Everyone Should Be So Embarrassed

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“You know guys, to be honest, I don’t know where you get this information. Be honest, did you read yourself what you wrote? That’s embarrassing. You have to prove your sources. That was never happening. You became not professional journalist, it’s embarrassing, seriously. You’ve got to do your job better. I’m only pointing at guys who were involved in this because it’s really embarrassing and you have to be better. Step up, guys. Prove your information, find a reliable source.”

That was Ilya Bryzgalov telling reporters, who rolled over like fainting goats when challenged even a little bit by the $51 million goaltender, that they should be embarrassed of themselves and need to do a better job.

Setting aside the obvious irony in the most disappointing player in hockey telling five-figure reporters that they need to Andy Reid (v.), let’s talk about the job those scriptubators are doing. Because it is embarrassing.

The report about Bryz sleeping was immediately brushed aside because it didn’t come from someone in the inner-circle of puck nuts. Their reactions on Twitter were hilarious. How dare someone who is not one of us have a source. Lindsay Lohan RUMORS! Not a story! CSN was, laughably, all too happy to  be a mouthpiece for Flyers denials. [And newsflash: this shouldn’t surprise you! They are owned by the same people!! Comcast will never be too blasphemous when it comes to the Flyers. Never.] But even more laughable was the reaction from Sam Carchidi, of the Inquirer, who took to Twitter to yawn over the story… and then wrote two stories on it, one of which was the lead on Philly.com Sports on Wednesday (!!!). Here’s what he wrote about Bryz’s comments last night, his second story about the non-story:

Afterward, in his first comments since the story broke, Bryzgalov criticized those who reported he had slept during a recent team meeting. The Fanatic — the team’s flagship radio station — and the Daily News reported the story, citing unnamed sources.

Speaking in a calm but hurt tone, Bryzgalov vehemently denied the reports, calling them “embarrassing” and adding “you’ve got to prove your sources. That was never happening. You became not professional journalists. You’ve got to do your job better….Find reliable sources.”

Speaking in a calm but hurt tone?! WHAT?! Watch the video (after the jump), I’d argue that Bryz was in better spirits, and more confident, than just about any other time that he’s met with the media in Philadelphia. It’s like Sam was getting a shoulder rub from a low-level Flyers PR staffer while he wrote that. Make it sound good, Sam. Gooood. Yeah. Like that.

The fact is, reports from unnamed sources happen every day in the media – in sports, news and entertainment – and they always look worse, or more substantial, in words. Did Bryz fall asleep? Did he close his eyes and yawn and act unprofessional like he does just about every day? We’ll never know for sure. That’s standard in all media. Stories are often reported by people who weren’t present at ____ event. Initial reports are hammered into fact, and even then, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. But there are players and people within the organization that had a problem with the way Bryz handled himself at a team meeting this week and that have a problem with the way Bryz conducts himself on a daily basis. It’s ridiculous to think that’s not a story.

And even more ridiculous is that Carchidi and his cohorts, most of which I’m guessing are so far within the Flyers bubble that they have no idea what people care about anymore, probably never realized – or even understood – that this was likely their most-read story in weeks or months. They have no clue which of their tales from the OB dungeon are popular. I’m guessing most of them think Google Analytics is a job opening. Some actually thought Nick Grossmann’s injury was the top story of Wednesday.

But if the Bryz sleeping thing had come from “one of their own,” Carchidi and every other beat writer would have been frothing at the mouth, including perpetual angry man Randy Miller, who asked Bryzzz the sleeping question last night and who went on a Twitter rant about integrity after the game…

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 9.02.02 AM

… and also fluffed Bryz in his game recap, which opened with 11 paragraphs about the non-story:

Bryzgalov responded calmly but with meaning.

Miller, the Phillies-turned-Flyers reporter who, as pointed out by one CSN employee, was all-too-willing to sell books over Harry Kalas’ grave, is the hypocrite of all hypocrites. His Tweets were directed squarely at Daily News reporter Frank Seravalli, who was the only beat writer to back up the reports of Bryz sleeping that first came from 97.5 The Fanatic and this website. But here’s the thing: a source tells me that Miller and Seravalli have an ongoing feud and are not on speaking terms (full disclosure: Miller and I got into it on Twitter last year). Miller, who had the gonadotrophins to lecture about integrity, threw all of his out the window with his claim that Claude Giroux had words with Seravalli:

After a Philadelphia radio station first reported the story and an area newspaper also ran with the story, team captain Claude Giroux had words with the beat writer who authored the newspaper report in a hallway outside the Flyers’ practice-rink locker room Thursday following the team’s morning skate in Voorhees.

I’m told that Giroux did, in fact, have words with Seravalli yesterday– they were talking about getting lunch in Montreal this weekend. Giroux was in no way confronting Seravalli about his story, or at least not in the manner that Miller would like you to think he was. But Miller saw them talking and jumped to the conclusion that, and made it seem as though, G was about to give Seravalli a beat down. That’s misleading. And embarrassing.

Bryz video after the jump.

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101 Responses

    1. this event is merely a microcosm of what the season has been and that is an absolute circus. i agree that some heads have to roll at season’s end, but ill stop short of saying that everyone has to go. the first to go is bryz and im tired of hearing people say, “the media and fans are going to run him out of town.” if you ask me, bryz has done a great job of running himself out of town with his underachieving play and excessive mouth!

    2. The sports media in this city is worse than the sports in this city. I’m so completely fed up with the beat writers.

  1. This coming from the same guy that told Russian press they had to get approval from his wife and mother to even talk to him during the lockout while he was in the KHL.

    This guy called them all embarrassing and you know what, I’ll take his word for it because he is the fucking Czar of embarrassment. He’s a walking embarrassment. If you ask Siri who “Mr. Universe” is, your fucking iPhone will tell you “Ilya Bryzgalov is the goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers.”



  2. Claude I hate a Jew. Is to blame for the lost, careless high stick, lost face off and out skated by a 50yo on the empty net. Also Kyle should I get my clubs re gripped ?

  3. between this story, where reporters band together to try and discredit legitimate reports, and anthony gargano reporting as fact anything someone tells him, the philadelphia sports media landscape looks really pathetic. can we coax bill conlin out of retirement?

  4. kyle, you and the beat writers are the reason why the flyers had to hired Anthony sanfilippo to write stories for the flyers to tell people what’s going on with the team. it just proves that you have no inter workings of what goes on with the flyers on daily basis nor in hockey today. you like to cherry pick and run with a story. I’m happy for G confronting Seravalli.Go back to posting Andrew Bynum/

  5. Kyle – blasemphous???

    Seriously, I heard an interesting spin on this this morning. That is, while many Flyers were denying the sleeping reports, others were NOT, and were essentially willing to throw Bryz under the bus for it. Something else is going on here that is likely bigger than the journalist angle.

  6. Hey candy, you are the apple of my eye, and I’d like to take you to lovers lane, if you know what i mean…

  7. “That’s misleading. And embarrassing.”

    Coming from the person who completely misquoted and misrepresented what Bryz said the other day, implying that he doesn’t care about the Flyers

  8. I LOOOOOVVVEEEE that literally one week ago Kyle was TEARING into Howard Eskin (who, to be clear, sucks, too) about relying on “unnamed sources” to say that Sidney Crosby was showing concussion symptoms. Kyle then went on to blindly rely on what Penguin players, Penguin executives, and even Crosby’s agent (!) to gloat about how wrong Eskin was.

    7 days later and in order to defend his gossiping about Byrzgalov, Kyle says unnamed sources are an important and valuable part of sports reporting and says we should pay no attention to Flyer players, Flyer executives, and ACTUAL Flyer insiders.

    Kyle is a hack.

    1. ^^^This…And I love this part too..

      “But there are players and people within the organization that had a problem with the way Bryz handled himself at a team meeting this week and that have a problem with the way Bryz conducts himself on a daily basis. It’s ridiculous to think that’s not a story.”

      Yet you don’t report it that way at all…You blatantly dismiss all of the prominent, more credible players who came out and denied the report and just “report” this as complete truth…I get not trying to be too cryptic and vague with your work, but you didn’t give any hint that the story might not be true even give a moment of your time to the other side, other than to vehemently dismiss it as untrustworthy drivel from the big brother flyers…Just as you take the word of one unnamed player, who is probably a younger player, and just stretch that into, “Players and people within the organization have a problem with his behavior.”

      Also…Where was your concern when Richie and Pronger hated each other that cup run/olympic year? I know you covered the story, Kyle, but how come you weren’t harping on Richie for his substance abuse then? Even if you did (I honestly cant remember so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt), i KNOW that it was nowhere near as intense as how you rail on Bryz every chance you get ,for doing things as simple as closing his eyes.

      Richie/Carter substance abuse = cute and fun.

      Bryz closing his eyes and throwing a water bottle = his behavior is absolutely terrible and childish and everyone hates him and hes a badgoalie51milliondollarshesucksamnestyhimandstartmason

  9. Typical Philly media:

    The Flyers, in what was their very last chance to make any type of effort to make the playoffs, come out and get beat to every puck, have defensive breakdowns aplenty (how the FUCK do you allow a breakaway on power play?!), and show no energy whatsoever. The goaltender was clearly the best player on the ice for the Flyers. So what should we do the next morning?

    Well, let’s lay into the goalie, of course!

    He was the best Flyer on the ice last night. And that’s not even remotely close to the first time that’s happened this year.

    But hey, he makes $51 million (which is probably what? the 150th biggest contract in sports?) so let’s make him the scapegoat! For something that was based on tenuous reports. But, we get a sniff of anything bad and we have to rip him! Let’s not think critically, or do actual journalism! Let’s just take the easy way out to collect our paychecks and, in the process, run another goalie out of town so we’re back to Leightons/Bouchers/Masons of the world that will never win a Cup. Sounds like a plan. Easy Thursday night/Friday morning writing. Have a great weekend everyone!

    Seriously Kyle. You’ve been railing on Bryz for well over a year now. You’ve said multiple times to amnesty him. Please, PLEASE write an article stating exactly what you’re going to do in goal after you amnesty him. Take into account that you also amnesty Briere. You go get another goalie (how much of Bryz’ salary do you pay him?), and what else? How would you fix this team with a new goalie (if you spend $1M on him, or $2M, or $4M)? Seriously, lay out a plan. I’m all ears. Please write an article on it.

    1. “Please, PLEASE write an article stating exactly what you’re going to do in goal after you amnesty him” that’s important sentence. he has no clue what to do because he doesn’t follow the team or hockey in general. He uses Richards and Carter as an example of Holmgren mistakes but it was him and beat writers that force flyers to move them in first place because of the reporting of the famous dry island incident. Holmgren was protecting them from the media and apart of the Problem was Holmgren thought Richards couldnt lead this team with a Pronger in the locker room.

      Kyle please read this story

  10. Perfectly said…I love how people just think that we’re going to get A) a better goalie than Bryz and B) that we somehow will just be able to sign him for chump change. Let’s say we do get bernier…he’s going to command a pretty similar contract!! Plus, I love how these people say that Bryzs contract is so crippling…Oh yeah? Its so crippling that it prevented homer from offering THREE players 100 million dollar contracts this past offseason? Am I missing something?

    1. Not only did it not prevent Homer from offering three $100M contracts, it’s also the 8th highest cap hit for goalies in the league. EIGHTH! Kyle acts like Bryz is the top paid goalie in the NHL. He’s paid as the 8th best, which is being paid to be good, not great. (1-5 get paid to be great, 6-10 get paid to be good, 11-20 get paid to be average, 20-36ish get paid to be below average). And a good goalie is going to struggle behind this atrocious defense. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

      You don’t need a great goalie to win the Cup, but you do need a good one. But let’s amnesty him and have a tandem of below average goalies who are guaranteed to never win the Cup! That worked so well the previous 18 years, why not keep trying it?!

        1. The actual payment number doesn’t matter- the Flyers will spend as much as they want to, they have the money. That’s no issue. You have to look at the cap hit, since that’s what affects what you can do with the rest of the team. And his cap hit stays the same, it stays at $5.67 million.

          Which is good for 8th in the NHL this year. And drops to 9th next year. It jumps up to 6th in 2014-2015, but other goalies will probably sign in the time until then, and he’ll go back down.

        2. In salary, yes. That has little to no impact on what the team is able to build around him (Eddie S. isn’t exactly struggling financially so the salary really doesn’t matter to this team). His cap hit is what matters. If you’re so concerned about salary, why aren’t you writing about Briere’s $7M this year or Timonen’s $6M next year? Neither of those players are performing up to their contracts either.

        3. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your “Hes not living up to his contract” wrath after Halladay blows a few more starts.

        4. $8m is his salary, you moron. if chase utley slept in a meeting, you’d spin it as cute. you really shouldn’t cover hockey. remember when you thought tye mcginn was eric wellwood?

        5. Also, so $8M next year (even though it’s under $6M against the cap) is far too overpriced?

          Well, no year after that is above $6M. So Ed Snider (and not us, because of how they structured the deal) has to deal with that salary for one year. One.

  11. Yeah that’s why Mike Knuble was on that Philly Sports Talk before the one game talking about it happening… Bryz is a cancer to the team. Guy is ranked 41st in the league for GAA and save percentage. Does he know there is 30 teams in the league? I cannot wait for him to be gone. Brian Boucher would have done a better job this season than this idiot. Start mason for every game. See what you have in the kid.

    1. Oh sure…Lets just ignore the fact that hes played like he did last night for most of the season, and simply focus on stats that are more reflective of a terrible defense and terrible coaching decisions…Glad we’re being objective…

      1. Clearly you’re not a goalie, the guy in net last year overplayed everything and to the average hockey fan, looked worse then. This year, he stays back in the net more and gets beat with clear, no screen shots. That’s pathetic! If you’re any good, you have to stop shots with no screen. And lets not even talk about his breakaways or any odd man rush. I don’t care what his defense is. Try telling me that Henrik, Price, or any other semi-legit starting goalie would help the flyers more than him. And I’ve never seen a goalie give up more BAD goals than him. Any good NHL goalie shouldn’t give up one bad goal a game and you know he’s good for at least one of those every game.

        And obviously no one picked up on the sarcasm that anyone would have been better in net than him.. Other than maybe the 5 backup goalies that have worse stats than him.

        1. I don’t know what planet you are on…Bryz is constantly getting screened…And when its not by the other team, you can usually count on one of our stud D-men to fill in the void. And half the time when the shots aren’t screened, they’re taken from sweet spots right in the slot because our crack D just loves to let guys get wide open looks in that area. And bad goals? THIS ISN’T DECEMBER OF 2011!!!!! He’s given up the occasional bad goal this season (the one rick nash one from that one rangers game comes to mind), but hes nowhere near the 1 bad goal per game mark he was at for the beginning of last season….

          ANd yes…His breakaway stats are bad…But three points with that: A) Look at some of the players that have gotetn in on him 1v1 this season: Vanek (twice), Kovalchuck, Malkin, Grabner, Huberdeau…Im taking them above all of those goalies you mentioned every day of the week. B) So maybe he should have stopped one of the breakaways last night..Key phrase being ONE OF THE BREAKAWAYS….Again…Not saying that he shouldn’t stop one every once in awhile, but is this really a big reason why we want to amnesty him? Because he cant stop one or two breakaways now and then, stops which probably wouldn’t have made a difference because our top notch D would just let players back in anyway? Please…(And don’t give me “Well that will help the team and inspire them to play better!” No. If you can’t get up for a playoff push in the first place, one save isn’t going to help). And C)Despite what i said earlier about guys getting fine looks in the slot…Some of that is technically considered 1v1 situations…Sure maybe they’re not clean breakaways, but if you let a guy like Malkin wiz right by you, leaving only Bryz to stop him alone in front of the net, thats just as bad…And Hes still stoned some of the best in the league ALL SEASON in those types of situations, at KEY points in the games no less….But nope..Hes terrible because an empty stat told you so. Have fun screaming the same things about Mason next season, when, yknow, they’ll probably actually apply.

    2. Yup, Boucher did so well in his play this season. You lose all credibility at that statement.

      BUT, just to refute you further- Knuble said that a player would have to be “narcoleptic” to fall asleep in that meeting because it was so short. He called the whole thing asinine. So I don’t know what you think you heard, but Knuble said it didn’t happen.

  12. Kyle, do you want to be a respected member of the media or a rebel outsider? Make up your mind already.

    It seems like you want to have it both ways, appearing on talk shows (on the corporate channel that you love to point out is in bed with the organization) and holding other people to journalistic standards, but also taking opportunistic potshots at the media establishment while (one can assume) rubbing your hands together in villainous glee.

    If you want to be TMZ Jr., chasing around Andrew Bynum at the mall, then go right ahead. Just don’t have the gall to start calling out writers and talking about professionalism on the job.

    1. Great job replacing “scriptuals” with “scriptubators,” though. I noticed.

  13. Also please note:
    – 985 words on gossip about Ilya Bryzgalov.
    – 0 words about how Bryzgalov was the best player on the ice during last night’s game.

    “Crossing Broad: Philly’s most irrelevant sports blog.” TM

  14. I feel bad for all the Delco trash who bought cargo jean shorts in hope of a flyers may playoff game

    1. haha! that is a good one. the wardrobe of a delco flyers fan…..orange crush t-shirt from 2004 playoffs, gold-plated chain with a flyers gold-plated charm, jorts that extend to the mid-calf region, faded flyers tattoo on calf (RIP MOM on the other calf) and a pair of white reebok classics. ohh, and a goatee that extends down to the waddle area of the chin.

  15. What does everybody think about online dating? Best website… Match.com? Eharmony? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  16. Randy Miller is a professional hoagie killer.

    I wouldn’t say that Carchidi is on the Flyers dole though. I mean he is the guy who was dick to Mike Richards on a daily basis while he was in Philly.

  17. Who the hell cares!!!! Kyle, you got punked by your “source”. Do we really need at least three posts about this??

  18. Let’s get back to what’s important.

    I’ve been working hard on new a comic strip for the last few months titled, Randy Miller the Italian Hoagie Slayer. I’m hoping that the Courier Post will pick it up for their Sunday edition.

  19. I thought Kyle’s article here was spot on and am tired of people defending Bryz. He’s a distraction and a loony toon.

    The biggest problem is in the locker room. You have a player or multiple players that are leaking stories like this. There’s no accountability…

    Where you at Claude? Start policing that shit!

    1. Last I checked, distractions actually effect play on the ice….Bryz supposedly closing his eyes during a meeting isn’t whats causing bad defensemen to play badly…

      1. And leaking it to hte press and not simply dealing with it behind closed doors is whats causing the problems, if these supposed lockerroom issues aren’t just a load of crap.

        1. I agree with the second portion of that. I think the problem here is that there’s no accountability with this team and the fact that these problems aren’t getting handled internally leads me to believe that Lavs is losing the locker room and that Giroux needs to step up and really hold his teammates responsible.

          To the first comment, I’m just tired of this guy. I get that it’s not all his fault and that he’s not a bad goalie. I’m just tired of the act. He’s getting to a very annoying level. Just shut up and play the game. I was tired of his unprofessional dooshbaggery before this whole falling asleep thing happened though.

          1. But if you get rid of him, what do you do in goal? We’ve been through just going through a carousel of cheap goalies for years in the past, and it doesn’t work out. We need someone reliable back there. And while he’s not great, Bryz is reliable (save for the beginning of last season).

            That’s not easy to replace, and the only one who might be available to be that for next year is Bernier, and you’d have to give up B. Schenn, Courturier, Read or others to get him, and THEN sign him to a Bryz-type contract. Why give up those assets to get what will give you about the same result in goal, with just a little less “annoying”?

          2. So we’re gonna amnesty the best goalie we’ve had in years, and will have for awhile, simply because he’s annoying? This…This is why I can’t take Bryz bashers seriously.

  20. The Flyers have lost 6 games (3 regulation, 3 OT/SO) in which Bryzgalov has a sv % of .917 or higher…including 4 losses where his sv% was .923 or higher (1 OT/SO)…so 3 regulation losses with a sv% over .923. If the team had won 3 of the 6, plus another 1 or 2 of the OT/SO losses where he played very well, they’d have at least 7 more points this season. 7 more points this season would put them in 8th place (tied with NYR in points but they’d most likely have the ROW tie breaker since they both have 16 right now).

    Idiotic reporters and bloggers bashing Bryz is getting old. No, he is not elite and no, he isn’t the biggest problem with this team. He’s also not the reason they won’t make the playoffs. Stop acting like he’s the reason they’re going to miss the playoffs and stop acting like he’s the first overpaid athlete in sports history. Get some new material. Or continue to run your blog like a 16 year old girl, filling it with gossip…

  21. No playoffs in Philadelphia this year?

    Better start some high school drama to fill my articles

  22. Why. Is this. Considered. News.

    Seriously, do you have nothing else to talk about? I don’t care if Bryz falls asleep in a meeting. Even if it DID happen, who the hell cares? He did something that everyone with a job has done. If it was anyone else, would you still talk about it? And if something as inconsequential as this gets this kind of coverage, I await your 20-page breakdown of his overall stellar play last night. In fact, if you take things at face value (just like everyone who wants to trade Couturier, or the revisionist historians who denounce the Carter/Richards/JVR trades), then Bryz probably played so well BECAUSE he napped in the meeting!

    I’ll see you all at the “Flyers Rally Pillow” night to commemorate Ilya Bryzgalov winning the Vezina trophy.

  23. Love how all the Bryz “apologists” think just because the Flyers refuted the report that it isn’t true. They are probably all the same people who think when Ruben Amaro Jr. says something that he is actually telling the truth. No way in hell Harry Mayes or Frank Seravelli just made these stories up.

    As for Bryz, he is an average goalie at best. Not saying its his fault to sign that deal because anyone would, but Homer and Snider clearly didn’t do their HW on this guy (or Bobrovsky to say the least). He just isn’t that good. He rarely ever wins games for the team, he lets in deflating goals, has more bad games than good ones. Get over yourself Bryz apologists, he just isn’t that good. Yes, I know this defensive group is well below average, but anyone who has played hockey in their life knows that wraparound goals, unscreened point shots and shots that go in when your goalie ducks out of the way is 100% the goalie’s fault. The Flyers overpaid for a goalie that just isn’t that good. Not to mention the whole “space” act he puts on is incredibly annoying and just stupid. He’s as good as gone already and it will be for the better.

    1. So a guy with a higher career save percentage than Martin Brodeur “just isn’t that good” and is “average at best?”

      It doesn’t matter whether the report is true or not (though if you’re going to make such a serious allegation, you should have something other than anonymous sources). What matters is that this is just a continuation of the witch hunt that occurs with every single goalie that comes to Philly.

      Until we stop putting the entire blame for the team’s struggles on the goalie position (it’s not a problem limited to Bryz’ time here), it’s going to be impossible for a goalie to build confidence and succeed here. It’s as simple as that.

      1. Did you just compare Bryzgalov to Brodeur? Brodeur is better is every statistical category then Bryz and they are tied in save percentage. Playoff stats? Come on man, Bryz just isn’t very good.

        1. Must be nice to be stuck in the first half of last season where all that shit applies…Dude, at least 8 of the games we’ve won this season were losses without Bryz playin the way he did (Ottawa, Carolina, NY, Winnepeg to name a few off the top of my head). He doesn’t let in a bad goal a game like last season, and he’s constantly screened (seriously, where the fuck are people getting that doozy from?) and he HAS stoned guys like Malkin, Stamkos, ovi, allll season. His pipe to pipe movement has improved a lot. And there are plenty of lost games this season like the one from last night, and the devils series last post season, where the score woulda been 10-1 had it not been for Bryz.

          1. oh yea hes really improved, have you looked at his stats this year? they are worse in every category. every goalie gets screened, he’s also played awful enough to lose games (first game in ny against rangers, last winnipeg game, 2 games against pitt, last ny rangers game). You Bryz apologists are ridiculous, he’s been below average. The only reason the flyers beat the Pens last year in the playoffs was because Fleury was somehow worse than Bryz was.

          2. How about just going by the eye test? I don’t see anything that Bryz does that “wow’s” me. I see lots of bad goals go in. Notice this year the multiple amount of goals that go by him when he just stands up and doesn’t move one inch? Other times he’s stuck on the ice and won’t get up, I don’t see anything above average about him.

        2. http://www.hockey-reference.com/leaders/save_pct_active.html

          Active career save percentage leaders. In his career, Bryz has a .9133 save percentage. Brodeur’s is .9128.

          Of course I’m not saying Bryz is better than Brodeur, I was pointing out how ridiculous it is to say a guy with a higher career save percentage than one of the best goalies of all-time is “average at best” and “just not very good.”

          Newsflash- you can’t have a higher career save percentage than one of the best of ALL TIME and be “average at best.” Seriously, how do you rationalize that?

          1. Also point out the double standard here: Hes using his eyes and objectivity to analyze Brodeur and realize that the stats are misleading…Yet apparently the stats are 100% right when it concerns Bryz.

          2. Do you seriously consider Bryz above average? He must also be better than Patrick Roy, if you go by that list. What does Bryz do exceptionally well? You’re blind dude.

          3. Wow…You must have done real well in reading comp in elementary school. Way to notice the part where he says,

            “Of course I’m not saying Bryz is better than Brodeur, I was pointing out how ridiculous it is to say a guy with a higher career save percentage than one of the best goalies of all-time is “average at best” and “just not very good.”

            So yes…He is saying hes above average and not better than the all-time greats.

          4. I’m not saying Marty isn’t a great goalie, and I’m not saying Bryz is on his level.

            But using Cup rings to rationalize it (which Bryz has one of, by the way) is misleading. Look at the defensive system in front of Brodeur. It was the best in the league for a decade. You think they didn’t contribute to those rings? And what is missing from this Flyers team? A talented, solid defensive system.

            Again, I’m not saying Bryz is better than Marty, but to see he’s “average at best” with a higher career save percentage than one of the greats of all time is crazy.

  24. The only thing embarrassing here is you thinking your actually doing something. YOUR WRONG. Your story was BS. Your a hack blogger who doesn’t actually cover anything. Its all hearsay and rumors and you think you are so smart and ahead of everyone. Actually your a little punk ass kid who “works” on a shitty ass website and thinks hes doing something. Your site is a punchline in the Philly sports scene and your a hack at writing in general. Go get a job at mcdonalds so they can fire you for being terrible at life. Frank S. is a hack also, he thinks by being controversial hes making a name for himself, well actually your a piece of shit. Frank whens the last time you could see your own 2 inch cock? 2nd grade?

    1. HO HOOO!!! If I was a 7th grade teacher, I would give this paragraph a D because of all the incorrect usages of “your”. JUSSSSSTTTTT PITIFUL, GANG!!!

  25. No, that is not Randy Miller. He doesn’t have time for this. He is most likely enjoying a Campos Italian hoagie at the moment.

  26. who cares if he fell asleep. not exactly the most pressing issue of this season. but hey, its entertaining i guess

  27. Well, I’m embarrassed that this season has turned into such a mess. While Bryzgalov wasn’t the sole reason things went off the rails, unfortunately, he’s become such a lightning rod for distraction that the Flyers might well have no choice but to use their amnesty bullet on the guy and send him on his way. Would that be fair? Nope. But somebody has to be the scapegoat, and unless Laviolette and/or Holmgren get the chop (they won’t), then Bryz looks to be the number one candidate.

    1. But, again, who replaces him? You amnesty him and get another $1-2 million goalie and we’re back to having Leightons/Bouchers/Esches in the crease. We’ve seen how well that works out. There’s really no other choice (if you want the chance at winning) than keeping Bryz.

      1. Hey, I agree with you, but I suspect the Flyers aren’t thinking that far ahead and just want the madness with Bryzgalov to end, one way or another, THEN they’ll worry about who will be the next sacrificial lamb to put in net, and, chances are, that’ll be Steve Mason.

  28. Did someone really compare Bryzgalov to Brodeur because they have the same career save percentage??? Wow…

    1. Gee, stats sure be misleading, cant they? Good thing we watch the game objectively to see when the stats are misleading….I’m glad we can be objective about Brodeurs superiority but not Bryz’s still decent play.

    2. I wasn’t comparing the two, trying to say that Bryz is better or as good or even in the same category.

      I was responding to a guy saying Bryz is “average at best” and “just not very good.”

      My point is, if your career save percentage is higher than one of the best of all time, you have to be better than “average at best.” And I still stand by that.

  29. Well here is my take:
    Bryz’ only asset is his positional play – period. His liabilities are reactions, sight, playing and stopping the puck, rebounds and shootouts.
    Where he is killing us and our D is his complete inability to help move the puck. Our depleted D core consistently needs to go into the corners and dig out the puck – or usually just playing it around the boards – all the teams have figured this out and keep the pressure on. There was a huge difference in Mason who helped the D significantly even in his first game when they did not know what to expect. The rest is the law of averages…
    Goalies that routinely play the puck will ALWAYS end up with a few BAD turnovers and a bad goal, BUT the other 98% of the time they make a successful play and 2% of the time end up feeding a player heading to the other net for a goal and get an assist.
    At the end of the year we need someone who will let in a handful of bad goals and turnovers, BUT single handily win you 5 – 10 games plus a few shootouts.
    Bryz is among the worst in shootouts – and that fact will cost you 6 – 10 points a season.
    IMHO we need to amnesty him and try Mason and a new prospect – lose all of the remaining games and get a good pick…
    I do love hearing his interviews !!! It makes loosing much easier….
    A couple weeks ago my only goal was to knock Shittsburg out – that would make me happy till next year…

    1. I think your overstating a goalie playing the puck, but you bring up good points. Good to debate with someone who’s not a rambling douche. Sure his inability to help this defense has an impact, but this team can’t move between the blue lines and it can’t sustain offensive zone pressure. The d and offense can’t get the puck out our zone period, with or without goalie assistance.

      I think his reactions have been fine. Seems to move post to post well on most nights. Sure he lets in a few doozies, but as you said, who doesn’t? Rebounds and Shootouts: yes, he needs to be better, but when your defense simply can’t stop guys, and superstars at that, from the other team just waltzing into the zone, chances are there are gonna be some bad goals and or rebounds.

      1. And if you’re a goalie and know better than me, I’ll defer to you about the pick movement thing. But I just dot see it cuz Bryz HAS won us games this season and HAS kept us in those close games, win or lose.

  30. Randy miller is a d-bag…. extremly rude, and i find him to b an asshole. and this from personal expreiences where he was

  31. sick of writers reflexivley defending writers no matter what they write. Anything and everything is okay. Anyone who questions them gets attacked. Putin could run this blog

  32. Kyle knows things he can’t print. all those “journalists” have stories that will never see the light of day.

    Seymour Hersh is my hero. look his name up. History isn’t always in the books.

  33. Candy from the Oak couldn’t hang in Marcus Hook. girls there suck so hard the bedsheet goes up your azz

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