Your Wednesday Morning Roundup

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I watched part of the All-Star game last night, but I didn’t really care who won. Aaron Nola had a strong shutout inning, so I’m fine with that. The scoring picked up in the bottom of the seventh as the AL defeated the NL 8-6 in 10 innings. A record 10 homers were hit.

Now to other important news, and it involves trades:

First, Manny Machado is going to… Los Angeles. We all thought the Phils were comfortably getting him Monday night, but the Dodgers came out and offered the top prospect in their system, which the Phillies weren’t doing. LA is reportedly offering only prospects:

So with the team’s top target snatched away from them, are the Phillies actually aggressive? Also the fact that Milwaukee had the second best offer might be something telling as well.

Speaking of Philly teams missing out on stars, the Sixers will be missing out on their second big star of the offseason:

So those weird odds websites were right? It’s an interesting gamble to take if you’re Toronto. Let’s see how both of those guys are taking the news:

Think Kawhi’s definitely going to LA after spending a year freezing his ass off in Toronto.

To make things worse for the Sixers, Nemanja Bjelica never signed his one-year deal with the team and will play in Europe this year. Will the team even sign another player?

At least we won the Super Bowl!

The Roundup:

In other Phillies news, Scott Kingery watched the Home Run Derby with Rhys Hoskins’ dog, Rookie.

Jake Arrieta is spending his break running sprints on the beach. Taking a page out of Rocky III.

Despite trying to persuade Daryl Morey to become the team’s next GM, bringing back Sam Hinkie doesn’t appear to be an actual option at this point in time.

In other sports news, Brewers reliever Josh Hader apologized for racist and anti-gay tweets that surfaced when he was 17.

Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory has been reinstated by the NFL:

Terrell Owens wants to play in the CFL. He’s 44.

In the news, some Boardwalk games are not fair to players, according to inspectors.

Google got fined $5 billion by Europe.

Papa John called his resignation “a mistake.” Lol.

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7 Responses

  1. That’s a really old picture. They aren’t called “chicken select tenders” anymore – they’re the all-new buttermilk crispy tenders. Although personally I mourn the loss of the chicken selects… the buttermilk tenders are good, but they don’t provide the same crunch.

  2. You have got to be kidding me. To get training camp tickets!!!!!! It just says sit tight we’re securing verified tickets. You shouldn’t even need tickets. They have never filled the Linc for training camp. Do they really think 65,000 fans are going to watch 2 hours of drills.

  3. He wants out of SA but only if he goes to LA. If I was the Spurs I would really put it to him. Keep him till the trade deadline and ship him to a bottom feeder for the second half of season. You can’t have to both ways. You want out you play where your sent then leave at the end of season. Stop trying to tell the team what to do when your under contract. If he goes to Raptors the team has a real chance to win the East. His only interest is in going to the team that he wants to regardless if they make the finals or not.

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