Very Important Hip Hop News: Mike Richards Freestyles, Cliff Lee Mentioned in Another Rap Song

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We’re going straight-up hood with this post. You know, if you consider white guys rapping on a pier and hockey players freestylin’ to be hood.

Number one: The day Mike Richards got all Henrik Lundqvisty and tried to befriend Justin Bieber on Twitter was the day we realized that the former One Eight had officially gone Hollywood. Now he’s part of an average-at-best team whose coach was fired, rolling his eyes at teammate Jarret Stoll (we’ll get to that in a sec), and being cast in skits.


That’s right– Mike Richards… rapping. Rapping in a way that lampoons his notoriously dull on-camera persona. Brilliant!

This whole video is worth watching, but I’d start at the 2:20 mark, which is where the Famemakers convince Richie to record a rap song to boost his public image.

LA is such a long, long way from Philly.

Number two: Mike Stacks, a Mac Millery New Jersey kid who can actually turn out a solid rhyme, posted his remix of Bittersweet Symphony on YouTube yesterday. A couple of Philly baseball legends (from much different generations) made an appearance in the lyricals:

I’m Cliff Lee, take the mound, wipe me down 

Change the game, took the crowd so they’d surround me


Nice. This of course adds to the, um, street credentials of Lee, who was mentioned in a Meek Mill freestyle. Additionally, his buddy Roy Halladay showed up in a Game lyric.

Back to Stacks. He didn’t stop the Phillie references at Lee:

I’m next to surprise the world, when they hear my shit

And I’m just only gettin’ started so they feel my shit

So I was thinkin’ I’d change my name a round a bit

Since every track is a home run, I’ll go by Michael Schmidt, bitch


This all would have been much more congruous had Stacks not been spinning around Times Square while paying homage to Philly baseball… but, you know…

Here’s the video for Bittersweet Symphony (Cliff Lee at 1:15, Mike Schmidt at 2:15), and bonus footage of Mike Richards rolling his eyes at Jarret Stoll (!!!).

H/T to Nick, Ashley, (@EvoXM3mike) and other who passed along the video links



12 Responses

  1. Richards has to be in heaven in la with all the pussy, coke & not caring about hockey

  2. That’s not “Bittersweet Symphony” you moron!
    It’s one and only The Rolling Stones—An orkestrel version of their single “The Last Time” made by their producer:
    The Last Time (reguler version):
    The Real “Real” (and originall) Iron Balls McGinty
    —Often imposterered, never outclassed.

  3. you can tell mike richards really honed all the acting skills he learned from shooting those WG commercials. my, how the mighty have fallen.

  4. I’ve been out of the hip hop world for a while now, but even I know that this guy Mike Stacks is a fucking clown. He’s on some Barnum and Baileys shit.
    Still can’t believe Mike Richards sold out

  5. I also must give Iron Balls some kudos.
    There is nothing original on the internet these days

  6. I was a roady for their ’72 American tour. Mick and Keith were a bunch of arseholes but the other guys were fine. But they were all pretty genneris with the divvying-up the groupies that they didn’t getto out to the rest of us crew.
    The Real “Real” (and originall) Iron Balls McGinty
    —Often imposterered, never outclassed.

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