Your Friday Afternoon Carts: The Whole F$%&ing Team Wears New Era Hats Edition

It's Friday. There have been no games played in two days, the Eagles drafted a fire fighter, and I'm going on little sleep. This is what you get.

Here's Carts, Car Bomb, and – I think – Andreas Nodl (or Simon Gagne's doppelganger) taking in the Penn Relays today. Has anyone else noticed that they all wear New Era caps? Why? Because they like the way they fit. That's why. Mike Richards via Twitter:

Ok so today I was given a lot of nice hats from New Era. 3 phillies hats to go along with the other 3 I have but also some other teams. Apologize in advance for wearing the hats. I just like how they fit.


Some asshole must be in his head about the Yankees caps

Anyway, Carts, who could be spotted a mile away with his sloped shoulders, white v-neck, and I'm a little bit better than you stance (notice placing weight on left knee, however), is rocking a Phillies hat (applause), unlike Carcillo… who is wearing a Giants cap.

Let's recap: This is how you support the local teams.

image from mobilwi.typepad.comOr this.

But not this, Dan:


Or this.

What time does Game 1 start?

If you want to read about the actual game, not hats at the Penn Relays, but the game, not hats, the game, then check out Ryan Bright's piece on Jeff Carter (that didn't sound right), who gets a golf clap for today's New Era hat choice.

Pics via tipster who wishes to remain anonymous. Oh, intrigue!

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17 Responses

  1. I thought it was Gagne at first, too. I may have cried a little.
    Never woulda pegged Carbomb as a flops man.

  2. You can spot Carts everywhere but on the ice during playoffs.
    As for the hat situation, it’s like Ed Hardy gear- makes it easy to spot the douchebags. Hats off to you, captain!

  3. Anonymous= little red head securIty guard. Everyone needs haters. Thank u Kyle Scott for letting everyone know u still dont have a journalistic bone in ur body. U and Perez Hilton have more than one thing in common, u both love smoking the pole. Stay classy u fuckin dork…

  4. I wouldn’t be crititsizing other’s peoples hat choices after you dared to show this foe-paw:
    And what’s wrong with New Era. One of my favorite caps is this:
    Except for the logo panel the cap part is made up of this meshy material that is stretchy, unlike a trucker’s/farmer’s mesh cap. It also breathes and wicks sweat away, unlike other cap fabrics (like wool). This is important in hot climates, like where I’m at. It’s a lot better than the Phillies BP cap, which is also made by New Era, that has a different type of mesh. I wish they’d make the BP cap like this.
    New Ear has a newer Neo Stretch Flyers hat. Actually, it’s pretty much the same except it has orange stiching and the embroydered team name on the bill:
    Stop being a kunty snob. (Or is it a snobby cunt?)

  5. Honestly dude, I love your blog, but I think the headwear stories have run their course. Who cares what hat anybody wears? If a Ranger was wearing a Phillies hat, I wouldn’t doubt you’d be a hypocrite, put it up here and commend the player for wearing it. Also these little backhanded comments towards players of our teams are also beginning to run their course. Get some new material to write about.
    Bitching about what hat Mike Richards wore this week, and talking shit on your favorite teams players is at this point just a dick move. There are thousands of people who wear sports memorabilia from a wide variety of teams, who gives a shit if these guys do? They are regular people like us and they do not have to show support for the other teams in our area if they don’t want to.
    Consider this. You’re a really good, young hockey player who’s been obsessed with Philadelphia sports teams his whole life. You just got drafted to the Pittsburgh Pirates. What hat are you gonna rock, a Pirates or a Phillies hat?
    I thought so. Like I said I generally love your work and everything I just commented on above, I used to enjoy. But at this point you are recycling the same stupid stories over and over. If it isn’t the hat on Richard’s head, it’s the douche bag demeanor of Jeff Carter. Just stop man.

  6. @Mneborak : chill out man he’s obviously just messing around with the whole idea of our players and their hats. Don’t take it too seriously. And if it bothers you that much don’t come to this site haha you sound like a little fag defending our city’s players

  7. Also, I bet Carcillo wore the SF hat just in the hope someone would try and pick a fight with him. It’s better for him to slake his rage off the ice than on it, before he does something stoopid. Maybe even Lavs gave him the hat.

  8. Hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats. Hats “HATS” hats hats hats hats hats. Hats RIchie’s Hats Carts hats hats hats, yo. Hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats. Truth. Hats hats hats hats hats hats hats. Mets suck Nats suck hats hats hats hats hats.
    Cliff Lee
    ….crossingbroad cliff notes. Kyle’s articles, anyway.

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