Ny_post_vickThe NY Post with another low blow via (@herecomestreb1e)

Couple of quick notes:

– We now have Phillies tickets.  Plenty available for Opening Day, Saturday April 2nd (likely Cliff Lee's first start), and the rest of the season.

– Stop by Rock Bottom tonight in King of Prussia from 7-8:30.  I'll be there with the Philly Sports Daily guys, who will be talking Eagles, Cliff Lee, and Flyers.

– The folks at BC Sports have a pretty cool Roy Halladay no-hitter print.


The Roundup:

– Full Eagles coverage, including our video of NY dominance.

– Stevie Why tries to put said dominance into words.  He succeeds.

– Dale Weise has a Gatorade problem.

– Michael Vick got a standing ovation at the Sixers game and sang karaoke.

Manning face and Reid gifted.

Mets dupe the bejesus out of fans.

Jayson Werth talks to Howard Eskin.

– Reader Jason, who officially apologizes for calling Ruben Amaro "Ruin Tomorrow Jr.", sent along this video message from Werth to Nats fans.

– Sean O'Hara's head asploded.

– J.C. Romero said he would take a pay cut to come back to the Phillies, which is good considering Dennys Reyes is out, the Phillies didn't like what they saw when he took a physical.

Oh yeah, Cliff Lee.