The Flyers made history.  The NHL made a commercial about it.

We reported the Phillies series with the Blue Jays would be moved to Philadelphia.  24 hours later, the rest of the world did the same.  Then we imagined are the crazy scenarios that could take place.

We had condoms thrown at us at game 5 in Boston.  A Boston fan apologized.  We wrote him back.

Everybody started to complain about the Phillies, and Jeff Francoeur cried a little.  So did the Mets fans.

Charlie Manuel fired back.

We thought it might be time to look at someone besides Brad Lidge as a closer.

Brent Celek told us he likes Kevin Kolb.

The Phillies wore their throwbacks… the Eagles cheerleaders didn’t wear much at all.

Peter Laviolette remained awesome.

Two fat guys caught a ball.

The Versus network dropped it.

And Cole Hamels used a performance enhancing substance?