Your Monday Morning Roundup

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I feel like I’ve used this meme far too often lately, probably because Philly sports team are just bad enough that their being in contention is basically an ongoing punchline… but, the Flyers are now four points out of a playoff spot following their two “huge wins” this weekend:

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Still, they’ll have to catch the Bruins, who have a game in hand. We know how this ends, right?

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

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Rough Friday for Howard Eskin. First, there’s this photoshop which I’m still enjoying, courtesy of (@ForrealiouslyDoe). And then Hinkie went IN-STUDIO with Mike Missanelli, who, unlike with his thoughts on new media, nailed it.

I’m OK with the trades, but the more I think about it, the more disheartened I become that the Sixers, for the second year in a row (remember, they used their first round draft picks last year on guys who won’t play this year), are kicking the can down the road. It may work, but eventually you’ve got to settle on some players you want to build around. They just hit reset at the point guard position, again. It’s maybe the right move, but patience will eventually run out if even the young guys you should pay to see are pawns in this whole thing.

The alarm at the Capitals hotel went off at 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Sixers mascot Franklin is a huge Knicks fan!

Chip Kelly. Marcus Mariota. Hearts.

Onion article on the Sixers. Better satire from Deadspin.

Tablets at Flyers game, as spotted by (@lalaL1SA)

Voila_Capture 2015-02-23_09-04-05_AM Voila_Capture 2015-02-23_09-04-21_AM

Things it’s OK to do with tablets at sporting events:


Things it’s not OK to do with tablets at sporting events:

1) TAKE PICTURE WITH THEM (your phone has a better camera!).

When it’s OK to read a Kindle at a sporting events:


SI Swimsuit Issue intimates.

Darren Daulton is doing great!

A local startup is trying to create a broadband alternative to Comcast and Verizon, which sounds great until customers even remotely concerned about privacy realize that their home Wifi signal is going through a coffee shop, and that signal strength gets pounded when everyone is trying to watch Netflix at once.

Roy Williams is such a dick. This transition from talking about his tribute to Dean Smith to ripping UNC fans:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-23_09-32-45_AMVoila_Capture 2015-02-23_09-32-55_AM

Dom Brown says his teammates weren’t on the same page last year. They might not even be reading from the same book.

Hey remember that Cuban guy the Phillies were kicking the tires on? Yep, Red Sox.

Here’s what’s inside the Oscars’ $160k swag bag.

Kevin Durant’s hurt again.


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15 Responses

    1. “Standing on his head” has to be retired as the most overused, and dumbest thing ever, when explaining goaltending play.

      1. Are you saying that the idiom jumped the shark?

        The bottom line is that people don’t need your permission to use idioms or metaphors.

    2. Zepp is somehow even slower post-to-post than Emery. He gives up weak goals at a pretty high clip.

      He’s a third-string/replacement level goalie. Which is what he’s being asked to do right now, so I’m not complaining about him. But there’s no way he should/could be a starting NHL goalie for any length of time.

      He did well in the shootout Saturday, and that was nice to see. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with this guy.

      Though his story is fucking awesome. He’s the Chris Coste of the Flyers.

  1. want to know who the eagles will draft? figure out this math problem and you have your next philadelphia eagle….
    chip kelly leaves philadelphia driving to eugene oregon at a rate of 72.7 mph. howie roseman leaves philadelphia driving to tallahassee florida at a rate of 45.2 mph but stops for 15 minutes to poop and grab scone . whoever arrives first at their destination wins the draft power struggle and gets to pick their player of choice.
    and the answer is…….neither wins! when jeffy lurie informs them that they will not be reimbursed for gas mileage, both kelly and roseman figure it best to select an unknown DE from an unknown D-1A school because they learned that player also doubled as a member of the school band at halftime and figured that if he does not pan out on the field then he simply can replace the next retiree of the eagles pep band. once again, they outsmart the rest of the league!

  2. From 10am – 6pm be sure you’re all tuned into 97.5 the fanatic where our fine selection of talking heads will discuss endless segments of how Chip Kelly will acquire Marcus Mariota.

  3. Kyle, why do you even give Missanelli the time of day? Dude is a fuckin disrespectful piece of shit to you. You, for whatever reason, do your best to not fully trash him and seem to go out of your way to compliment the dude, all while basically plugging his show — and he calls YOU an ingrate? What kind of dirt does the dude have on you? You rip other guys new assholes for much much less than the kind of nonsense Missanelli does.

    1. Because Missanelli lets him on his show, which gives his website recognition. It is not difficult to comprehend.

  4. Roy Williams is 100% correct. That building used to be a feared place to play and now it’s become the Staples Center.

  5. Missed the AMA Kyle and I was hoping to ask whatever happened with the partnership/acquisition of BuzzOnBroad? Like I remember you doing some podcasts/live call-ins together, and a few posts, but it seems like that site went into a news oriented site. I was curious as to what happened.

  6. Nice fake ass Simmonds jersey in that picture. When that jackass bought it do you think he thought “wow a real jersey for only $15?!?!?” Since when are the players names 10″ tall? I see this all the time on Phillies broadcasts too. Stop embarrasing yourselves and just buy a shersey for God sake you cheap ass bastards.

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