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Prior to last night’s game against the Lightning, the Flyers announced they were recalling goaltender Alex Lyon up from Lehigh Valley. Starting goalie Brian Elliott suffered a lower-body injury and was considered day-to-day.

This could also be the only game Elliott misses, since the All-Star break is now underway. Tampa Bay is hosting the annual event this year, and they started their break off with a 5-1 win over the Flyers, thanks to three second-period goals. Travis Konecny stayed hot with another goal midway through the third period. He scored in his fourth straight game.

Overall, it was a sloppy effort by the orange and black entering a week-long break. They sit in the final wild card spot after 49 games, but there’s a lot more left in the season. They’ll be in Washington to take on the Capitals next Wednesday.

The Roundup:

We’re having another live pod at Carlino’s next Tuesday night. Be there and eat damn good food.

Maybe the only bright spot other than Konecny was Doug Pederson dropping the first puck at the game:

Speaking of Pederson’s team, they practiced:

Kenjon Barner was out with an illness, and Jay Ajayi was limited with an ankle injury. Dannell Ellerbe was a full participant.

Nick Foles also practiced. Jerry Jones doesn’t know who the hell he is, however:

He still can’t get it right.

Let’s also get the haters out the way early too. Viking fans are now cancelling Eagles fans’ AirBnBs and a North Dakota radio host doesn’t want Amazon’s new headquarters in Philadelphia.

Former Patriots cornerback Ty Law isn’t scared of the Eagles’ offense.

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy won’t insult Eagles fans because he’s afraid of them:

No doubt you’ve heard about the notorious Philadelphia fans. They pelted Santa Claus with snowballs. They cheer when a guy on the opposing team gets carted off on a stretcher. City workers routinely smear Crisco on lampposts to discourage fans from climbing them when a Philadelphia team threatens to win a championship.

Johnny Most called Philadelphia “the city of brotherly hate.’’ Philly fans are more angry and profane than fans anywhere else. The fact that Eagles supporters are starved for a championship only makes them more menacing and formidable.

In this space, I routinely ridicule fans and cities of upcoming Patriot opponents, mocking the pitiful goobers from the yahoo towns, harpooning a chorus line of tomato can fans from tomato can cities.

Not this week. I fear Philadelphia fans, and have no interest in defending myself from an Eagle-ordered fatwa.

Doug Pederson knew back in training camp this team was special. Nobody really believed him.

He also doesn’t want to make the game about the Patriots:

I think that’s obviously a real question. That’s a real issue that you have. These guys have been there. They’ve done it. They’ve proven it time and time again. My biggest focus with the team is: let’s just focus on today. Let’s just win today. Let’s get better today, and we’ll worry about that when we get to the game. But it’s a credit to what the Patriots have done in their careers and their history, and everybody is trying to win championships like that. But we’ve just got to focus on today.

You know what, if I make this all about them, we’re in trouble. Honestly, we’re in trouble. Everything is going to be written about it. Everything has been written about it, talked about it, discussed, debated, and it’s about us. And I’ll keep saying that. It’s what we do and how well we execute. I can’t worry about that.

Mike Missanelli made an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s show.

If you got to the Super Bowl, there’ll be a famous Philadelphia sandwich at concession stands. It just won’t be a cheesesteak.

Hotels on Broad Street are beginning to prepare for a possible parade.

Some lines are (slightly) moving!

Alexa is a die-hard Birds fan.

Finally, the Museum of the American Revolution has temporarily renamed the Patriots Gallery to, you guessed it, the Eagles Gallery.

Kevin Kinkead recaps Ben Simmons’ big night on Australian Heritage Night. Must have been the meat pies. (Side note: I haven’t had them yet, but I want to try them)

Sixers are on the road to take on San Antonio tonight, followed by Oklahoma City Sunday night.


In college hoops, Drexel defeated Elon 83-79 thanks to the efforts of junior Tramaine Isabell and his career-high 40 point night.

On Saturday, Drexel hosts Northeastern at 2 PM, and Penn hosts St. Joe’s in a Big 5 showdown at the Palestra at 7 PM. Sunday puts top-ranked Villanova in Wisconsin to take on Marquette at 1 PM on Fox, and UConn travels to take on Temple at 8 PM on ESPN2.

In other sports news, the Milwaukee Brewers have traded for Miami Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich and signed Lorenzo Cain to a five-year, $80 million deal.

This might be the best college basketball ending this season:

LeBron James and Steph Curry picked their All-Star teams. Embiid got picked by Curry. Russell Westbrook thought he was picked last, but the list was just in alphabetical order.

De’Aaron Fox gave the Kings a nice win last night over the Heat:

UConn’s men’s basketball program is being investigated by the NCAA.

The XFL has returned.

There’s over 400 prop bets for Super Bowl LII, and some of them are really interesting.

In the news, congressman Pat Meehan won’t see re-election.

President Donald Trump ordered Robert Mueller fired back in June. The White House’s chief lawyer threatened to resign if that happened. Trump has denied all of this.

The Auto Show is this weekend.

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  1. nothing on Anthony Gargano wanting to burn the McNabb figurine to separate these Eagles from his past performance? Funny, how they always seem to forget that Jaws had just as bad, if not worse game, than McNabb. what a bunch of frauds. loser station

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