Jeremy Roenick Also Thinks That The Penguins are a Bunch of Whiners

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Peter Laviolette.

Mike Milbury.

Craig Berube

John Tortorella.

Jeremy Roenick.

What do all of these guys have in common? No, they're not all awkward-haired, aging 1990sish hockey personalities. They all think the Penguins suffer from vaginal discomfort.

Over the last two years we have – rightfully – taken exception with Roenick– in 2010 he cried on national TV after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and last year he sat by idly as Jay Mohr lambasted Philly fans on a show that – I think – may have already been cancelled.

Consider this redemption for JR.

Appearing on Puck Daddy’s Marek vs. Wysh radio show, Roenick was asked about the Penguins. It turns out that he too thinks they are a bunch of whining, sissy, silly fucks from the Shit City. Or something like that:  [via Puck Daddy]

"Pittsburgh's untouchable. Let's just get that straight. If you say something bad about them, they're going to complain, they're going to whine, they're going to revolt against you. The fans, they going to bitch-slap you all over Twitter. They're gonna attack you. God help everybody if you say anything negative about the Pittsburgh Penguins. They're like the almighty.

“They're a phenomenal team. I love watching their team. I love watching Malkin and Crosby and all them. But you can't say anything bad about them and not get backlash, complaining from those camps. I wish they'd just go and play and we can all have fun watching them. Think they have the best chance to win the Cup.

"I wouldn't have apologized. I don't know if I would have said exactly what Mike Milbury said, but he did and he had to apologize. I don't know if I could, if I believed it. Um, that's just me. You know, Mike does things his way.

"I don't understand why John Tortorella [got] fined. That's his opinion. I can't stand in the National Hockey League how they can just throw fines when they want when they don't like when something that’s said. I thought it was freedom of speech in the United States”


Yes. Yeeeessss, JR. That’s what I like to see.  

Leave it to Roenick to complain about someone getting reprimanded for, well, complaining. He’s right, though. The NHL tried to say that Tortorella was fined last week for cursing, not for his comments about the Penguins. Somehow, that’s hard to believe. Roenick knows it. You know it. And you’re damn straight the Sidney Crosby Handjob Network, NBC, knows it too. So keep an eye out for some serious Pittsburgh bias over the next few weeks.

Listen to Roenick’s comments after the jump. Or, better yet, listen to the entire Marek vs. Wysh radio show here. The choice, it’s yours. 

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  1. In related news Jeremy Roenick was fined today by the NHL for making fun of the NHL while discussing the NHL and the NHL’s golden child/team the Pittsburgh Penguins. The fine money will be allocated to the Pittsburgh Penguins organization so that they can afford to bring in Shea Weber next season and once again raise the Cup.
    Also in the news a woman named Cindy Crosby has finally announced that she has been masquerading as a man for 12 years in order to play in the NHL. All this and more at 11 on the Nothing But Crosby… ooops I meant NBC network nightly news.

  2. Nothing But Crosby network. Yeah, things sure seem to have tilted in that direction. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so much bias for one team by a network. I can only guess NBC believes that it needs the Penguins for the sake of ratings, well, if that’s the case, then the network suits had better PRAY the Flyers don’t off Pittsburgh in the opening round, otherwise, NBC will be doomed.

  3. Hes correct, but it will not matter, Crosby and Shrek (I mean Malkin) are incredible hockey athletes who are HUGE marketing tools for the BUSINESS that is the NHL. They are needed to keep the business afloat as key marketing pieces, and therefore will carry additional support and leverage.
    I just wish they would realize their talents and hush their mouths during gameplay and if they slash, expect to get it back. I just hope the officiating is fair on BOTH sides. Last game, this past Saturday it was clearly Pitt favored, so I hope that BS is over now that the postseason is here.
    Lets just enjoy the games this series, its gonna be intense!!!

  4. Pierre McGuire is gonna cum in his pants talking about Crosby tonight

  5. Penguins fan from Temple is hiding like a little bitch right now. Probabaly up Crosby’s ass.

  6. The pens have always had this ridiculous bias, but before there weren’t this many people actually lashing out and calling out the league and the Penguins for their bullshit. I’m real interested to see how the first few games of this series plays out, mainly the refereeing, after all of these people came out and told it like it is. Chances are nothing, because the NHL and NBC has been so blatant and over the top with their Pens boner, but one can hope…

  7. I’m banged some little queer in the ass last night. Said he goes to Temple but loves the pens…wierd.

  8. 1975. 1975. 1975. All this idle time without cups I guess is enough time to cry about other teams…um…crying. Makes a ton of sense. Feel bad for Giroux. Great player on an embarrassment of a team. The Flyers lol, christ it just makes me laugh to think about them.

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