Yep, Marcus Hayes was a Huge Asshole on Philly Sports Talk Last Night

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.47.19 AMIn what had to be one of the most ill-conceived segments imaginable, huge asshole Marcus Hayes finally weighed in on the Riley Cooper matter by way of a HOT SPORTS TAKE on Philly Sports Talk last night.

In one corner was known blowhard Hayes, there to give what was obviously going to be the anti-white guyRiley take. In the other, Eagles pitchman Dave Spadaro, who, in his pastel shirt and gold tie looked like one of those (awesome) multiple-color crayons from when you were little, there to give the SUN IS SHINING AND THERE ARE ROSES IN THE GRASS WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO TELL YOU HOW GREAT THINGS ARE take.

What could go wrong?!

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.46.52 AM

Why you would put walking press release Spadaro on TV to act as an impartial observer on anything Eagles, let alone a race controversy, is beyond me. But pitting him against Hayes, who hates everybody, is doubly worse, or, depending on your perspective, an awesome train wreck of TV that you couldn’t look away from!

Poor Amy Fadool was forced to moderate this unfortunate panel, serving as the voice of reason between two agenda-spewing cartoons.

Let’s sample the discourse:

Spadaro: “I’m ready for football. Two players who clearly got mixed up in a practice session and tempers flared. I’ve seen it 1,000 times over the years.”

Nothing to see here! Saddam is still alive and in control!

Spadaro: “It is two players going at it in practice. If there was situations that didn’t exist previously, what Riley’s gone through and what Cary’s been like since we’ve gotten to know him, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all.”

But, those situations do exist. And what “Riley’s gone through” was his own doing. And Cary Williams has been a dickhead. Continue, please.

Hayes: “If you look at what happened [in the fight], Riley Cooper was the aggressor after the play was over and Cary Williams probably took exception to… a pretty physical play for having shoulder pads and shorts.”

“Cary Williams probably reacted to Riley Cooper. Riley Cooper went after Cary Williams. He popped up and he probably didn’t like being defended that hard. Riley Cooper also has to understand, he has no leash. That’s over, that’s gone for him. He’s going to be targeted.”

Not so fast, Marc. Cooper did engage Williams… who then proceeded to throw punches into Cooper’s helmet. Cooper walked away and Williams kept chasing him, yelling, “I’m not a nigger you fuck with.”

Williams was in the wrong in this situation. A minor disturbance turned into a major kerfuffle because Williams has a fuse shorter than an Acme bomb.

But just keep blaming the white guy.

Hayes: “He’s is a marked man. And he has to do it cleaner and sharper than everybody else. And he’s gonna go after probably the least wise guy to go after on the team? He’s got to be more mature than that, he’s got to be smarter than that. He has no leash, but he doesn’t operate like it, you know? He operates as if nothing ever happened. Well, something happened.”

Spadaro: “But understand, that Riley Cooper, the kind of football player he is, Marcus, he’s always been a physical player.”

Hayes: “He has to change.”

Spadaro: “Well, that’s not going to change.”

Hayes: “At practice he has to change.”

Spadaro: “Being a physical player is not going to change.”

Hayes: “At practice he has to change.”

Repeating himself an argumentation crutch for Hayes.

And how, in the fuck-wind, does he know how Cooper operates? We’ve heard exactly nothing from him since he returned to the team. There was about a four-second window yesterday when he reacted to his jackass teammate. Let’s just keep blowing hot air anyway.

Spadaro: “It’s a football play. I’m glad we’re taking about football.”

Hayes: “We’re not talking about football at all. Riley Cooper is no longer a football player, he’s a symbol for something that’s terrible, and the Eagles chose to keep him on the roster, so they have to deal with it every iteration all year long.”

– checks Eagles roster – Nope, still a football player…

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 9.20.49 AM … though Kurt Coleman’s designation as such is up for debate.

Fadool: “Marcus, has this team moved on from that?”

Hayes: “There are players on this team who clearly haven’t moved on from that. I believe Cary Williams to be one of them. I believe LeSean McCoy to be one of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if DeSean Jackson was one of them, mainly because those were the three guys who, after the incident was publicized, those were three guys who said it’s going to be a hard thing to get past. There is a level of professionalism that everyone has to assume, but there’s also a level of humanity that can’t be ignored. I mean, you’re talking about young men who believe themselves, I think, largely correctly, to be victims of a society that puts obstacles in front of them that aren’t in front of Riley Cooper.”

Spadaro: “Number one, Marcus, to kind of throw some names out there of players that you might not think are on board or have gotten past the situation, I’m not going to tell you that’s super responsible. You’re just throwing names out there.”

Crayola is right. And again, Hayes is used to just throwing names out there.

Hayes: “We’re talking about the people who we got tape from and players who said, at the beginning, as I said, at the beginning, would have trouble moving on from this. They may or may not. The question was…”

Spadaro: “The question was: “Has the team moved on?”

Hayes: “No, the question was: “Might there be players who haven’t moved on?” The answer was: “Yes, there might be.” And these are some of them.”

I’ll ask the court reporter to please re-read Mrs. Fadool’s question.

Marcus, has this team moved on from that?

And the response?

There are players on this team who clearly haven’t moved on from that.”

Thank you.

After that, Hayes just rolled his eyes and sighed, as he’s been known to do.

Video after the jump.


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    1. I am a proud Caucasian American,who grew up in a mostly black area of BIG CITY.
      I learned to street fight and box due to being beaten by groups of my fellow black American neighbors”Give us somethin”was their theme.

  1. Wait, Riley Cooper was the aggressor?? From the video I saw, Cary Williams pretty much tackled Riley cooper during a non-contact drill and proceeded to get up and punch him in th face mask more than once… Though I guess this is the guy who thinks Rollins is a better player than Utley, so…

  2. Well, at least Marcus was being consistent. A consistent asshole. Who didn’t see that performance coming? I wonder when the producers of Philly Sports Talk will finally arrive at the conclusion that having Hayes on the panel isn’t worth the biases and prejudice he wears like an oversized suit jacket? One of these days, Marcus is going to piss off the wrong guest who’ll forget he’s on camera and pulverize that arrogant blubbery fuck. Now THAT would make for must see TV.

    1. i stopped watching that show years ago because i simply couldnt deal with the panel of hosts. the formula for that show is simple…..grab people who are full of enough shit and we can make a huge living and breathing asshole out of this show! i question as to how many of them are employed because i often wonder who is still reading their work? the daily news sports was my favorite medium. now, its lucky if it even catches a glimpse from my eye as i exit wawa. i want to say they are assholes because being an asshole is their novelty like, “hey, i am asshole because it gets me paid.” however, i truly believe they are all legitimate assholes who lie awake at night wondering how they can improve their craft with an even more asinine statement come 5pm. the next day.

  3. My respect level for Hayes can not get any lower but Spadaro goes up a couple notches for very politely telling Hayes that he’s an idiot here. He would’ve been the man if he stood straight up and kicked Hayes in the face…man I’d love to see someone knock him the fuck out. He is the absolute worst and is an embarrassment to the city of Philadelphia. Why he continues to be put on television is beyond me. Who is paying this guy? Seriously, why the fuck is he being paid to provide his opinion on any sport?

  4. Hayes was an insufferable prick in that segment. I could have sworn he said Cooper is a “symbol of evil,” but I could be wrong. I also liked how he immediately said white devil Cooper was the aggressor, and when he talked about systemic advantages Cooper has had in his life over black players, cuz yeah, college football and the NFL are so biased against the black man. What a joke.

  5. “Video after the jump. Continue Reading…”

    I can’t think of a link I would be less likely to click that I wasn’t sure was a virus.

      1. Actually I clicked the comment link. Which is a distinction without a difference, but an important one.

        1. Yeah….no. You couldn’t help yourself. Nice try though, champ! Kyle – 1, Loser with a lame screen name – 0

  6. Angelo….You cahhhnt expect Cary Williams to just brush off what Riley Cooper did! It would be like ahhhhsking you to completely forget about the sunflowah seeds that cahhhsed your divahticulitis. What the…..gah, gah, gah! What the…..gah, gah, gah! Heeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhh! Heeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhhh!

  7. I only wish I see him walking out of the studio or near the WFCenter during a Flyers game. I’m gonna throw a full hot dog with as much mustard as I can fit at his big fat puss filled head. What a blow hard.

  8. Hey,that White Guy on the panel did not say or do shit.
    Put me up there damn it.
    To me,Caucasian commentator is another brainwashed boy.What a mess.

  9. Marcus Hayes definitely is the top nominee for Top Dickhead of the Year Award…dude looks like Satan.

  10. Guess what – the other major douche, Angelo Cataldi, agreed with Hayes. That pretty much tells you how much cred he has!

  11. Does this guy ever laugh or say anything funny? He’s just a living, breathing, abomination of angst and bizarre self righteousness. Holy shit he just needs to go away.

  12. Lets be realistic… Hayes was in the panel purposely because he is racist and he gives the people what they want: Somebody to hate

  13. what do you expect hes an ass btw though angelo catalldi mentioned he was reading this site about the fight on his show this morning

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