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Good morning, Philadelphia, the Jersey shore, and the one person who ordered a Let’s Go Eat shirt from Tokyo, Japan.

Let’s skip the pleasantries and hit it.


A couple of quick notes:

– TONIGHT! I will be hosting the first of six live blogs in conjunction with our friends from One Two See. They’ve developed a software for companion viewing (watching TV with a device in your hand, not a significant other) that will allow not only for live running commentary, but also an endless stream of your comments, trivia, polls, Q & A, and live game stats, among many other things. We are the official beta testers for the product they aim to roll out nationwide over the coming months and years. I have about six cases of Red Bull, two handles of Captain, a pallet of pineapple juice, 12 Heath Bars, the numbers to all three Mack and Mancos, and one IV- I’m ready to go.

Since this is a beta product, we’ll be soliciting your feedback and anticipate there may be a few bugs along the way, so please understand if a Hunter Pence home run causes your computer to spontaneously combust, or most likely something significantly less severe. See you tonight, 7 P.M. Our pretty pony, Cliff Lee, is on the mound. We’ll get weird.

– The Phillies 12-day late marketing department keeps hawking their Let’s Go Eat shirts… to which I say “thanks.” Every time they show them, a number of you take to the web and often land on CB. Anyway, they’re selling like hot cakes (food pun), you can get yours right here. An advanced Philly Phaithful shopper? Get your Ed Wade The Gift That Keeps on Giving shirt right… hither.

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– Remember this guy? Well, you can get his Phanatic at BC Sports. Phanatic pillow pets and puppets are on sale right here.

– $ 1 beers? Yep. Rolling Rock ponies at Drinker’s Philadelphia are just $1, all day, every day. They also have great hot dogs, legendary tacos, and me hosting quizzo the second Thursday of every month.


The roundup:

– We’re just not going to talk about yesterday’s game, we're just going to pretend that Ryan Madson, Antonio Bastardo, Roy Halladay, and Brad Lidge have not all blown games in the time since I last shaved. We’re just not going to talk about a problem that presents itself when our starters can’t – for whatever reason – pitch deep into games. We’re just not going to talk about that.

– Reader Luke emailed us this weekend to tell us about his newborn, L.J., who shit himself when Hunter Pence hit a home run on Saturday night.

– Two people were shot outside a 49ers preseason game on Saturday night.

– Bill Lyon, legend, writes about Hunter Pence. The lede: 

Here he comes now, like some demented stork rushing toward lift-off, flap-flap-flapping along in that distinctive, hell-bent-for-leather, wheels-up, ground-gulping gait, all elbows and knee caps, wide-eyed, adrenalin pumping, ready to launch…



– Broad Street Journal has a great article about Howie Roseman, whose story of persistence (calling Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum nonstop) in trying to break into the NFL reminds us of Theo Epstein or Juan Castillo (who essentially stalkled Andy Reid). Well worth a read here.

– Women’s lingerie football and beach volleyball photos. Because, why not?

– Hunter Pence is selling his spikes on eBay.

This week, you can vote for LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson to receive 100 ratings in Madden. Speaking of… after putting out a Tweet with my PS3 handle last month (crossingbroad- original, I know), a number of you have friended me and kicked my ass in FIFA. As such, with Madden 12 being released next week, we’re going to take advantage of this new little feature called “communities.” Essentially, it allows you to set up a rolling league for up to 2,000 people. Any time you play a member of that community, your stats will be tracked and ranked amongst other members. We’re going to created a “Crossing Broad” community, and you’ll get to see how you fair against other CB readers. We’ll most likely have a prize for the leaders. Keep an eye out for that next week.

– Citi Field will be moving its fences up this offseason (more on that later) and the stadium had a fire this weekend.

Finally, I think we can blame this weekend on the dying Daily News' David Murphy. Check out his Tweet from Friday:

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Thanks, Dave.