Weekly Roundup (Perfect Edition): What you may have Missed in Philadelphia Sports Last Week 6/2

Roy Halladay and the Flyers almost teamed up for the perfect night.

The quest for Lord Stanley's Cup, and bragging rights, began.

Chicago threw the first punch, but Philly landed one.

The Flyers dropped the first two, a lot of people watched.

The Marlins sold tickets to history, the Flyers to the future.

The Tampa Bay Rays hate our hockey team.

The Flyers flew high, Charlie raised a glass, Ed Snider took a drink, and Jayson Werth stayed thirsty.

Chris Pronger stole a puck, she said fuck.

CSN laughed it off.

The Phillies lost their beard and their bats, but they gained a hat

Three year olds are cute, this gnome is not.

Ryan Howard remained black.

Chris Wheeler likes rookies, and Carlos Ruiz likes ice cream.