It's Friday. There have been no games played in two days, the Eagles drafted a fire fighter, and I'm going on little sleep. This is what you get.

Here's Carts, Car Bomb, and – I think – Andreas Nodl (or Simon Gagne's doppelganger) taking in the Penn Relays today. Has anyone else noticed that they all wear New Era caps? Why? Because they like the way they fit. That's why. Mike Richards via Twitter:

Ok so today I was given a lot of nice hats from New Era. 3 phillies hats to go along with the other 3 I have but also some other teams. Apologize in advance for wearing the hats. I just like how they fit.


Some asshole must be in his head about the Yankees caps

Anyway, Carts, who could be spotted a mile away with his sloped shoulders, white v-neck, and I'm a little bit better than you stance (notice placing weight on left knee, however), is rocking a Phillies hat (applause), unlike Carcillo… who is wearing a Giants cap.

Let's recap: This is how you support the local teams.

image from mobilwi.typepad.comOr this.

But not this, Dan:


Or this.

What time does Game 1 start?

If you want to read about the actual game, not hats at the Penn Relays, but the game, not hats, the game, then check out Ryan Bright's piece on Jeff Carter (that didn't sound right), who gets a golf clap for today's New Era hat choice.

Pics via tipster who wishes to remain anonymous. Oh, intrigue!