, and plenty of high-roller restaurants/bars in stumbling distance. they don’t have time to go to the movies during the season so WTFC. a lot of players live outside the tri-state area during the off-season, so their condo is just their working HQ.

  3. Nice Jimbo. Even KYLE has seized the opportunity to pile onto your poor reporting ability. I’m pretty sure KYLE shared Paps poor taste in decor when he first signed his deal here.

    Another t-shirt idea:
    ‘Jimbo Adair: Still the shittiest blogger on Crossing Broad’

    Maybe on a grey T-shirt, includes his picture in his hipster attire. Do it KYLE. Do it.

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