More Industry Polls: 94 WIP Named Second-Best Sports Station in America

Last week we shared the results of a Barrett Sports Media industry poll that named Spike Eskin America’s #1 program director.

It’s part of a running series at BSM where they ask insiders to vote on a variety of sports radio categories. There are numerous top-20 lists being compiled at the site, and in the category of best overall major market sports station, 94 WIP came in #2 overall:

97.5 the Fanatic did make the list, coming in at #17 overall. The #1 station was 98.5 in Boston and New York’s WFAN came in at #3 overall.

The voting is done by a combination of radio folks (PDs and corporate suits), and BSM says a “total of 36 sports stations were eligible for voting consideration.”

In some of the other categories, this is how our local stations did:

  • top 20 morning shows: Angelo Cataldi ranked #3 overall
  • top 20 midday shows: DeCamara and Ritchie ranked #3 overall, Gargano ranked #15
  • top 20 afternoon shows: Marks and Reese ranked #11 overall, Mikey Miss ranked #12

Obviously the voters like 94 WIP. The Boston and New York stations rank consistently high as well. Personally, I’m not sure how anything with Fred Toucher, Michael Felger, or Angelo Cataldi sniffs the top 20 of any respectable list, but that’s sports radio for ya.

Anyway, we’ll get to more of your calls after the break. Plus, Carson Wentz – should the Eagles trade him? We’ve got some open lines if you want to jump in. 610-632-0975.

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