Your Monday Morning Roundup: Screw NY Edition

Ny_post_vickThe NY Post with another low blow via (@herecomestreb1e)

Couple of quick notes:

– We now have Phillies tickets.  Plenty available for Opening Day, Saturday April 2nd (likely Cliff Lee's first start), and the rest of the season.

– Stop by Rock Bottom tonight in King of Prussia from 7-8:30.  I'll be there with the Philly Sports Daily guys, who will be talking Eagles, Cliff Lee, and Flyers.

– The folks at BC Sports have a pretty cool Roy Halladay no-hitter print.


The Roundup:

– Full Eagles coverage, including our video of NY dominance.

– Stevie Why tries to put said dominance into words.  He succeeds.

– Dale Weise has a Gatorade problem.

– Michael Vick got a standing ovation at the Sixers game and sang karaoke.

Manning face and Reid gifted.

Mets dupe the bejesus out of fans.

Jayson Werth talks to Howard Eskin.

– Reader Jason, who officially apologizes for calling Ruben Amaro "Ruin Tomorrow Jr.", sent along this video message from Werth to Nats fans.

– Sean O'Hara's head asploded.

– J.C. Romero said he would take a pay cut to come back to the Phillies, which is good considering Dennys Reyes is out, the Phillies didn't like what they saw when he took a physical.

Oh yeah, Cliff Lee.


2 Responses

  1. i can’t believe how low class some in the media are. We all know what Vick did. There’s no reason other than pure Butt Hurt to put what they did on the front (back) page of one of the biggest newspapers in the world. Fuck them.

  2. Oh please Jeff, if Vick was a Giant and a Philly paper did this, you would support it 100%. Please don’t be a hypocrite….

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