According to Phillies beat writer Randy Miller, Ryan Howard recently got engaged to Eagles cheerleader girlfriend Krystle Campbell, who once dated Jeff Carter. Carts, you sneaky bastard.

We thought now might be a good time to take you on a little journey throughout their relationship:

– Piece and Kyrstle attend Super Bowl Party.

– Krystle sparks cat fight with other cheerleaders.

– Howard watches Krystle with large camera.

– Piece and Krystle go to a Villanova game.

– Piece and Krystle go to the airport.

– Piece and Krystle go to church.

– And of course, Piece and Krystle go to Dorney Park.

Jesus Christ, I really need to stop stalking Ryan Howard.

Presumably, Piece and Krystle will live together, unlike rapist Ben Roetlisberger and his fiancee- Big Ben claims his faith prevents them from doing so. But not rape. Rape is OK.

Congrats, Piece.