RADIO WARS: The 2015 Battle May Be Well Underway Already


This week, Tony Bruno is performing some spot starts on WIP, from 10-1, alongside Josh Innes. Judging by my Twitter timeline and inbox – both of which are overflowing because I’m balls deep in GTA V on PS4 this week – the speculation about what this means is off the charts. Are Tony and Josh the new Afternoon hosts on WIP? Who knows? It’s obviously a possibility, but I would imagine there’s a lot of space between holiday fill-in and long-term solution. It’s certainly not a done deal yet. It is strange, however, that after his name appearing on the programming schedule caused some online speculation, WIP removed the surname Bruno…

Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_10-46-31_AM

… despite the fact that he co-hosted with Innes on Tuesday and Wednesday. Anyway, I don’t know anything beyond the obvious– Tony is filling in this week in what feels like more of a tryout (with Innes) than a typical fill-in gig.

Quick aside. This happened on their show today:

And that brings us to the potential, best-ever RADIO WAR between Bruno-Innes and the reigning ratings champ, Mike Missanelli. To the Twitter machine!

Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_10-51-33_AM

What we know of those ratings.

And then, Ya Boy (with slight exaggerations about what was said on-air yesterday):

Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_10-53-20_AMVoila_Capture 2014-12-31_10-55-11_AM

Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_10-55-57_AM

Interesting. As you know, and as we’ve discussed with Tony, there’s a murky grey area in his departure from 97.5. On June 26, 97.5, in what appeared to be an attempt to get out ahead of the story, hastily sent out a press release saying Tony had “resigned” from his role with the station. Bruno has explained that he simply used accrued vacation time during negotiations and that 97.5 treated his absence as a breach of contract. There’s a lot of semantics at play here, but 97.5, in no uncertain terms, claimed that Tony “resigned,” which, according to Bruno, was one way to avoid paying him the 90-day severance he would’ve been due had he been let go or fired. Missanelli – “lost his job” – implies that it was one of the latter options. Let the Red Wedding commence!

Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_10-56-39_AM

Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_11-05-43_AM Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_11-05-24_AM Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_11-04-13_AM

To say I’m giddy about this latest development would be an understatement. MUST HAVE:


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  1. Fuck MM and 97.5, I love Bruno, hope he gets a 4 hour slot on 94.1, I’ll support their sponsors just because of Bruno and boycott all of 97.5’s sponsors

    1. As much as I’d love to hear Tony back on the air, if Innes is attached to his show, I’m still not listening. Not interested in him (or his mentor Howard Stern) when I turn into a sports station.

      As it stands, there’s not really any quality sports radio in the city to listen to, regardless of the station or time slot.

      Dan Patrick podcast is about it… sigh….

      1. Do you really tune in to learn something about sports? None of these guys know anymore than I do. They don’t go in the locker room to talk to players. They don’t attend the press conferences and ask questions. Hell, Angelo goes to bed at 6pm, he doesn’t even watch the games. Rueben Frank is about the only guy who could teach you something you didn’t know. The rest are a bunch of blowhards, they are entertainers, not sports experts.
        You should tune in for entertainment, not knowledge. Mikey Miss and Josh Inness are the two most interesting guys on these stations, this will be an epic battle.

      2. Just curious how do you think Ray Didinger would fare with a solo 2 hour show. No nonsense straight sports talk. Heard him on a recent Sunday morning doing solo and thought it was the best sports radio in Philly that I had ever heard.

        1. Sadly these stations are going after younger demographics so you get Jon and Seans Snowday instead of a gem like Ray Didinger.

      3. Howard Stern has over 30 million listeners. It is smart to emulate the most successful radio show of all time.

    2. tony doesn’t work 4 hour shifts. He doesn’t have enough material to get through 4 hours. So there would be a lot of dead air.
      Which btw is better than listening to Innes.

    3. My first impression of the Tony Bruno/Josh Innes show wasnt great. Awkward and forced at times.The chemistry wasnt there for me. Could be both were trying just a little too hard. Imo if you hire Tony Bruno he has to be the focus and you give him a sidekick /straight man. A Farzeta type.

      If I am WIP Id hire John Kincade (with Duh Cuzs money) for the drive time slot .He would certainly bite into Missanellis ratings.

    4. I love Gargano. I gargle his urine. I want KS to retract his story about him because I’m losing sleep over it.

  2. Josh Innes is embarrassingly awful. Barkann and Ike are not far behind. And then there’s Hollis Thomas. No words for his awfulness.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

      And, can somebody tell me why in the world Howie Roseman gets his own radio show? On the few times I happened to be listening to that station in the afternoons, I can’t turn my dial off quick enough when he comes on. The only reason he’s drug out there anyway is because Chip refused to do a “coaches show”.

      1. So is Bruno the latest babysitter for Innes or is it just for the holidays? I think WIP realized letting Innes go solo is a huge mistake so they are trying to find someone who can tone him down and maybe teach him something. Poor Tony!

        1. Bruno is just a holiday fill-in guy,nothing more nothing less.

          As for Josh Innes,the execs at WIP realize that manboobs Innes is in way over his head for the mid-day show,so expect manboobs Innes back at night where he belongs

  3. What makes Bruno so good to listen to is that he doesn’t force topics down your throat. The Eagles, rightfully so, are the towns main topic of discussion. But instead of jamming the same questions down your throat like Jon and Sean and Missanelli, he breaks up the conversation with his own spin.
    I’ve always voiced my opinion that the Eagles talk is tired especially in the offseason. But there’s just really nothing else to talk about regarding the other teams until they have a major story break. But hosts need to take Bruno’s route and change it up a little. Rehashing the same questions every day gets tired. “Is nick Foles the future?” “Can chip Kelly win in this league?” Gotta change it up otherwise what’s the point in listening

  4. Fuck Bitchanelli. He is a psycho. It’s proven. He needs to go. His show is so tired. He talks about the same things every day.

  5. I have listened loyally to 97.5 since 2009, day in and day out. Not because I am in love with any of the hosts or anything, although I did enjoy Bruno, but because it appealed to my young adult demo.

    Today, I have tuned into WIP for Tony Bruno’s return and if he moves there permanently, so will I.

    Tony Bruno was the best thing going for 97.5 and they’ve lost him. Missanneli has his head too far up his ass (or maybe it’s Martyetus who has his up there) to realize that you can’t rest on your laurels.

      1. Can you believe they are still doing a General Knowledge Wednesday today?!

        Like the General Knowledge thing is so desparate to begin with. If I want to listen to radio to think that hard, I’ll throw on NPR. Regardless the IQ of the listeners of 97.5 is disgusting… there was one guy who didn’t know what “ATL” airport city code stood for. The people are really pathetic.

        1. Think hard? General Knowledge Wednesday? For starters, it’s general knowledge, so it is stuff you should already know. It should be called “Lame-Ass Quizzo Ripoff Time For Dumdums”.

  6. Matt Nahigan at 97.5 is a dope. Seriously, may be the worst manager ever. Jon and Sean are dumber than a rock. Sean Brace is so intolerable it’s insane. He is such a douchebag. If I hear Pitchers Pub one more damn time. Seriously, what qualifications does he have? Does he have pictures of someone?

    1. Agreed. The reason why I can’t listen to jon and Sean is that they have zero qualifications to host a show. At least Missinelli has a journalistic background of some sort

    2. It is ANGERING just how unlistenable and intolerable Sean Brace is. What is even more angering, is that he has taken up the “Gargano fake laugh” but added his own little bro-spin at the end…

      “ah ah ah AHHHHHHHHHHH!” (he then pulls away from the mic, still hearing him in the final phase of his drawn out fake laugh, and then he will either clap his hands three times, or pound the desk twice)

      I hate him so much.

    1. It’s a shame that 97.5 doesn’t realize all the listeners preferred Mayes over the rest of the lot too. They outcasted him to nights a year or two back. I see them using Sean + John over him any day. Two STU-NOTS. Two DOPES.

      Yesterday I couldn’t help but laugh when Marks was calling Howie Roseman a “pencil-pusher”. Who are you John Marks? A non-athletic dope who thinks yelling and acting arrogant like Mike Miss JR will make you seem knowledgable.

  7. Can u imagine if Bruno and Innes do to Mike, what he did to howard years back. HAHA that would be unreal- he is such an arrogant bastard, and is about as entertaining as rob ellis..

    1. it very well could happen. It’s not that Miss was better than Eskin or these guys will be better than Miss, it’s just radio. Even the good hosts have a shelf life and get stale over time.

      It’s incredible how long Angelo has lasted…but a lot of his show lasting so long deals with all of the others on the show (and plenty find it stale…i still love it)

  8. Mikey Miss used to be fun to listen to now he’s washed up…I hope Bruno goes back to WIP…I will listen and support the sponsors on WIP

  9. above all, let us never forget the time Missanelli ran out crying like a bitch during a broadcast with Eskin.

  10. Hey Skippies, Bruno and Innes beating me is as realistic as my hair. I look like shrek. My face has more wrinkles than Lou Holtz ballsack

    1. You can listen to WIP through an APP, they just use one APP for all their media stations it’s the TuneIn Radio App

  11. And so is 97.5, innes and Bruno are a perfect match and will burry the other station.

    If they sign them both to the afternoon its a genius move

  12. MM’s premise is completely wrong, Marks and Brace get thumped regularly by the two biggest tools on radio, Ike and barkann. Yet they keep a slot. It is about money and Missaneli makes it all.

    1. You have to be right. Big shots at 97.5 must know that brace and marks are the weak link but must have them under contract for 35k a year.

  13. Today on the Mike Miss show: Is Nick Foles a franchise QB? Riley Cooper is a racist. General Knowledge. In the 4 o’clock hour I will pull down my pants and Martinez will jerk me off while I talk about Colin Kaepernick.

        1. This fucking loser spent his life in front of of TV while the rest of civilization was out living their lives. Then he tries to make you sound like a flake for not watching a bad movie or goofy sitcom from 1992. #couchpotato#reject#looser

  14. Your station is better when your away for. a week and don’t post Kyle. I love how you take a week off like you don’t work from home sitting on your ass anyways, your a joke.

    Also at the end of this post you claim missinelli was winning in ratings when that dumb post you put up last week showing the ratings shows the cuz winning also and pretty much has them even

    1. While I certainly agree with your handle, if you are going to try to insult someone, please do it with some degree of literacy.

  15. Does anyone else notice how Mike Miss and Sean Braceyourselfformyhorribleshow think they are Martin Luther King Jr.?

    1. Brace thinks he’s black, and that’s funny because he doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body. Ever see the videos of him shooting hoops or kicking a football. Hysterical. His skill level is equal to my wife’s.

  16. Innes is funny, witty, a troll who preys on the unintelligent / reactionary / alarmist fans, etc. He’s great. His flaw? He does not know dick about sports — at least in comparison to the rest of WIP, regardless if you like them or not. I’m not saying you have to AGREE with them, but he is not that sports knowledgeable. He relies on his great sense of humor and wit. Bruno is ok but his voice is hypnotizing and great for radio, and his overplayed catch phrases and drops. Still, the two of them would be great for radio. Just wish Innes was more “sports knowledgeable”.

    1. I think that is a good assessment. To Innes defense, he’s been here for less than a year and is still learning, so he’ll get better with time. I like Innes because he gives you something different than your typical Philly sports radio host. I would love to see him and Tony pair up during the afternoon slot.

  17. What makes Innes intolerable? He differs from every other host in this city. He has his schtick of angry fat guy who has $11. Missanelli’s is that he is a scholar who is in tune with the black community and the country clubbers, Gargano loves everyone, Macnow used to be a reporter.

    The callers from 6-10 are different than those from 10-6. The best part about him is his honesty that he is not an expert in sports, he is an expert in radio. Instead you’d rather hear producers and update guys on the air who have hot takes that pretend to be sports experts.

    I’d like to ask someone why he is intolerable but I already know the canned responses. “Hes not from here” “He loves romo” “He should go back to houston”

    1. yeah mike miss is such a “scholar”. Didn’t he go to law school at widener? Heard he rode the bench at penn state. Also heard he sucked at basketball and still does. Guy I know that plays with him now says everyone laughs at how bad he is. He comes in with Kevin Durant sneakers like he’s 12 years old

      1. Mikey Miss is listed as having played exactly ONE year on PSU’s all time roster (which can be found on team website). Which means he was a walk-on benchwarmer, who shagged flies and sniffed jocks for a season until he got cut the next year. Or perhaps he didn’t play at all and convinced someone over there (by way of a donation) to give him a season on the books for the sake of his cred. Either way, to hear him repeatedly call himself a college athlete is a joke. He is an unhappy little joke.

    2. He is intolerable because he is obnoxious, whiny and has a 12 year old’s sense of humor (i.e. breast and fart jokes, how hilarious). His lack of knowledge about sports is ridiculous given that he is on a sports talk radio station.

      1. Give it up with the ,sports knowledge. You want knowledge, listen to Diddy or Roob. Or read a fucking sports encyclopedia.

  18. I just don’t get Bruno. The constant yelling and ESPN phrasing, ie “NationalFootball League” “New York Football Giants” etc, is so 90’s radio. I’m not an Innes fan but I can see how he’d appeal to a younger demo and grab some ratings, but he feels like a better fit post afternoon drive or on The Morning Show, rather than mid mornings. I’m done with the washed up crew, Eskin, Macnow, Barkann and even Bruno. Give some new blood a shot during these fill in shifts, instead of rolling out a top 10 list of geriatric hosts.

    Gotta say, I have enjoyed Ellis with G, instead of the human meatball. I’d give Ellis and a new cohost a shot before moving Innes there.

  19. I am the all time biggest POS in the world. Yesterday I spent two hours on holding a knife correctly. I am Bristol white trash and always will be white trash. I am ignorant, arrogant, obnoxious and completely obsessed with trying to prove I am not white trash. I can’t keep friends and all my co-workers hate me. I try so hard to be cool, yet I am the 60 yearly old idiot that had a heart attack at a concert for teenagers. People with real money and class laugh at me. That is what happens to Bristol white trash.

    True story.

    1. No wonder the dude can’t get laid. He talks all the time about how he goes to concerts that emo kids 15 years old go to and he thinks its awesome

    2. Not here to defend Mike Miss, but his response to your diatribe is summed up like this “Scoreboard”.

      He’s winning. The rest are losing.

      I’d rather listen to Mike Miss having a heart attack and doing Seinfeld trivia than Innes talking about his penis on air every night.

      1. Dude, I am not winning. People laugh out loud at me. I sell my soul to appeal to certain races. I invite controversy to drum up ratings. I copied the style of Eskin (the guy I hate) . I even talk about my clothes like he does. I belittle my co-workers on air like he does. I like to pretend I am winning, but the mirror is a nightmare. I can’t believe I am a phony and a fraud. I am an Eskin imitator.

        1. Scoreboard

          You can list all the reasons you want, but in the end, check out the ratings Kyle posted. Ratings equal advertising dollars. Advertising dollars equal higher salary.

          So, the formula would be as follows:

          Mike Miss + Advertising Dollars + Higher Salary > MM who posts on message boards

          1. MM who posts on message boards makes more than Missanelli, and nobody laughs at me and hates me. I prefer it this way.


          2. Odd! I make my living with the written word. According to Ron’s scoreboard I am winning!

            Next time you write about others, form a complete sentence, Bobby.

  20. And who keeps this crew going on at WIP, Spike? The one who single handedly drove WYSP in the ground?
    The know nothing but basketball kid?
    Or is he just giving a fake daddy job?

      1. Wrong! It must be fucking awful to have Howard Foreskin for a father. Everyone you grow up with despises your dad and takes it out on you. And if he argues for a living and gets off on humiliating people at work, do you think he turns it off when he gets home? Blecch, no thanks.

  21. Missanelli shoul have been a game show host with his boring trivia game format. Whats a Miss Hat Trick? Choking Cataldi, Roughing up a producer on a remote site and fighting with fans at Wing Bowl.

  22. MM thinks he is a fashion God but in reality the whole 12 people that watch Philly Pheud are wondering if Stevie Wonder dressed him

    1. Remember when MM decided that all of Philadelphia wanted to hear him bitch about the fashion choices of the much more successful Erin Andrews? And how she dominated him and made him look about as clueless as we all thought he was?

      Haven’t given his show much of a listen since. That was all you really needed to know about the guy.

  23. i can’t take brace’s trying to be a black guy anymore, he jumps in a sec to rip on Riley Cooper but God for bid you say anything bad about his boy Kap who he has a poster of up in his room, brace is the wanna be black kid in school. Look at his Twitter profile pic, it’s with west philly rappers like who cares brace. He’s something out of Malibu most wanted

    1. Did you ever notice he posts a picture with his black friends everyday. Let’s not forget the fact he is like 36 and still has roommates. He thinks he’s still in college. Skippy, you are 30 something.

      1. Yo, yo, yo, Holmes! Why so mad, bro? Put down ya Haterade and che-che-check me out at Pitcher’s Pub! I’ll be the dude in the ball cap wit the straight brim, ya hear?

        Yeeeeeeeahhhhhh, boi!!!!!!

    2. What’s the best is that no talent guy that did the nfl weekly recap in a rap….brace thinks he’s a character in 8 mile. Haha actually I really may miss this clown when he inevitably gets canned.

  24. And the Bernie from Broomall Schtick is old. We all know he is just playing dumb. Seriously, mike acts like he’s the President of the United States

  25. It’s funny how MM keeps responding to people on twitter acting like he doesn’t know who josh is. He knows him and he’s scared, otherwise he wouldn’t reply with “Who?” MM is a fucking loser

  26. I know my show has no relevance on this radio bullshit, but I can tell you our two hours on Monday night are way more interesting then all this weak chatter…….

  27. Bruno needs the soundboard!! Hate hearing his usual lead-in’s then no sound after it.

    Still trying to feel out Innes… he’s kinda forcing / playing Bruno’s hand in being more serious about sports knowledge (ie. “bowties? who do you trust that wears a bowtie?”).

  28. Not going to lie I’m loving the Toni Bruno & big josh innis combo . Fucking breath of fresh air

    1. Agreed. People have to calm down about “they have no chemistry!” Prior to their first show together, they only met each other once.

      I think three days is a little premature to see if there is a chemistry; however I have really enjoyed listening to them together. I hope, with a little tweaking, it can be more permanent.

      I would like to see Bruno’s soundboard make an appearance as well. However what I think is that they want to see if the two of them hit it off with sports talk and entertainment first- which they in my opinion are doing- before bringing in the soundboard hijinks.

  29. Anyone notice I haven’t updated my picture in five years? Waiting for the face, and turkey neck lift to happen first.

  30. not only should sean brace be with the other wiggers living off welfare, he should be exiled. dude just completely sucks at life. pathetic

    1. Yo. I’m not on welfare. Unless you mean I’m in my late 30s and rely on a friend to pay half my rent. Word!

  31. My go-to show is Mike Miss … That is, until “white guilt” is the theme of the show. Then I switch over to WIP. If I hear Gargano or some mush-mouth ex-black athlete that I can’t understand, I switch to a station that’s all static or news talk.

    I’ll give the Josh and Tony show a chance, if that becomes a full-time gig.

    Better than that 6 to who-gives-a-shit timeslot, eh Josh?

  32. Cataldi – Patron saint of hacks.
    Morganti – meh, he’s unremarkable
    Rhea – Patron saint of radio holes everywhere “Ohhhhhh, guys….” “Ooooh, I give it as good as the boys…but let’s not have too much fun…”
    Mike – Really bad fake enthusiasm schtick, doesn’t have an opinion of his own.
    Ike – He’s ok. Doesn’t know a ton about non-football, but I can tolerate it.
    Gargano – If WIP callers/listeners were smart enough they’d actually be insulted by his fake guido schtick and that fact that he’s faking this persona because he think its what they want to hear (which sadly, they kind of do). The worst of the worst.
    Ellis – Sounds like a radio PD’s wet dream. Just a good little boy who tows the station line.
    Innes- A really really really terrible 90s shock jock schtick. Only redeeming quality is his existence pisses off the people who find Gargano’s schtick good.
    Macnow – “Hey let me tell you about a little known Indie Film you may have never seen called Casino. It’s kind of like Goodfellas. Speaking of which, did you know a lot of the Sopranos actors came from Goodfells? It’s true. Up next, Shake Shack in our Best Burger Bracket” Ugh.
    R-Diddy – Norm Van Brocklin! Norm Van Brocklin! Norm Van Brocklin!
    Rob Charry – It’s like they gave one of Angelo’s stupider callers a show.
    Hollis Thomas – *mouthbreath* “Today was the Battle of Orleans. I don’t know what that is. But I bet it’s before the Battle of Orfats heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee”

    1. You sir, win the internet today. Your hatred of Gargano shows you are a scholar and a gentleman.

      1. I think the lesson here is none of them are real people on the air. They’re all doing terrible routines.

        I’m not quite sure what good sports radio should sound like, but I know what it shouldn’t sound like and that’s what’s on WIP and 97.5.

        I would imagine something along the lines of the hosts having an organic conversation about things with occasional caller input and not being married to sports topics but better filler than Sopranos/Seinfeld and Burger Brackets.

        Or you just find that special person who is so authentically over the top and oblivious to everything around them that listening to them is fascinating for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with sports (i.e. Mike Francesa). His show works because I don’t think anyone doubts he is exactly what he portrays on the air and it’s just completely astounding that a person like that actually exists.

        1. Dead on with Francesa, he’s out there but he’s not faking it. The schtick at WIP has gotten out of control. It started back when Angelo became a watered down Stern, then hit the apex with Gargano. I just want to hear real people, who are good at what they do, on the air. Anyone who mentioned a gangster movie, 90’s sitcom or made a freaking list would be fired on the spot in a perfect world.

    2. Good list except for Ike. He is the worst of the worst, and has no business talking sports on a daily basis.

  33. My friend works as an intern at the station and said some higher ups asked that him and the others come on here and defend a certain MM. Ron Mexico might we one of them.

    1. Missanelli is like some Eskin/Gargano bastard love child, which shouldn’t be surprising considering he partnered with both.

      He does some of the awful Gargano gimmick
      -That’s a vi-o-lay-shun!
      -Constant referencing of Sopranos, Goodfellas, Seinfeld, Curb but not in a particularly funny way just “Remember when Big Pussy blah blah blah”
      -Some similar banter with the callers.

      Yet he’s as dismissive and arrogant as Eskin, and unwilling to engage in any real conversation about his view points, just repeating them ad nauseum to every caller. The difference being, Eskin in large part brutalized the stupidest callers. Mike just more or less doesn’t want to be bothered by any callers.

  34. I was decent at high school cyo hoops and volleyball.

  35. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait for pot head Rob Charry’s year in review!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. if you loooooooove 97.5, i bet you’d stroke the shit out of an expansion team in philly. if the NFL put in an expansion football team in northeast philly called the NE Irish, you’d stroke them hard over the eagles. FRAUDS

    1. If the NFL put an expansion team in Philly, it would have as many Super Bowl wins as the shitty Eagles.

    2. And if you love WIP, you’d probably old as dirt and ready to die. Go dig yourselves a grave if u think WIP is worth much anymore. 97.5 is the new kids on the block beating up the bully. WIP been scared. Remember, there isn’t” two major sports station in this town.” Damn sure isn’t WIP anymore. Goodnight.

    1. Crossingbroad is not a news website. It’s a blog, Guy. You already know about the Byrd Trade and Gamble leaving. Why complain about news you already heard?

  37. I have the under, 3 months, until Missenelli once again (3rd time) punches out someone and gets fired. But he can always sue the Anger Management instructor for malpractice.

    Tony Bruno rules !!!

  38. hey didnt the eagles fire someoen? i guess youll report on that monday. you fruits probably downed a 6 pack of o douls already anyway

  39. I tuned in after reading on CB Tony was on with Innes. Are you guys who like Innes serious??
    He is awful !! I would rather listen to Brace than Innes. The only person Innes is better than is Hollis. Hollis’ try in radio should of been up like 9 months ago.

  40. Kyle, there’s actually sports news happening with Byrd getting traded and Tom Gamble fired. Stop playing Lego Batman and post something

      1. True, but the Lego Batman reference was awesome. Plus, I doubt that Kyle has ever been balls deep in anything before…

    1. Seriously. While KS was proudly balls deep in a derivative video game, there has been a week of stuff to blog about. And there is no competition for page clicks or readers’ attention spans, so it’s cool. I mean, he must have another job beside this to feed himself when people go elsewhere to read up on local sports, and this is a side project…

  41. 94.1 is awesome if your 50 years old and don’t get enough action at home and want to fantasize about girls half your age and maybe get a good nap in due to boring host past the morning show. Then there is 97.5 which is awesome if you can’t get enough of talking douchebags who think they’re the shit. You got it all; wiggers, that man Phil from Mt. Airy who makes me wish I was deaf and know it all assholes like Mike Missanelli.

    My advice get satellite radio.

  42. Innes is legitimately entertaining. His voice annoyed the shit out of me at first but I got used to it so whatever.

    But why the fuck is Hollis Thomas employed to speak regularly on the radio? I can’t find the power button fast enough when he’s on. Godamnit.

    1. hollis plays his role well. and when he is on with charry and not on an overstaffed morning show, he gives good football insight. and remember, when he is on with rob it is on the weekends, which is supposed to be a more laid-back, slow-paced show…..ya assmunch

  43. Oh I get it Kyle is trying to gain favor with the bigwigs at WIP so he bans comments critical of the wip but Sean Brace and Mike Missanelli hate on this site is fair game(hypocrite).

  44. Hey coach Camille. I know you are looking at these comments you cheap bastard. You think you are a character on the jersey shore douchebag. You aren’t cool. 97.5 is insecure so they tell their interns to come on here and support Bitchanelli and the biggest loser Sean braveyourselfbecauseifuckingsuck

  45. Ouch. WIP has really become unattractive with these moves. Sludge Haddad is the only good guy left. Jody Mac is great but on too sporadically. Damn shame, WIP going the same kind of generic way that 97.5 went. Bruno is boring, the morning show is bland, and ike and barkann are not good together. Now the 1-6 slot is…undecided but surely going to be uninspiring. unless they pull something out of their hat, I am just… not interested anymore. And I am in the “key” demographic…. am I alone in my thoughts or is WIP just marching with blinders on?

    1. Haddad is one of the worst. Just one more wip host who brings his Pom poms into the studio. Some of his promo reads are God awful. Like his most recent wing bowl tickets in a fake accent

  46. C’mon guys! The only clickbait that works here is RADIO WARS!! Nothing else we post is the slightest bit original, we just steal from other blogs.
    Then one single loser comments “CB is the pulse of something” and I REPOST IT ON HERE BABY!!! YEA, I”M THE MAN!

    For fuck sake this is one sad sac sports blog. More bottom-feeding in ’15!

  47. These comments are hysterical…..that jackass Sean Brace has NOTHING to do with the story, but yet half the comments are people ripping on him for being a wigger, or talentless, or annoying, or unfit to even host a college radio show.

    Speaking of annoying douchebags, Mike Bitchinelli. The name, via fat fuck John Anus, is apt. MM is awful. I cannot listen to his show. I hate his guts. He’s a fake, horrible excuse for a person. Go punch another producer.

    But I also can’t listen to Anus. He’s fat. He doesn’t know anything about sports, Philly or otherwise. I used to like Gargano and Ellis, even though Gargano’s phony South Philly guido schtick was grating. But if Andy Bloom decides to put that motherfucker Innes from 1-6 I will just listen to something else. I HATE Innes.

  48. Tune it tomorrow for our suicide pool guessing how many Burgers I can eat while drinking home-made draft beers while watching sports movies while subtly trying to condescend to Ray Didinger.

  49. wonder how long it will take for Miss Robin to get banned from showing up at WIP’s studios during Tony’s shows.

    1. Not gonna happen. She’s sucking off every at the station. How do you think tony got back on the air

  50. Dude, It’s New Years Eve Skippy and I’m at the TLA catching Arcade Fire with the 18 year old Hispsters. They dig me. I drive a BMW, or wait, no make it a Benzo. Did you like My Godfather trivia and Sopranos tribute show today? Black dig me! After all, all the brothas are into Endless Seinfeld and Springsteen concerts 5 times a year. AMIRITE? Dude, I’ve got a TV show on Channel 17 at midnight on Saturdays. Can’t get a gig on Fox 29, NBC 10, CBS 3 or even Comcast, so I’m shooting for Philly 57 and Sunday afternoon Phillies post game shows with Marty Bystrom in front of a bunch of old hags chain smoking in front of nickel clots. I own this city!

    1. Ever notice how Mikey Mushannelli tries to talk all ghetto when a one of our Bruthas call. He is such a piece of crap phony liberal a-hole. He tries to act all politically correct but he is a bigot that hates gays and it has been documented.

    2. Hey it’s me, DS again. Love Gargano. Love asking KS if he’s gonna retract his story about Gargano. It wasn’t fair what he did and I’m so sour about it. You ever hear of this African American comedian named Kevin Hart? He’s a riot!

  51. It’s the greatest show on TV. I have set three DVR’s in my house recording it in case two of them fail. Did you know the Cashew is the greatest nut of all. What about the peanuts. Peanuts aren’t even on my list. The second best nut is Brazilian nut. You know there is nothing like lighting up a Cohiba and drinking a glass of Chardonay while watching a Seinfeld rerun.
    How could you not go to the Thirty Second From Mars show at the TLA. Wasn’t the Patriots-Broncos game on at the same time. Who cares about football. Jared Leto is a genius. I left a $50 gift for my mailman in the box today. How much did you give your mailman. $20, what kind of a gift is that. $50 is the minimum. Let’s ask the people but first you have to answer a question in General Knowledge. Todays topics are co-stars of Patrick Swayze, Words that rhyme with Pesci, and capitals of countries you never heard of.

  52. Gargann…. I bet I can say “AWESHOMEEEEEEEE” a record number of times in an hour

    That’s awesooooome cuz, awesomeeeee. Did I tell you what lil’ Ant did the other day. I’m telling you the kid has an arm, sure major leaguer.

  53. Tony Bruno sounds great back on WIP. As for Josh Innes yapping incessantly in that cartoonish clogged sinus voice alongside him, well, Innes just sounds like a tiny pube. Some dopey, nitwit caller on WIP told Innes he was “funny as hell.” Funny? Don’t think so. Larry David is funny. Josh Innes is not… not even a little bit.

  54. great show , give me a candy bar, is rolo left? wtf, love the comments from bitchinelli, macknowitall, lol-too many hacks to list!!!

  55. Are any of you going through a divorce? Hi, i’m Joe Cordell. Unless you’re in mizzoruh or illinois, i’m not licensed in your state. But that’s okay, we have other attorneys who are.

  56. Philadelphias football station my ass. Shouldn’t you at least broadcast the games to be considered that
    97.5–station for poor divorced middle aged people with gambling issues

  57. I do post here every 20 minutes and want to thank all of the radio experts who truly understand what makes good sports radio and ratings Trying to decipher which real radio station people are posting here with positive and negative stuff that is neither funny, clever or accurate. Actually, there may be 2 or 3 who evoke a chuckle for creative hatred, so let’s be fair, shall we? Wanna play a little game ( which most lame local hosts do with very little content to carry a show) Can you match the fake posters with the real people or their minions?
    I’d be willing to bet the majority are either angry failed hosts or station plants to either prop up or tear down their favorite targets. So far, lots of hate to go around. Sean Brace seems to be the easiest to mock and has zero supporters, so we can eliminate him or his friends. Missanelli and Gargano have lots mockery, but it would appear 975 has a couple of obvious ego police to keep Missanellis anger somewhat in check by placating his alleged greatness. Gargano has very little blowback as most seem to have fleshed out his Goomba act. It’s even too hokey for the few remaining South Philly people who still call each other “Cuz” My man Bruno, luckily has a network of sycophants whose sole purpose is to prop him up as some sort of local icon. I am paid handsomely in my Beverly Hills office to make sure that is a constant. The other assortment of part-time or fill-in talents do chime in from the peanut gallery and that keeps the Jody Mac’s and Jolly’s of the world at the ready for a nice late night or holiday/sick day fill in . As for Innes? He appears to have been hand picked to be the lightning rod his bosses want him to be. Any one else want to play the game? Maybe do a field of top 16 blatant plants. Time Yours!

  58. Miss Robin is a 3rd wheel. She just lingers around like she is impt.

    She calls herself Dr Ruth but cuter. Hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa

    Complete joke.

  59. What a SHAM this site is. Big news breaks, Gamble being escorted out of the place and fired + Roseman is now trying to get the GM gig at the JETS and yet there’s been no new posts.

    This is your main source of income and you do it full-time yet you don’t update?!

    What a waste. Bleeding Green Nation never misses a beat

    1. So what are you bitching about? Go read and post on BGN. What new news is going to be posted here that hasn’t been posted on every other website?

      1. You’re the worst poster of all time. Still asking KS to retract his statements about Gargano? Cry us a river you little baby eggplant. Wahhhh Wahhhhh I’m DS and I’m a little b!tch boy

  60. Hollis Thomas is hard to listen to sometimes . Ha ha ha mouth breath stutter mouth breath stutter hahaha. Geez . Abadepp abadeep that’s all folks

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    And i’m happy reading your article. But wanna statement on few basic things, The
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