Your Monday Morning Roundup: Opening Day (Week) Edition

Couple of quick notes

– Want to meet Carlos Ruiz, Cole Hamels, Shane Victorino, Pete Rose, Steve Carlton, and LeSean McCoy? Our friends at BC Sports have you covered. All are holding autograph sessions. Click here for where and when.

– We have sold a ton of tickets for our tailgate on Saturday. It is free to attend in F Lot, but $10 gets you all you can eat and drink. Details here.

– Coming to the tailgate? Get a Philly Phaithful t-shirt to wear.

– Want to work in sports? The is hosting a networking event tonight from 6:30-9:30 at the Field House in Center City.

– Only a few spots left on our sponsored bus trip to D.C. on April 14th to see the Phillies play Jayson Werth and the Nationals.

The roundup:

– Our new Chris Wheeler drinking game.

– Charlie Sheen posted a picture of Chris Pronger wearing a "Winning" shirt.

– Roy Halladay gave Chooch a replica Cy Young award.

– Jayson Werth is batting second this year and Livan Hernandez paid a guy to punch his groin. The Nationals, your new rival.

– Doug Collins insists on sticking with Iguodala late in games.

– Gonzo says to go easy on Jay Wright. I agree.

Mike Richards hates the media.

Bracket challenge standings:

1) PSU Dancin (Two Flyers playoff tickets)

2) Tie: Clown Baby and KMyers1029($50 gift certificate to Rock Bottom or Philly Phaithful t-shirt)

4) Profs (Philly Phaithful t-shirt to third and fourth place finishers)

I'm 34th out of 500… not bad.


3 Responses

  1. Look, I flat out LOVE the job Doug Collins has done with the Sixers, raising them from the depths of last season’s Eddie Jordan authored train wreck, but when in the hell is he going to get it through his head that Andre Iguodala is NOT a closer? I just don’t for the life of me understand Doug’s blind devotion to Iggy, thinking he can pull wins out of his shorts late in games when a boatload of evidence to the contrary has cleary shown that he can’t, and most likely never will. I worry that Doug’s misplaced faith in Iggy will cost the Sixers dearly down the stretch and in the playoffs, should we get there of course.

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