Your Thursday Morning Roundup

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The Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett took the world by storm on Wednesday with a shocking tweet where he tells the story of how he was held at gun point by police in Las Vegas:

Unfortunately, in today’s society, these stories are all too common. However, when it happens to a well-known athlete, with a big following, it quickly becomes a trendier news item to the media outlets and as such gets the attention it deserves. The debate of police brutality, racial profiling, etc., can go on forever, but it just seems we’ve surpassed a tipping point with these sorts of stories being just outliers, especially when you see tidbits like this surface after this story broke Wednesday morning:

I wonder why.

With Colin Kaepernick still unemployed (that is a whole other discussion) and National Anthem protests sprouting around several NFL sidelines in the preseason, including the Eagles’, this topic comes to the forefront once again. The Eagles’ Malcom Jenkins has always been outspoken and has gone to Capitol Hill to voice his concerns and work towards a better future. He teamed up with Anquan Boldin and released this video on Wednesday:

Many debate whether these protests belong in the NFL, if the league and/or teams should allow it, or if it should be an even stronger movement. I think it is safe to say that they aren’t stopping anytime soon. And with this Michael Bennett story, they may even grow in volume.

The roundup:

Sixers hoops are right around the corner and Richaun Holmes needs to be a big part of the team, says Kevin Love (Our Kevin Love).

ESPN’s Ryen Rusillo returned to the airwaves on Tuesday after serving a two-week suspension for getting arrested while on vacation in Wyoming. He addressed the situation right from the start.

The Tampa Bay Bucs GM ripped Skip Bayless and it is GREAT:

A train ran into a car in Jim Thorpe.

NYC’s mayor said publicly that he wants to smoke weed.

Angelo Cataldi continues the trend of well-known sports talk radio personalities declaring that the Eagles CANNOT lose Sunday’s game vs. the Redskins. LOVE sports talk radio…:

Meanwhile, Howard Eskin won’t let it go:

A Amazon Headquarters in Philly? We would be a good fit.

This Madden 18 glitch with the Gronk Spike is hilarious, especially since it is against the Browns:

You can no longer get free coffee from Dunkin after an Eagles win.

Penn State managed to dodge more negative press.

Delta tried to race Hurricana Irma to Puerto Rico. They won.

Kyle ranted about Sal Pal, and he is on point.

BREAKING NEWS: You can finally, barely, manage watching a Phillies game again, this is why, and what you should look for.

A former WIP host was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday.

If you are like me and don’t have an NFL package, this is what games we’ll get to watch on Sunday.

Listen to the latest Crossing Broadcast where the guys talk J.P.’s debut, Mike Lombardi’s bombastic comments on Doug P, and’s paywall.

On the fence about subscribing to the new CB or not? This little walk-through should tell you all you need to know:

Remember the Phillies prospect who lost an eye in a freak accident? No? Learn all about him in this good feature by Matt Gelb.

A man got bulldozed and was killed on Thursday morning on a construction site in Philly.

The first week of prop bets for the NFL season are here! Bet on everything from how long Roger Goodell will get booed for to if Aaron Rodgers will have facial hair or not.

The NFL is back, starting tonight! Enjoy!


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    1. You should probably stop touting “ads-free” as the reason to pay $4 per month when you can get an ads-free experience for FREE with a simple plugin like uBlock Origin on Chrome…

      1. But I guess he’s banking on the crowd not aware of ad blockers…….
        Now as for Bennett, he’s a known cop hater so anything he says about cops I’ll always have my doubts he’s telling the 100% truth. Maybe some truth with some lies sprinkled in at best

        1. I grew up with three dudes that became cops and every one of them had douchey tendencies in their personalities. Never had a super bad experience with a cop but I’ve also never had one where they actually helped me with some personal crisis. 90% of them ended up costing me money. I know there’s good cops out there but stories like this just go to show how many flaming assholes turn to law enforcement as a career.

  1. Hey Tyler….no comment on the full video, comments from the Sheriff or even Bennett ‘s OWN lawyer saying this morning that race had NOTHING to do with it?

    You’re pushing a narrative

    1. You don’t think the LVMPD would admit to racial profiling, would you? Of course, they’ll come out and deny. Deny, deny, deny. That is the smartest thing to do in any situation where you are accused of wrongdoing. Maybe Bennett trumped all of this up, but usually where there is smoke, there is fire. A lot of missing pieces to this puzzle, however, this is not an isolated situation and will only fuel the energy within the NFL players’ community to speak up and protest.

      1. Yes Tyler, you know everything. The Bennett story is nowhere near over and I’m not inclined to believe him over the police. he waited how long to post that? He ran from the police? He was detained and released. It’s happened to me and I’m a white male.

        How about this, what if Bennett embellished the story greatly? You assume the LVMPD is lying and Bennett is telling the truth. That’s convenient . What Alpha wrote is 100% correct, you are pushing a narrative

      2. You are correct, this is not an isolated incident in the least. People disregard police orders, and then complain that they were mistreated. It’s a shame to see that Kyle has brought in more contributors to push the liberal agenda.

      3. So, either you were there, or your response and assumptions are pure conjecture at best. The fact is, you have zero clue what happened.

        “…usually where there is smoke, there is fire.”

        Indeed. And the proverbial smoke is signaling that you are full of shit and pushing an agenda.

  2. If I say it’s must win, it’s must win!!! I’m the voice of the Philly fans for 25 years and counting.

  3. Ill tell you what. When I want football talk, who better to listen to than a linemen who had a cup of coffee with the Eagles, a fringe KR at best who spent 8 years in the league somehow, and a washed up boxer who didn’t know when to quit. Great content as always from Philadelphia’s football station!

  4. Tyler Trumbauer is a guilty white liberal piece of shit! Hopefully a police officer roughed your ass!

  5. this is the most liberal post ever. I bet you want open boarders too. Hey bro, lts been a while since last november, let me get you some tissues. Have fun at the hillary book tour!

  6. Tyler’s article is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me. I am officially done with this site. Did bitch boy Tyler miss the video’s posted? The LVPD released statement on the issue? In a short few years, this site has taken such a turn for the worse,. Not only is the content and articles lacking and written by nobodies but the absurd liberal agenda based on everything but facts is beyond laughable.
    Kyle, time to cash in mommy and daddy’s trust fund and Tyler be sure to not fumble any of the orders at your local Starbucks.

  7. love it when they cash a check for millions then cry like bitches when they fit the description of 9 out of 10 criminals…..keep protesting you dumb fu*ks and we won’t watch your boring bullshit game ever…hope the cops are extra tough if they get their hands on an nfl kneeler.

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