Your Thursday Morning Roundup

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21 straight. That is the how many wins the red-hot Cleveland Indians are up to after defeating the Detroit Tigers 5-3 on Wednesday afternoon. The 21st win also sets a new American League record for longest winning streak, which was previously held by the Oakland Athletics, who won 20 straight 15 years ago. Next up in the record books is the longest winning streak in baseball history, 26 games. 21 games is tied for second-longest with the Chicago Cubs, who achieved that feat back in 1935.

However, that is small potatoes for the Indians who, thanks to this historic run, have a magic number of four games in terms of winning their division. Cleveland also boasts the best record in the AL and they are just a few games behind the skidding Los Angeles Dodgers for the best record in baseball.

The Indians host the Kansas City Royals for a four-game series at Progressive Field starting Thursday night as they look to make history and get another step closer to winning the division crown.

While the Indians are setting baseball history as a team, we have Rhys Hoskins, who continues to rake.

To the roundup!

The roundup:

Speaking of Hoskins, he hit another one last night:

One more on Hoskins…since he has been in the MLB, no one has hit more dingers:

Someone is selling a decked out Eagles tailgate bus, just $3,000!

Nelson Agholor, who learned how to catch a football in the off-season, called Carson Wentz a f*cking savage.

Jimmy Johnson’s home was hit by Hurricane Irma earlier this week.

The newest Crossing Broadcast is out and the guys talk Apple products, Eagles, Flyers, and more.

Russell Westbrook played Jimmy Fallon in NBA Jam and it went down to the buzzer:

Mike Missanelli dug himself a hole talking about Beth Mowins and kept digging.

The Supreme Court made a minor ruling on President Trump’s refugee ban.

Check out the Sixers new uniforms.

And if you are curious here are the NBA’s alternate uniforms for every team.

Who you’ll have to listen to during Sunday’s Eagles game:

Kevin Kinkead recaps Doug Pederson’s media session on Wednesday.

NBC’s Katy Tur wrote a book about covering President Trump’s campaign and said he kissed her.

The Flyers rookie game was last night and the fans showed up in droves:

Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin did a fascinating interview alongside the commissioner of the NBA.

Craig Carton is OUT at WFAN amidt his FBI investigation:

Maybe all the screen plays the Eagles run aren’t that bad?

John Gonzalez, former Philly media member, went off on a rant at Mike Missanelli and it’s great.

Trump reportedly made another deal with Democrats, this one on DACA.

Did a catcher purposely let a pitch him an umpire last night? Sure looks like it.

Not quite…:

Your new favorite beer is making its way onto shelves.

Former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night.

And I’m just going to leave this one here to end it..#TTP:

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14 Responses

  1. Blizzcon is in less than two months.. StarCraft, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm World Finals?

    Pinch me.

  2. Rhys Hoskins is the best thing going in Philadelphia sports right now but sadly, the only topic they @ 94wip and 97.5 the fanatic deems only conversation worthy is the Eagles.

    1. When a team is out of contention no one cares. Let’s see what happens next year when other teams take Philly seriously and pitchers are able to study the video to devise ways to Rhys out. The attendance last night was a little over 16,000 and no doubt many of those fans didn’t even pay for the tickets. If fans really cared don’t you think they would come out to see two of the best home run hitters in all of baseball.

  3. I love it because it makes the name Red$kins look tame. It’s a perfectly acceptable logo from the 1930’s or 40’s. No matter how much the team and MLB want it gone it will never go away. Chief Wahoo-You are the man!!!

  4. it’s really too bad that the Phils are so far out of it…if they were even remotely sniffing a wild card berth, it would be nuts down there with the way Hoskins has been hitting the ball. I mean, this guy is doing something that no one in baseball has ever done and no one really cares…..bummer. Let’s hope there is a carryover and that next year’s home runs actually count in the standings!

  5. Is this a sports page or a political rag? If I want political news I can goto CNN since you liberal fehygs like that site. Report sports and leave your political views off your articles d-bags!

  6. I’m a snowflake who wants his liberal views pushed on the site instead of talking about Philly sports. Go eat a man’s a$$

  7. Wait, whos the snowflake? Stop acting like a triggered little bitch everytime you read something that makes you uncomfortable, Trumpie

    1. It’s a sports page…post sports. Nice key words . Snowflake, Trumpie, triggered. Come up with something original. You can’t , so you just keep repeating rhetoric.

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