I Told You You Should Have Bet on the Flyers to Win the Stanley Cup

flyers canadiens betting odds

The Flyers have the best odds to win the Stanley Cup.

Let that sink in for a minute. Let it marinate. Let it Stu Grimson.

In a town dominated by Process Process Process, with a brief detour to Broad St. for an Eagles parade, it’s the Flyers who may emerge at the start of the decade as the team of record.


Flyers Stanley Cup Odds

flyers odds

Earlier this week, I noted that the Flyers were an unbelievable bet to win the Stanley Cup at a consensus +888 odds. But I warned that they should soon improve those chances and return less bang for the so-called buck.

Things change fast.

Today, the Flyers have or are tied for the best Stanley Cup odds at both DraftKings Sportsbook and FOX Bet at +600.

They can be had for more value at FanDuel Sportsbook and PointsBet, where they are currently listed at +700.

Just two days ago they were as high at +1000 at PointsBet. I told you then they would soon descend to a consensus somewhere in the 600s, and here we are.

I’d get them now, somewhere, anywhere, before they roll Les Canadiens and wind up at something more like +400 in two weeks.

FanDuel Sportsbook

States: PA, NJ, IL, CO, IN, TN, WV



Why The Flyers are So Good

Many readers might not know this, but hockey is my sport. The downplaying of the Flyers for much of this site’s existence – save for the fantastic work Russ and Ant have been doing with Snow The Goalie – was because of their relative irrelevance since 2012.

Mired in sub-medocrity with an aging core and, for the last few years, a horrendous coach, there has been no reason to truly back the OB, or waste time on a club that was heading nowhere.

Enter Alain Vigneault.

The Flyers are a completely different team this year.

Besides speed, depth, and raw scoring ability, they have a hot goalie, excellent forechecking, and a disgusting ability to generate high-probability scoring changes.

You don’t need CORSI or a 6,000-word treatise from a subscription based writer to tell you what the eye test clearly shows: the Flyers are dominant.

And right now they have the momentum, just rolling three of the top teams in the East, without any of their top players scoring.

The two things that jump out to me.

The forecheck. That sweet, delicious forecheck. They make even good opponents seem like that EA Sports player who is overmatched and can’t get the puck out of their own zone to stop furious momentum from a superior-skilled opponent, like me when I play my buddy Fran, who has been chomping at my bits since 2003 when I won that tournament at a Gamestop.

The Flyers force the issue along the sideboards and then disrupt outlet lanes in the middle, resulting in turnovers, frenzied play, and quick-trigger scoring chances at dazed goalies.

And then there’s the puck movement. So skilled, so confident. They all know where the other guy is going to be before he gets there, a stark contrast from the Dave Hakstol era, which looked more like fusbol than bubble hockey– players flailing and spinning, with poor and predictable separation, all while a frustrated coach scowls at his inability to control the play to his advantage.

Anyway, the Flyers are the real deal. Bet on them now, before they’re -120 against the Avs. Love this team. On board.

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