Doug Pederson was asked about the purported Alshon Jeffery/Carson Wentz beef at the NFL Combine today.

General consensus among Eagles fans/media/etc is that Alshon snitched to Josina Anderson last year, which she denies. Howard Eskin got involved in that, which turned into an entertaining mess of a week. Today Doug brushed aside the notion that there’s friction between his wide receiver and quarterback:

Yeah, you know, I don’t see that. I think one of the things where Carson really took a big step was in that leadership approach this past year, getting everybody on the same page and on board. It’s just unfortunate because we had a lot of high expectations as an offense going into the season. When pieces started to drop out, it’s just unfortunate that way. But there were no issues between those two.

You may recall this all unfolded after the Birds got hammered in Dallas. Howard came out naming Alshon as Josina Anderson’s source. Anderson countered, saying Eskin was full of baloney. Then we listened to Jeff McLane savage Eskin in the middle of Pederson’s press conference before Mike Missanelli jumped in to call Howard a “water boy” who bought his own Super Bowl ring.

Never a dull moment.