Your Semi-Annual Update on Ryan Howard’s Castle

Voila_Capture 2015-05-29_08-37-40_AM

There lies the house that Rube built, on the Gulf.

This, of course, isn’t the first we’ve seen of Howard’s Florida castle, which looks like it’s just about now being completed. As of last year it was expected to be finished sometime in 2015.

Voila_Capture 2015-05-29_08-37-56_AM

The photos come from reader Dan, who – fun fact! – submitted one of the funniest sample posts last year during the writer search. [Sometimes you can still get content without paying someone!]

Previous posts showing off the house and details of its features, including a moat: Doorknobs, Massive, GIF, Moat.

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18 Responses

  1. Can you really call this an update? “It looks like it’s just about now being completed”?

    Come on man

  2. Signing ryan howard to this contract is equal to trading brad Daugherty for Hinson or Trading vucevic for Bynum. Howard is a waste of time and he intentionally got hurt in 2011.

    1. Let me guess Larry,you’ve been a Seahawks fan your whole life but yet you can’t name a single Seahawks player from 3 years ago.Typical front-runner,who ran from his Eagles fandom when the going got rough.

  3. reason nr 500 i dislike pro athletes and only follow the NFL….some fat slob that can hit mediocre pitching for a couple years while choking in every big spot gets paid out the ass…..anyone that actually works in the real world and doesn’t see this as bullshit is a ruben

    1. Yea! Howard only won 1 World Series! And he has only hit 344 homeruns! What a bum!

      He’s only 93rd on the all time home run list!

      1. yeah he’s great …… biggest overhyped superstar protected from criticism due to skin color of all time….he stunk in every postseason and feasted on fastballs from donkey pitchers in the regular season…withdraw $5 from an ATM and buy a clue
        he can do 1 of 5 baseball skills….and never against a good pitcher

    2. Yeah the NFL is a true test of pure athletes! I mean take guys like Vince Wilfork who has made well over $50,000,000 in his career.

      He’s massive and can run 10 feet really fast once every 30 seconds.

      Quite the athlete.

      1. i like the NFL game moron….i hate slow fucked up baseball games……NFL players put their careers on the line each game…fat lazy slobs like howard only worry about the postgame buffet

    1. his stats don’t reflect his inability to hit good pitchers….stats lie…do the stats say how he cant’ field, can’t run, can’t throw, can’t hit for avg (oh yeah it does say that one)…..he is the al sharpton of baseball…can’t criticize him or people call you a racist…

  4. Fuck him and his wh0-re white wife. Go write another book you fucking piece of fucking monkey shit.

  5. Awards
    2005 NL Rookie of the Year
    2006 NL Hank Aaron Award
    2006 Major League Player of the Year
    2006 NL MVP
    2009 NL NLCS MVP

    Home Runs
    2006 NL 58 (1st)
    2007 NL 47 (2nd)
    2008 NL 48 (1st)
    2009 NL 45 (3rd)
    2010 NL 31 (8th)
    2011 NL 33 (6th)
    2015 NL 10 (8th)
    Active 344 (9th)
    Career 344 (93rd)

    Runs Batted In
    2006 NL 149 (1st)
    2007 NL 136 (2nd)
    2008 NL 146 (1st)
    2009 NL 141 (1st)
    2010 NL 108 (4th)
    2011 NL 116 (3rd)
    2014 NL 95 (4th)
    Active 1,082 (11th)
    Career 1,082 (214th)

    1. hope you read this a-hole…….howard is an over-rated over-paid over-hyped piece of crap that people like you are too stupid to realize……don’t give me awards….i have 2 fucking eyes…you are a ruben.

  6. I was just in Clearwater for Vacation all of last week. Drove by this place… It’s fucking Massive! Pics don’t really do a justice. It’s a nice house… But it’s in a terrible spot!

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