I am well beyond rooting or not rooting for players based on whether or not I actually like the person. But LeSean McCoy is a special sort of scumbag. Bad, violent shit keeps following him.

To recap:

Party bus incident where a women was allegedly forcibly removed from a bus.

Hateful, mean spirited baby mama drama.

Literally him on video kicking beating up an off-duty police officer with no charges being filed.

His former girlfriend allegedly being beaten in a home McCoy paid for, by associates of McCoy, who may or may not have watched the whole thing on security footage. [For real, how has this just disappeared?]

The Eagles need a running back. I’d take anyone (except Orleans Darkwa) but McCoy. He’s an egotistical maniac, who has multiple times been accused of being a party to or involved in violent behavior, who has been accused of beating his child and his dog, was who accused to doling out STDs to teammates girlfriends, who publicly blasted the mother of his children, who can’t even tip like a grown man. No thanks.