Sam Wilson, who served as the update anchor for 97.5’s morning show, has been let go as Beasley Media continues to cut positions at their stations:

“Sad to say due to more cutbacks at the station that I have been let go,” her statement reads. “Going to miss working with the dudes every morning & all the other awesome people I go the chance to work with. I’m extremely thankful for the experience I was able to gain during my 2 years fresh out of college & even more grateful to everyone who has followed along for the ride. Your support has meant so much.

“On to bigger and better things! Hopefully somewhere I can be seen on screen as well.”

Kudos to her getting a job at a radio station in one of the largest sports radio markets in the country right out of college. I know the usual joke is to note that 97.5 talent and WIP talent end up bouncing between stations, but given the cuts at Beasley Media and Entercom over the past few months, it seems like there are fewer and fewer open positions for those interested in making a name in the radio industry.

A little birdie tells me there may be even more cuts coming at 97.5 due in part to the pandemic, but also because new program director Chuck Damico wants to have some creative say over his staff.

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Could she be headed to NBC Sports Philadelphia or one of the local channels in a sports or on-camera role? It sounds like there’s interest on her end. Though her time at 97.5 The Fanatic is over, she did note that she’ll still be around as a host of Babes on Broad: