Lisa Ann Once Again Describes Why Michael Del Zotto Is Such a Creep

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Lisa Ann did a Q&A with GQ recently to explain why she prefers sleeping with NBA players—————————————————————————————-> I can’t imagine why. The conversation of course turned to resident creeper Michael Del Zotto, who has apparently taken his talents to Kacie McDonnell, and his overzealous ways with Ann:

You took an issue with Michael Del Zotto public. Are there more players like that?
I don’t hook guys up with girls ever. But if I am close with a guy, I will give him my advice. Del Zotto reached out to me through an event. Within the first time of going out one on one, he wanted a threesome. It was just repetitive. It annoyed me so much. I said, “Dude you’re a freak and I’m going to blast you to put you in check.” Sometimes I feel like I’m a silent regulator to these guys, but sometimes I feel like I have to work on the woman’s team too.”

Are these guys oblivious or just disrespectful?
I think it’s both. Certain guys can look at you and get to know you and you’re no longer just that porn star. Other guys can’t get that out of their head. You’re just a porn star and every minute of your day you’re having pillow fights with ten girls.

They just want to act out fantasies.
They want to act out fantasies and they want to use me to get that to happen.

Some guys will be real specific, wanting you and a certain girl. I don’t even know or like that girl. Why do you think I want to have sex with them? But from porn they think that’s what I like.

So, to recap, some of DZ’s known habits:

1) Tindering.

2) Hitting up porn stars for dates.

3) Two chicks at the same time.

4) Handies with rubber gloves and lube.

5) Kacie McDonnell.

6) Hockey.

Potentially not in that order or some combination thereof.

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21 Responses

  1. what’s here problem? he took her out and kept it real with her. i guess he either has a small d!ck or didn’t pay for the date.

    1. Yea he’s a real freak for wanting a 3-way with a p o r n s t a r and being up front about it. Man that’s just way too freaky for me…..

  2. This story is like 4 days old. Jesus. Too busy cranking one out to pictures of that h o r s e t o o t h e d s l u t?

  3. Two chicks at the same time: I have that every morning with Al and Rhea. Also, don’t forget Winners & Weasels this Friday because after 25 years it’s still exciting radio.

  4. interesting comments because in the same interview she suggested she wanted to bang two college basketball players at the same time. Possibly a third. Her calling Del Zotto a freak is like Hitler calling Gandhi a war criminal

    Who wouldn’t want to try & have a 3 way with s couple p0rn stars?? Can’t faul dz for seeing an opening & taking a shot.

    At the end of the day he tried his best


  6. Who’s the broad to the right of Selfie McConnell? The one with the dick nose and D cups? Anyone know – I must tweet her now. I’d hammer those floppy fun bags to the anchor desk like it was my job.

  7. Yeah, come on Del Zotto. This woman has sex on camera (often with multiple people at once) for a living. How dare you suggest she would be down for a threeway. She has standards!

  8. This K-hay-cee chick is either dumber than she looks or desperate as hell. Delzotto would fuck the corpse of Anna Nicole Smith if he had enough latex gloves and lube.

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