A Look Back at LeSean McCoy’s Off-Field Issues

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There hasn’t been much movement in the LeSean McCoy story over the past 36 hours.

ESPN reports that the former Eagles running back hired a defense attorney, Don Samuel, to combat claims that he was involved in the beating and robbery of his estranged girlfriend earlier this week. Samuel was on the defense team for the Ray Lewis murder case and the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault case. Charges were dropped against Lewis while Roethlisberger settled out of court. Samuel also represented rapper T.I., among other high-profile clients.

Police have yet to name a suspect in this case, though it’s been reported that McCoy was in Miami when the attack occurred, and a letter from the alleged victim’s attorney seems to suggest that someone was sent to the Atlanta-area home, where the incident took place, under McCoy’s orders.

The Bills are set to report for training camp on July 25th, which is presumably the next time McCoy would be in front of video cameras.

This isn’t the first time he’s faced accusations of wrongdoing. Here’s a brief look at some of the off-field incidents he’s dealt with over the past few years:

The party bus

This reportedly happened a little more than five years back, when Shady was an Eagle.

He was sued after a woman claimed McCoy tossed her out of a party bus on the New Jersey turnpike after spraying her and other women with water inside the vehicle.

McCoy’s lawyers vehemently denied the allegations, calling it an attempt to collect money from the running back, who was on the final year of his rookie deal. No criminal charges were ever filed against Shady, though the woman filed a civil lawsuit for $50,000.

The 20-cent tip

In September of 2014, McCoy was back in the headlines, facing criticism for leaving a $0.20 tip at Northern Liberties burger joint “PYT.”

McCoy said he left the tip because of bad service, though the restaurant’s owner claims McCoy was rude to the server and had been abusive.

LeSean denied that and said the following:

“A 20-cent tip is kind of a statement. You can’t disrespect somebody and expect them to tip you. I don’t care who the person is. That’s why I left my card, so they could see my name.”

…Any restaurant I go around Philadelphia, I tip very well. You check on that restaurant. Everybody was talking bad about that place [on Facebook and Twitter]. But good food, good food.”

The nightclub brawl

In 2016, now a Buffalo player, McCoy was said to be involved in a fight at the Recess night club in Old City that ended with two off-duty police officers being taken to the hospital. The altercation reportedly started because of a dispute over a bottle of champagne.

Video surfaced of the fight, which allegedly showed McCoy and others throwing punches in the melee. Kyle shared a couple of reports in February of that year with different takes on who was responsible for the brawl. Ultimately, McCoy was never charged by District Attorney Seth Williams, who explained that there was insufficient evidence:

Williams is currently serving a five year prison sentence after pleading guilty to a corruption charge back in 2017.

Similar to the party bus incident, the officers eventually filed a civil lawsuit against McCoy:

The civil suit says McCoy, who now plays for the Buffalo Bills, beat and kicked one officer while he was on the ground and punched another officer in the eye. The suit was filed Tuesday in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

The suit also names Curtis Brinkley, Tamarcus Porter and Christopher Henderson as defendants along with McCoy. Brinkley is a former NFL running back, and Porter once played football for the University of Pittsburgh, where McCoy also played. Recess Lounge in Old City, where the fight occurred, is also named as a defendant in the suit.

The suit alleges that McCoy, Brinkley, Porter and Henderson were “already visibly intoxicated,” but that employees at Recess continued to serve them in the time leading up to the brawl.

McCoy did not receive any sort of discipline from the NFL.

Herpes allegations

Also in 2016, Marcus Vick, who ran into a bazillion legal issues himself, accused McCoy of giving his girlfriend herpes. 

That girlfriend is Delicia Cordon, the now-estranged woman at the center of this week’s assault and robbery allegations:

Those are McCoy’s legal/social issues in a nut shell.

There was also a non-legal thing involving a females-only birthday party he was apparently trying to throw back in 2015.  Others have claimed McCoy was a no-show at Eagles’ fan events and there were the comments a while back where he accused Chip Kelly of getting rid of “good black players.” You may also recall a Twitter fight with the mother of his child in addition to online beef with former Sixer Lou Williams.

But it’s important to reiterate that McCoy was never charged criminally in the party bus or nightclub incidents. He spoke publicly about the PYT story and explained his reasoning for the 20 cent tip. He’s denied any involvement in regard to the assault claims made by Cordon.

We’ll see what happens next.

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  1. Guy is a pos. Thank god the bills said no to howie’s trade offer to bring him back last offseason

      1. What’s the over \ under on Shady being completely broke within five years after he retires from the NFL?

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