Your Thursday Morning Roundup

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The four-point play went in the Sixers’ favor this time around.

After a Marco Belinelli three to give the Spurs an eight-point lead with 2:48 left, the hopes of a Sixers win were bleak. But Philly went on a 10-0 run en route to a 122-120 win.

Ben Simmons got the run started with a running jumper before Joel Embiid blocked DeMar DeRozan on a layup. Landry Shamet made a three to cut the lead to three, and after another missed Spurs possession, JJ Redick made a three and was fouled by Rudy Gay to complete the four-point play.

Belinelli made a bad pass to turn the ball over to the Sixers, who came up empty on their next possession. But DeRozan looked like he would give the Spurs a lead with a layup before getting denied by Wilson Chandler (!). After Corey Brewer made a free throw, the Spurs tried to inbound, but Simmons, with Kendall Jenner in attendance, intercepted the pass to end the game.

Up next is a week out west beginning Saturday against Denver. Maybe Corey Brewer sticks around as well. That means the bell will be able to recover from Gabe Kapler trying to break it.

The Roundup:

Which team will be on Roy Halladay’s Hall of Fame plaque? The answer is none.

John Johnson III should be welcomed to Philly with open arms whenever he comes to the city. Thanks for making Saints fans actually worse than Vikings fans.

Malcolm Jenkins and Lane Johnson had more reaction on the Carson Wentz story.

Three possible free agents for the Eagles to look at to make their team better.

In college hoops, St. Joe’s got past Richmond 74-70. Charlie Brown Jr. had 31 points and a career-high 14 rebounds for his first ever double-double. 25 of those points came in the second half.

La Salle put up a season-high 14 3-pointers en route to a 73-71 win over Fordham.

The UFC is reportedly adding a couple more fights to their Fight Night card in Philadelphia.

Philly Sports Talk isn’t airing this week as the NBC Sports Philadelphia studios are getting a makeover.

Atlantic City is getting an Arena Football team.

In other sports news, James Harden lit up Madison Square Garden with a career-high 61 points, while Victor Oladipo might be out for the entire season.

The Cleveland Browns front office is, not a surprise, a dumpster fire.

Speaking of front offices, Cole Beasley says the Cowboys’ front office influences their offense. That’s not good!

In the news, Meek Mill and Michael Rubin are launching a criminal justice reform group.

Don’t expect a State of the Union address until the government shutdown is over.


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