I don’t think it has completely sunk in yet. The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl!

We fans deserve this after all the years of near misses with Andy Reid and the brief high and deep lows with the Chip Kelly era, it all was worth it if it means the start of a potential dynasty with Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz. You may think I’m jumping the gun, but Super Bowl 52 could mean the end of one historic run and the beginning of another.

As Eagles fans, we get the ability to sit back, relax, and watch as the Eagles compete every year for the next decade. It all starts next Sunday.

The Roundup:

Yesterday, just hours removed from the Eagles being crowned NFC Champions, we here at Crossing Broad had you covered with the best day-after Eagles coverage anywhere.

Kevin Kinkead’s takeaways, included analysis of Joe Buck’s on-air performance:

I’m not a Joe Buck hater by any means, but was he on downers last night? He sounded bored throughout the game and was just sort of going through the motions during the first few touchdown calls.

I don’t think he “hates” Philly like some believe, but it just sounded like he was calling a Week 2 game instead of the NFC Championship. Sorry we can’t be as exciting as Madison Bumgarner or whatever the fuck he actually does get excited about.

The Eagles facing the Patriots in the Super Bowl has Giants fans reeling.

Our Tim Reilly talked about the epicenter of yesterday’s post-game mayhem, the intersection of Cottman and Frankford, in such a beautiful way:

Some of my friends didn’t have the opportunity to make that choice, falling victim to a painkiller-turned-heroin epidemic that has devastated our area. While we were busy clearing street corners, we forgot about the dangers lurking in our medicine cabinets.

There is growing concern that the parochial school I attended, St. Matt’s, might meet the same fate as so many other shuttered Catholic schools in Philadelphia.

Nevertheless, we have endured. The neighborhood has seen an influx of immigrants and multilingual speakers who have injected some energy into the community. Mayfair School just built an addition to handle its growing student population. And new businesses have filled some of the vacant buildings that dot Frankford Avenue.

BWanksCB had a message for the haters of the Eagles, and their fans:

I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live in Minnesota right now. The people there bought bad information, ran their mouths for the one week they were actually relevant, watched their team’s season go down in flames, and now…they have to deal with Eagles fans invading their city to watch the Super Bowl they talked all that shit about. Too perfect. As for those that just didn’t believe, it’s not that hardly anybody picked the Eagles that makes it so sweet–that’s fair game–it’s how the team was so thoroughly dismissed and laughed off. How did that work out?

Vikings fans have an event to throw stuff at Eagles fans.

Phil Keidel, who was nearly spot on with his game prediction on Sunday, gushed over Doug Pederson.

Sunday night I posted some of Merrill Reese’s great calls from the game, however, Kevin Harlan’s description of the Torrey Smith touchdown is pretty damn good.

With the Eagles going to just their third Super Bowl in franchise history calls for some new Eagles shirts and CB has you covered:

That’s just one of them. Peruse and stock up for the big game.

Adam of Crossing BroadCast has quite the next level story here:

To add on to Adam’s theory, I will also present this:

Mike Trout’s Eagles fandom has been well documented with the Angels outfielder often sitting at field level at the Linc. He’s going to be speaking to the media tomorrow, just about the Birds:

Bob Costas is completely being sidelined by NBC Sports as he is not working the Super Bowl nor the Olympics.

The Sixers were on the road last night against the Memphis Grizzlies. Despite being away from the city for Sunday night’s celebration, the team is excited for the Super Bowl and want to be there:

I guess they’re sitting coach.

Just hours after Brett Brown made the deal, the Sixers committed 24 turnovers and blew another double-digit lead in a 105-101 loss to the Grizz.

Dario Saric led all scorers with 22 points while TLC had 20 points.

The team is back at it on Wednesday night when it hosts the Bulls at 7pm.

The NFL coaching carousel spun a bit yesterday.

The Giants officially hired Pat Shurmur and the Cardinals hired Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks.

It appears that none of the Eagles coaches will be jumping for head coaching gigs.

Returning to the hardwood. Woj 💣:

We’ll end it with the Birds as well with a quick peek at the Super Bowl. The guys at PTI looked ahead at the big game and already made some predictions:

Obviously the Pats-Eagles is a re-match of the last time the Birds were in the Super Bowl and, well, a lot has changed since then. A look back:

The head man of the Cambridge police in New England has a brain…he is an Eagles fan.

Peter Kings’s MMQB goes inside the Eagles win and the match-up with the Pats:

The Eagles will take their Kombucha-drinking backup quarterback, and their don’t-worry-be-happy head coach, and their dog masks (two players wore the badges of underdogness in the post-game locker room), and they’ll take their chances against the team playing in its eighth Super Bowl in 18 years in Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis on Feb. 4. “I think we got the stones to hang in there,” said Long.

In non-sports news…

The PA Supreme Court ruled the state’s congressional map to be unconstitutional.

Neil Diamond has Parkinson’s.