Your Morning Carts: Richie and I Were Torn Apart by a Trade But Later Reconvened on the Left Coast Where I Scored the Stanley Cup Winning Goal Edition!

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.51.41 AMFuck you, Dry Island

Yahoo! Sports:

Carter choked up at one point. "Dean showed a lot of faith in me," he said. "A lot of people doubted us. A lot of people doubted me. Proved them wrong." At another point, Richards skated by wearing a gray championship T-shirt and holding a blue bottle of Bud Light.

"It was a frustrating year," Richards said. "It was ups and downs. It was highs and lows. But this is one of the best groups I've ever been a part of … the resiliency, the camaraderie that we had. It was awesome." 

Richards and Carter, the much-maligned friends from Philly, shared some words, though Carter wouldn't share them with reporters. "I can't tell you," he said. "You guys would have too much fun with them."



Here we find the Carts in a familiar scenario– with Richie, in the winner’s circle, this time hoisting sports’ greatest trophy, Lord Stanley’s Cup. And to be frank, we haven’t seen Jeff this happy since that time he and his cowboy hat proudly brought three cases of Miller Light into La Costa. Or when he and his buddies had that red fist. They loved that red fist.

Traded Shot last summer by an overreactive Paul Holmgren and Ed Snider, Carts was wounded, at times not leaving his Sea Isle house for days. He finally came around, not so willingly, when front office members from the Blue Jackets, his new team, flew to New Jersey to assuage his feelings.  

They were of no help.

Carts’ buddy and the alpha male in their relationship, Mike Richards, was in a better place. He had been shipped off to LA, where the sights were beautiful, the women scantily clad, and the hockey not so bad

It was tough times for both men, though. The separation took its toll and there was much commiserating, by phone, during those long summer nights.

But they had shared adversity before: There was the time they went to Chester to see Becks but Becks wasn’t there:

image from
Where's Becks? 

I. Don't. Know, Michael.

And then there was the…

… actually, that was it. There was never any adversity. Just partying… and that one time David Beckham didn't show for the Union-Galaxy match.

Jeff wasn’t quite sure how to deal with his newfound struggle. He took a private jet to visit Richie in Canada. Later in the year, when the Blue Jackets came to Philadelphia, he was injured. So he rented a luxury box and had a sad:

image from

But then things started looking up. The trade winds swirled and, eventually, Carts was shipped off to LA to join his former captain, his first mate, Mike Richards. 

Happy days were here (there, I suppose) again. Carts and Richie were together, and it felt like home. Flyers West, if you will. Simon Gagne and Justin Williams were there. John Stevens was behind the bench. And Ron Hextall, upstairs.

Now they're all Stanley Cup champions. The Cup, standing guard as Richie and Carts railroad struggling actresses from The Valley.

All their friends? Excited.

Joffrey Lupul:

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.02.37 AM 

SoCal swagger DeSean Jackson, who reps the Stanley Cup Camps:

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.01.59 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.01.59 AM

Dan Carcillo:

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.02.28 AM

Actor Kevin Connolly

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.01.27 AM

Hunter Pence’s Sister

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.01.14 AM

Al Michaels and his flip phone

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.54.17 AM

Paul Holmgren? Not so much

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.01.39 AM 

Pic via (@DomHadik) 

Join us now, if you will, in viewing a pictorial of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards winning the Stanley Cup.

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.50.50 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.50.50 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.50.50 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.50.50 AM

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 12.05.51 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 12.05.51 AM

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.50.50 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.50.50 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.50.50 AM

That's all great, but something feels like it's missing. Jeff feels… empty. Richie is here. Simon is here. The Cup is here. The drinks are most certainly here. The girls are presumably on a bed, naked, waiting for someone to snort recreational drugs out of their ass cracks. But something is amiss. Someone is missing. WHERE'S BECKS?! Carts and Richie couldn't find him in Chester last summer. But they need him now. The celebration won't be complete witho… there he is!!!!

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.46.21 AM
Now it's party! Richie and Carts and Becks, celebrating together in the City of Angels!!!!! I guess you can say that it's all come full-circle.

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 8.59.08 AMPic via (@chelscoyle)


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  1. I have finally figured out why the blog has sucked in recent months. You need Richie and Carts. These are the posts that I have missed.

  2. And now, a video response to this post, and aaaaaall the morons that say we should not have traded

  3. Come on Kyle,
    Usually you are pretty spot on, but at this point you are starting to sound like one of those talking heads that doesn’t know shit.
    Keeping Richards and Carter here would not have done anything. They were on a Kings team that was already full of talent where they could be role players. They also have one of the top 3 netminders in the NHL, so really – what point are you trying to make?
    Do you really think the Flyers win a cup with those two players still here, no Jagr, no Vorachek, No Schenn, No Coots and Bob in goal? They would have been no closer then they got this season…so stop it already. You sound like a scorned ex – get over it man.

  4. @Gray – Well said.
    The Kings were an #8 seed. Barely got in. Yes, they went 16-4 in the playoffs but look at Jonathan Quick. Dude, had a 1.41 GAA and a bunch of shoutouts. He was a superstar in the playoffs, and as a result the Conn Smythe winner. That is the reason this team beat the #1, #2, and #3 seeds in the playoffs… not Richards and Carter.
    And this post acts as if the Flyers traded Carter and Richards for a bag of pucks. Gimmie a break… as I have said before… Carter accidentally ended up in LA. The Flyers DID NOT send him there. They got an excellent return on their investment and I am pretty sure this site was praising the trades during the season, when Richards had 44 points, and Carter was off crying in Columbus.
    Carter earned nothing. He showed up and had maybe 3 good games out of 20 in the playoffs. He and Richards are nice pieces of a team. Not superstars that led the Kings to a Cup. Let it go. We have a good young team here, and with an addition or two, can win a Cup.
    All that said I am happy for Gagne, and Hextall. Glad they will have their names on the Cup.

  5. “…and in the end, the Cup you take, is equal to (in Carter’s case)the whining you make” – with apologies to The Beatles.
    Carter is the only one I have a problem seeing carry the Cup in the Kings uniform this year. He literally cried his way out of Columbus, while not giving his best effort, and he got everything he wanted. This sends a message to all too many people that if you don’t like something, cry and “dog it” until you get your way.

  6. Funny post, happy for them and everyone on that LA team, they had a hell of a playoff run.
    Richards and Carter won it fair and square, they played better not having to “carry” the team but rather support and play their own game.
    LA is a young, smart, dedicated, team with the best goalie in the league. They came into postseason hot and ran through everyone.
    Congrats and funny post Kyle, nice work summarizing their lives via pics…..
    Anyone who is upset @ at LA for winning…is a complete and utter moron.

  7. Dude get over it. It was a trade that really benefited both teams. Richards and Carter had moments were they played really well for LA but that cup was won because of Quick, Brown, Doughty, Williams. Carter had three really good playoffs games. Richards is a shutdown guy. Lots of less pressure on them over there. The fact of the matter is Philly is a better team without them. It allowed G to become the #1 center. They also got a ridiculous amount of talent in Couts, Schenn, Vorachek, Simmonds. They will be better off in the upcoming years and they are closer to winning a cup now then they were before. Put your bias aside and realize that they were good moves for both teams and either one has a good chance to win a cup.

  8. Watching Richie and Carts lift the Cup, it feels like you were just in a relationship with this great girl. Everything was good, you were content together, but you knew she wasn’t the one you wanted to spend the rest of my life with. You wanted to be fair with her and not waste her time being in a relationship that wasn’t going wind up with wedding bells. So you broke up amicably, or as amicably as possible given the feelings she had for you.
    It was hard to do, but it was the right thing. You kept in touch and you always spoke well of her to friends and family. She did the same, never bashing you on Facebook, Twitter, or drunken late night texts.
    Then you find out she met someone else, and their engaged. You get the save the date card in the mail, and RSVP because why not, she’ll always be special to you, she’ll always be a friend, you should be there for her on her big day.
    Then the day comes and you see her standing in the back of the church. The late morning sun silhouettes her gorgeous figure. Did she always look that stunning? She begins her march down the isle toward you, and you see how happy she is. And as she approaches she peaks at you out of the corner of her eye and gives a wry smile. You smile back but she doesn’t see, because she’s moved past you. And as she moves away from you, the a flood of doubt and regret hit you. It could have been me up there that she was walking towards; it could have been me who took her home tonight.
    And deep down, in the very fibers of your soul, it crushes you, because although you’re happy for her and glad she found what she yearned for, your only thought is, it could have been YOU…

  9. number one reason the kings went anywhere – goaltending. not these hacks. has anyone else watch the entire playoffs? carter has been a dog and richards near invisible besides one game against vancouver and one in this series. besides the goaltending from quick, devils had to match up against kopitar and really, they are only one line deep, which made it easier for dumb and dumber to produce. plus that 5 minute major killed nj. it was over from that.
    the best thing about trading them was improving the locker room, not just the great young talent we have. if we only had a goalie..
    anyone with a hockey iq above a monkey would realize that.

  10. You make yourself look so stupid with this post. Numerous time throughout the year you applauded the trade. Now all the sudden it is not so good. The Kings win the Cup regardless of the trade for Richie and Carts. Anyone can win a cup when your goalie is that much better then anyone else’s

  11. Guess someone forgot to tell Lupul he plays for the Leafs. Carcillo’s tweet is priceless though.
    Carter can’t be “the man” he couldn’t do it in Philly he couldn’t be sidekick in Columbus, he needs others to have the pressure on them and take the blame so he can sit in the back and take the credit. Richards did his part and played his two way game and helped them win a cup but people need to stop acting like we traded the cup to LA. We traded them Mike Richards, Not Jeff Carter, Jon Quick, Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown, Drew Doughty, ect. Happy for Gagne, Richards, Williams, Kopitar, and Hexy. Flyers have a great young core of players, sit back wait for the CBA/increase in cap limit, and lets see if they outbid the NHL for Suter or gamble on an orgasmic line combo of Giroux and Nash.

  12. And just as an aside… don’t forget that 3 Flyers 2003 draft picks won the Cup last night:
    – Jeff Carter 1st round #11 overall
    – Mike Richards 1st round #24 overall
    – Colin Fraser 3rd round #69 overall
    The Flyers sure can draft, huh?
    I’m not mad about what happened but I am just tired of seeing guys the Flyers draft hoist the Cup. That shit is getting old.


  14. If we dont win the cup in the next 3-4 years THEN we can say we shit the bed this past offseason. It seems like the business side of things has shipped players off in ALL philly sports (especially the eagles) a little early and may have cost us a championship or two.

  15. One teams trash is another teams treasure…
    Just goes to show Richie was not good enough to lead a team to a cup win but he could ride the coattails of some other players.
    We didn’t trade Carter to the kings.
    Doughty, Kopitar, Brown, King, Penner, Quick etc won that team the cup.
    Flyers would have kept those 2 players they would have been a mess for years.
    Soon as they got out of the spotlight and nobody cared about them or their teams they played on…then they could perform. Under pressure of a big market city though…failed.
    Oh well. Happy for Gagne…actually I like the entire kings team minus Richie and Carts…

  16. People, Kyle doesn’t care if he looks stupid in your opinion, or if you criticize his suedo-stalking style of fake journalism; the man makes chaching every time you click a link on his page. So who exactly are the dumb people in this scenario?

  17. All this will do is convince idiot white trash sports “fans” that they were right all along. Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to sports radio for the next couple weeks.

  18. LA won the cup for ONE reason.
    Its the same reason we haven’t won for 38 years.
    If you think its anything else you just don’t know hockey at all.

  19. @ Carl Cunningham – Oh man your right carter was tied for the lead in goals in the playoffs. He must have been tearing it up…oh wait, who does it say that he is tied with…giroux and briere?!?! But they haven’t played in over a month! How is that possible? Oh yeah cause carter is a scrub who rides on others coat tails. Get a clue.

  20. I’m so happy for Carts, Richie, Stevens, Hexy & Gagne.
    Ed Snider & Paul holmes didn’t want them & they showed them with a big f*ck you Edddie!
    I’ll make sure to buy Carts a shot & a beer down Sea Isle this summer

  21. Did anyone notice right after the horn sounded that Gagne, Carts, Richie, JUSTIN WILLIAMS all had a circle jerk in the corner.
    Wait, doesn’t that make two cups for JUSTIN WILLIAMS?
    Next season I want Bryz to come out for each start with a ripped up towel and sweatshirt on like Iron Mike and go apeshit.

  22. Only an nimrod would say holmgren fucked up. In case you or anyone else has forgotten – yes the kings won a cup with our boys. BUT Carter wasnt traded to LA from Philly, homer had nothing to do with it. Also, trading them had to be done. they were cancerous to the team here and if they dont get traded Claude Giroux doesnt become the best player in the league. Also we got Brayden Schenn who in about a years time we will be commenting on how awesome he was and how much better he can be. We got simmonds who was one goal shy of a 30 goal season. Hes tough, hard nosed, resilient, etc. We got voracek who honestly by the end of next year will be a better and immensely more valuable player then Jeff Carter if he isnt already. We got Couturier who shut down the 2nd best player in the world and made him irrelevant…and and while doing that scored a playoff hatty as a 19yr old. The bottom line is, this team has chemistry now. they have more heart than any team ive ever seen. they came up short this year. but how is that different from when mike and jeff were in orange? This team is one of the youngest teams in the league and look at all theyve done. Yeah the kings won the cup, but you know who really won them that cup? Jonathan Quick. Not carter, not richards. Were those guys helpful? no doubt. Same story as last years playoffs. Not necessarily the best team won, the best goalie won.
    Youre criticizing homer for being reactionary but look at you how are you being any different. I cant wait to hear what you say after they wrangle in Nash and Bryan Allen at the expense of JVR, a first rounder and not signing Carle or Jagr. I guarantee when you post about that youll paint homer out to be the next jesus. the guy is the best GM in pro sports. just relax. people forget we rebuilt based on our future this year and the kings were trading to win now. They were one of the favorites going into the season and we were not supposed to make the playoffs. Give it time Kyle, christ.

  23. Let’s make something clear….Jonathan Quick won this cup. No one else. Not Carter, not Richards, not Gags, no one but Jonathan Quick. They would have been out in round 1 if it wasn’t for Quick.

  24. Carts and Richie will f*ck anybody. So will Tom the Animal from Outta Wack Jacks LOL

  25. Carts reminds me of Saunders taking a few shots on Bart the Fart at the City dump.

  26. To all these people criticizing upset flyers fans…Who gives a shit what wouldve happened if they had stayed, what they contributed in LA, how the Flyers did this year, and what our future is?…Its all irrelevant to the fact that the core our team built around for 6 years won a cup the first season after they were traded away because they were deemed unfit to take us to the promise land. If you’re ok with it then thats fine, but it doesn’t make you any better. The fact is that two polarizing players ( I love richie though, and hate carter) who were supposed to win a cup for us, and two flyers legends have their names forever etched in history on the Stanley Cup…AS KINGS. Whats not to be bitter about? I love Gagne and Richards, but for as happy as I am for them that they won a cup, I’m doubly as upset that it wasn’t in orange and black.
    The future looks bright for us, but for the moment, can all you self-righteous “superior” flyers fans who were actively rooting for the kings just shut the fuck up or just move to LA?

  27. Yeah need pics of those implants behind the devils’ bench last night… lol

  28. Why does every single DeSean Jackson Tweet make me want to punch him in his his fucking face? He’s going to be an Eagle for awhile, and I FUCKING HATE HIS GUTS! There is something very wrong with this.

  29. I’m happy for the Kings, especially all of the former Flyers.
    There is a LOT of credit to go around. Quick was the MVP, no question, but Kopitar, Brown & Doughty were outstanding in the playoffs.
    And, like it or not, the Kings may not have even made the playoffs with the Carter trade. And if you don’t think Richards was a big part of helping them win the Cup, you just weren’t paying attention.
    They deserved to win.
    Hope the Flyers can finally do likewise again very soon.

  30. This Flyer team is a better team than this Kings team, with the exception of the net-minder. I’ve read the blog for a few years, but rarely comment. Come on, Kyle. You’re better than this. Carter and Richards are small pieces of a team with better players. One or two pieces in addition to the young talent already here, and the Flyers have a cup of their own.

  31. Im a richards fan but it seems to me that he is becomming increasinly gay with carter. Sucking his d.

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