One of the best rivalries in Philadelphia is Howard Eskin vs. technology, specifically his phone. He always publishes tweets with words that are spelled incorrectly, or names that are totally wrong. This past weekend, he even accidentally shared an explicit photo on Instagram, which was hilarious, but listen – he is The King for a reason. The King has earned the right to look at ass photos whenever he pleases.

Tuesday, he shared a Twitter video showing Giannis meeting Allen Iverson, but look at the sentence he wrote:

“One of the best meats one of the best.” 

I mean, come on. One of the best meats? Like prosciutto?

Does Howard even read what he’s typing before he presses Tweet? How does this keep happening? In the past, he’s confused the Orlando Magic for Magic Johnson, called Andrew McCutchen “Lawrence McCutcheon,” and referred to Cliff Lee as “Cluff Lee.” He also tried to rip Jessica Mendoza, but tagged the wrong person twice, then fell for a fake tweet about Joel Embiid going to Shake Shack, which Crossing Broad debunked in five seconds.

So either The King is a dope, or he’s doing this on purpose. Maybe we’re being taken for a ride. Maybe Howard sends these fugazi tweets on purpose, just to troll us. Maybe his mental acuity is SHARP. Perhaps he’s just having some fun and giving himself a good laugh in the process.

But who knows. Only Howard knows. One thing is for sure though, Allen Iverson linking up with Giannis is really cool. Two of the best in the game, finally getting to meat.

edit – forgot that one time Howard typed “Nuck Foles” and published the tweet