Pat Gillick Is Full of It

Pat Gillick strolling outside a Days Inn in Clearwater, circa 2010
Pat Gillick strolling outside a Days Inn in Clearwater, circa 2010

I’m not in the give Pat Gillick a pass camp. He helped build the 2008 World Champions, but he’s firmly entrenched in a mindset of a time gone by. And it seems just about everything he told reporters yesterday was BS. Let’s delve!

Speaking about Amaro’s strengths:

“People forget that he was the general manager in 2009, 2010 and 2011,” Gillick said about Amaro. “He went to the World Series in 2009, and had the best record in baseball in 2011. He had to make some right decisions in those years. And we were together before that. There’s a history. I know the fans and media don’t worry about what happened in the past. But he didn’t get dumb all of a sudden.”

Yeah, that’s one way of looking at it. The other… is that Amaro took a great team, was given a pile of money to spend, made the obvious moves for big-name free agents and trading block players (admittedly, his ability to get deals done was impressive), but failed to address or seemingly even comprehend the basic tenets of building a winning baseball team and was at the helm as the Phillies literally took a step backward each year since he took over.

2009: World Series loss

2010: NLCS loss

2011: NLDS loss

2012: 81 wins

2013: 73 wins

2014: 73 wins

This year: Probably like 60 wins

In other words: I’m fairly certain that I could’ve general managed the Phillies into the playoffs in 2009.

Let’s not give Rube too much credit, especially when you consider that the 2010 Phillies – arguably the best Phillies team ever (injuries aside) – were robbed of a possible Roy Halladay-Cliff Lee-Cole Hamels rotation for really no reason whatsoever other then Rube hedging his bets and trading Lee for prospects, including the Christmas tree you saw on Friday night, Phillippe Aumont.

On Ryne Sandberg:

“Well,” Gillick said, “as I said before the season, we knew what a challenge we would have on wins and losses. If you want to judge a guy on wins and losses then no, he hasn’t done a good job. If you want to judge the way he’s conducted the club, the way he’s kept them battling in games, that indicates to me that he’s keeping these guys in a positive frame of mind and that’s the most important thing.”

Fair enough– you can’t judge Sandberg on wins and losses. But judging him on the way he’s conducted the club? Sure: pissing off stars early on, having rookie pitchers yelling into the dugout, hilarious bullpen mishaps. And battling (which seems to be the Phillies word du jour) in games? Do we really call this…

Voila_Capture 2015-06-22_10-16-39_AM

… battling?

On overvaluing players:

“That’s real bull, I’ll tell you that,” said Gillick. “They think we’re desperate and we’re in a fire sale and we’ve got to dump salary. We’re not going to do anything we don’t think is in the best interest of the ball club.”

Only time will tell. But thus far the Phillies have failed to land any significant prospects for their trade chips, have failed to trade their most sought after assets, and waited too long on the other – Cliff Lee – who is now virtually worthless on the open market.

But Gillick is a lame duck, and he knows it. So, The Rock, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HE SAYS!

Quotes via Todd Zolecki


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  1. Who’s Pat Gillick? Is that the GM of the Astros. I was in Houston. Go Cardinals!

    1. He’s the guy defending the GM who has led the Phillies to the same trajectory as my ratings against you.

  2. Nothing on Sean Brace and Sixers beat writer Keith Pompey arguing last night on cbs3’s sports zone hosted by Leslie Van Arsdall?


      1. Nah they were going back and forth over the true health of Joel Embiid,but I was shocked there was no mention of Embiid telling people at Del Frisco’s that he’s fine and not to believe the media.Embiid was also partying at Club Rumor and once again told fellow partygoers that he’s fine and not to believe the media while dancing up a storm.

        GO DODGERS!!!

  3. Barely to his credit, Amaro actually got some value out of his trades this past offseason (Lively, Eflin, and Windle look like solid pitchers), but overall his tenure has been a joke. And Andy MacPhail isn’t gonna do much to change it. Time to blow up that FO.

  4. Wasn’t it Edward Wade who drafted/put the core WS team together mostly anyway?

        1. So I don’t get why people praise Gillick like he’s the one who brought the title to us. He kind of hung out for a couple great years and “groomed” a retard. He basically taught an elephant to fly a hang glider.

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  6. Have no clue as to when you stupid people will get it through your heads. Phillies management is a long line of carpetbagging, money hungry tyrants (Giles, Montgomery, Bucks et al) whose holy grail is the almighty dollar. Keep going to the games and dont ever call Comcast asking for your money back for paying for trash that is Comcast Sportsnet. Heck, I heard Comcast founder, Ralph Roberts died last week and a Brinks Truck was in the procession.

  7. Remember back in 2012/2013 (when everything Phillies had already begun to turn into shit) when Kyle kept writing post after post about vehemently being against trading Cliff Lee, since he was “the best pitcher in the NL.” We all knew he wasn’t the best pitcher in the NL with Kershaw lacing them up in LA. Kyle’s mancrush was stronger than his sports knowledge.

    The Dodgers claimed him in 2012 and the Phillies didn’t even attempt to work out a trade. Then Boston was able to offload a bunch of bad contracts (although A-Gonz has been solid) and use their money elsewhere to build a team that somehow won the WS the next year ( I am a skeptic who thinks the MLB put the fix on with the Boston Marathon Bombing occurring in 2013).

    Call it hindsight if you want, but the writing was on the wall for the slop that was ready to unfold. A bunch of clueless idiots in that front office. Although they did pick pieces up for Byrd and J-Roll, as well as JP and Nola seemingly being great/solid draft picks.

    1. JRoll is currently hitting .198 and batting eighth. They have also been sitting him a lot. There have been a lot rumors they are looking to cut him and bring up the new SS who is waiting in wings in Triple A.

  8. What about this Gillick quote from the Inquirer?

    “We’re in step with what’s going on,” Gillick said of Amaro. “Are we happy we lost 12-3, 19-3 and 10-1? No.”
    The team president proceeded to reel off a list of injuries.
    “Everybody has injuries,” he said. “I don’t want to make excuses, but we’re in a situation where we are thin. We don’t have replacements to bring up. You don’t have pitching, you can’t stay in games. But I think Ruben is doing a good job and right now I think we’re headed in the right direction.”

    What injuries? Lee? Billingsley? How could anyone think they’d be healthy this season? Why wouldn’t you have replacements for 2 guys coming off arm surgery?

  9. Two names…Phillippe Aumont and Tommy Joseph. This was the return for Cliff Lee and Hunter Pence, deals brokered by Ruben Amaro Jr. So we are led to believe Ruben suddenly got smart and will get more than a bagful of grass stained practice balls and a fungo bat for Hamels and Papelbon?

    1. Schierholtz was also a part of the Pence deal. Not that he was an all-star, but he had a pretty good year was with cubs when he left and was probably worth keeping around a little longer.

  10. Amaro has done a fantastic job and everything is Ryno’s fault. He has ruined superstar Dom Brown. If only that poor kid got a chance.

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