Peter King Thinks the Redskins Will Kindly Step out of the Way so the Eagles Can Draft Mariota

Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Though the NFL Draft is still months away, mock drafts are starting to spill out, start rumors, and give Kyle special feelings. In addition to Pat Kirwan’s mock from yesterday that had the Eagles moving up to the fourth pick to snag Marcus Mariota, Peter King’s mock was released today and he, too, has the birds soaring up to the number five spot to do the same.

King, of unfounded and incorrect rumors (and being a league mouthpiece), thinks the Eagles can swap their first and second rounders this year and their first and fourth rounders next year for the right to pick their new franchise quarterback.

It seems unlikely that the Redskins, currently slotted at the five spot, would swap picks to allow their division rival to fulfill their coach’s dream of drafting his football soulmate. To defend his theory against those claims, however, King compared it to basically the same situation from before. Yep, that one:

This has so many poetic points to it. The Eagles gave Donovan McNabb to Washington a few Easters ago; now Washington would be giving a longer-term quarterback, theoretically, to Chip Kelly. The Eagles coach would be reunited with the quarterback he recruited out of a Hawaii high school and helped make a star while both were at Oregon. It just feels right, though Howie Roseman will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into giving up so much draft capital for a player with some question marks.

For one, King believes Howie Roseman will even be in the room and that’s cute. Secondly, how dumping and aged and past-his-prime Donovan McNabb on the ‘Skins is anything like trading four high draft picks for a potential franchise star is beyond me. Supposedly Sal Pal will be on the radio again today to sling some more shit at the wall on this very topic. The draft is in 63 days.


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  1. Just stop it with this BS already. You’re just making it easier for the talking heads on the radio to find more drivel to quote as if it’s actually possible.

  2. Instead of putting together a serious mock draft, I figured I would get all poetic about it to get sone attention. I haven’t heard anyone mention me in a while so what else was I supposed to do. I’m putting together a mock NBA draft where the Sixers actually pick players instead of trading for more picks. I know, that sounds just as crazy as the Eagles getting Mariotta, but I gotta get my name out there somehow.

  3. It’s really stupid to think the Redskins would do the Eagles a favor! Especially after dumping that sorry ass McChoke on them! Remember he compared himself to Favre and Elway? Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  4. The Raiders theory I could almost buy. The Raiders just drafted a QB and are a batshit stupid franchise that would probably love to have a flashy player and all around bad guy like LeSean McCoy and his enormous salary on their roster.

    However, the Redskins will never in a million years give the Eagles precisely what they want. That would be insane even for a franchise run as poorly as the Redskins.

    1. I can see Daniel Snyder trading up AGAIN to get Mariota, then he can have both RG3 and Mariota on the same team. Two guys who can’t throw from the pocket and don’t fit the scheme of their head coach. Thats much more likely than this bullshit Peter King is offering

  5. What if i told you, Peter King used a fictitious trade that everyone knows would not happen, as click bait.

    What if i told you, a blogger fell for the bait and instead of pointing out the obvious ploy, linked the article to help Peter King get more views.

    Tune in tonight to see how Jim thinks he’s better than every one in…… King’s Arse. Sponsored by Crossing broad T shirts

  6. in addition to being roger goodells lackey Peter King is also a brainless nitwit….the redskins would never do this for a division rival ….plus if they did they would want another starter and more picks.
    nitwit missinelli already has Mariotta as a pro bowl qb……

    1. how do you know? what evidence can you provide? whats up your @ss? Do you hate puppies? Candy? Sunny Days? Do you worship the devil? Do you shot at hot topic?


      Jim sucks

      Buy t-shirts

  7. i think they hold out till their pick or later in the draft and snag the guy from I think south east Louisiana or some shit like that? he originally went to Oregon and lost the job to mariota so he transferred. I think they get him just one mans opinion that doesn’t matter tho. the dude is supposed turning heads at the combine.

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