Josh Innes Recorded a Philadelphia-Centric Podcast

Josh fighting with another host at the Super Bowl

If you follow Josh Innes on social media, you know the former 94 WIP host has been kicking around the idea of launching a topically Philadelphia podcast.

Josh was canned here about three years ago, went back to Houston, and then left in March when he says his show was axed for “budget reasons.”  There was some drama along like the way, like that time he got into a shouting match with another guy at the Super Bowl, and the suspension that resulted in another host at his station getting fired. The Texans also temporarily pulled his credential in 2017.

Innes has been doing his own podcast in the meantime, which I haven’t been paying a ton of attention to, but there is one episode that is literally just 40 minutes of his Anthony Gargano impersonator re-creating an entire WIP broadcast. And today Josh released a Philly-centric episode with his girlfriend Jill, aptly titled “Philly Show.”

The show notes read as such:

“The Birds lost last night and the Phillies are dead. It’s good to be back.”

Josh says he’s going to be doing a Philly show for 45 minutes to an hour, then an intermission, and then a Houston show lasting 45 minutes to an hour, so if you’re one of those folks who misses Josh on Philly airwaves, here you go:

Listen to “JIS: Philly Show 9/16/19” on Spreaker.

Josh appeared on Crossing Broadcast after leaving WIP, in case you wanna go back and listen to that. I’ll continue listening to this JIS podcast and report anything interesting.

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks for this information! I may give it a listen during my loooong ride home this week. Is it Friday yet? LOL!

    – Kate

  2. Josh was the best thing going during the radio wars height . Philly needs a heel like him

  3. Need this guy back so bad. Sports radio hosts in this town are fucking brutal. Watered down eagle kiss asses too afraid to say the wrong thing. Best thing about Innes was that he wasn’t afraid to move it off sports for awhile and not just resort to mafia movies or hbo shows like the deadbeats we have here now. Give the guy another shot at nights, that’s when I first heard him and I thought it was perfect for him.

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