Philadelphia Inquirer’s Top Editor Resigns After Publishing of Controversial Headline

Rough couple of days for the Inquirer.

Executive Editor and Senior Vice President Stan Wischnowski submitted his resignation this weekend amid the fallout from a headline that was published on Tuesday.

Long story short, architecture critic Inga Saffron wrote an article about property destruction that came with a headline titled “Buildings Matter, Too,” written by a copy desk editor and not her. The story was fine but the headline was totally obliterated on social media and other platforms, resulting in a scheduled Zoom call turning into an open forum on what staffers allege is general malpractice, not enough diversity, and a lack of understanding from newspaper leadership. Thursday, a large number of Inquirer employees called out of work while circulating a public note expressing disapproval with the current state of the publication.

Wischnowski explained that the headline should not have been published, and the Inquirer issued a formal apology. But now he’s out the door for good, according to an article published Saturday:

In a statement Saturday afternoon, publisher Lisa Hughes said that Wischnowski “has decided to step down as senior vice president and executive editor.” She thanked him for his 20 years working at the paper and serving as executive editor.

He will formally leave the paper on June 12. No successor was named, but Hughes wrote to the staff that “We will use this moment to evaluate the organizational structure and processes of the newsroom, assess what we need, and look both internally and externally for a seasoned leader who embodies our values, embraces our shared strategy, and understands the diversity of the communities we serve.

“While we conduct this evaluation and search, I am confident in [editor] Gabe Escobar and [managing editor] Patrick Kerkstra’s ability to continue to lead our newsroom in their current roles.”

Wischnowski declined comment. Hughes, through a spokesperson, said she would have no further comment.

It’s been quite the ride for the Inquirer in recent weeks, months, and years.

The newspaper recently cut half of its sales staff and has struggled to secure subscriptions during a time in which legacy media is trying to navigate COVID-19 and a shift to digital news consumption. Veterans like Bob Ford and Sam Donnellon and John Smallwood took buyouts while Zach Berman left the paper to join The Athletic. Additionally, former columnist Stu Bykofsky filed a defamation lawsuit against Saffron after she ripped him at his farewell party, issuing criticisms that he claimed were a “sack of shit lie.”

Interesting times at the Inquirer, which still has a lot of skilled writers doing fantastic work. Unfortunately that work is perpetually buried by the seemingly high level of discord both internal and external.


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  1. Kevin: Can you do a blog post describing your firing from channel three where you used a bigoted and deeply offensive term for minorities using the networks social media account?

    1. Why would a so called ‘writer’ write a blog post describing how he used r a c i s t remarks
      when he sits in judgement of others….everyday…against people who have made similar remarks
      and then criticizes them for it?

      That would make Kevin a asshole hypocritical fuckwad.


      1. Like the hypocrites in the mentally-ill liberal media who cheer on these animals ‘protesting’ who don’t wear masks nor social distance but if I go into a grocery store w/o a mask or want to attend religious services I am selfish and want to kill grandma?

        1. Patriot –

          So true. The media is out to get us. It’s a horrible time for us. We must keep whining. Our voices are not heard.

          Trump 2020!


  2. Is there an over/under set on the amount of times mike Miss calls whitey c@llers r@cist????

    1. Mikey learned his lesson, he will now be 100% full blown Woke, no longer 95%. In fact if Tyrone wants to hit Mikey with his Headset, Mikey will gladly take it. If Natalie demands to lecture Mikey on his White Male privilege, Mikey will nod his head in complete agreement.

  3. Unfortunately we have a media that is owned by by 4 corporations it used to be 6 now its 4 that has an evil agenda and want us divided. The left cheers on along with planned parenthood the aborting of millions of babies & yet many AA people still vote them in.

    1. Karen: Why aren’t U wearing a mask?
      Me: My body My choice
      Karen: No it’s not! Not when ur decisions can hurt othe…….Ohhh.
      Me: Liberal logic at it’s finest.

      1. It’s not your choice. My mask protects you, your mask protects me. DBAD.

        1. The non-mask wearing or social distancing animals who blow up atm machines and destroy businesses run by black people amongst others R protecting who exactly? Certainly not ‘Grandma’

        1. I truly believe that suburban liberals whose businesses have been completely f-d over bc of the coronahoax yet still continue to wear masks and cheer on BLM ‘protests’ while they R not allowed to open their salons or whatever have to be mentally ill. It’s not even about political affiliation – It’s common sense/Using ur critical thinking skills 2 realize that ur being completely played by the powers that be.

          1. Patriot –

            Beautifully stated. Critical thinkers can see the conspiracy that this hoax is all about. Liberals are destroying liberals. Obvious deep state activity. Your critical thinking skills are awesome. Forget that Republican states also shut down their economy under the direction of the President. This is a liberal hoax!!


  4. $22.50 an hour for the Kinkman today. Nice!

  5. Patriots –

    General Colin Powell has jumped ship too. He called President Trump a complete failure and a child today. Remember Woke is a Joke. We must hate as it helps with our self esteem issues. Never, ever listen to differing opinions. That ain’t democracy!!

    Trump 2020!


    1. Colin Powell hasn’t endorsed a republican since 2004 and that was the dude he was working for so he could keep his job. He’s another DC beltway loyalist who does what he’s told. Try you’re fake news somewhere else

  6. We Mock what we don’t understand.

    Any news on when you’ll comment on your firing from channel three Because you
    called mexicans P.U.T.O.S using the companies social media accounts?

    t w i t t e r . c o m / c b s p h i l l y / s t a t u s / 7 4 5 0 4 3 8 7 1 1 9 3 8 2 9 3 7 6

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    t w i t t e r . c o m / c b s p h i l l y / s t a t u s / 7 4 5 0 4 3 8 7 1 1 9 3 8 2 9 3 7 6

    1. Patriot –

      Keep up the very important fight. We must get answers. Increase your internet pressure. Post more. Demand answers. America needs to know. So, so important. Be blessed great American!


    1. True…..just ask Drew Brees what happened to him.

  8. That is what I say to wife when she approaches me at the grill. Back Hoe. I wish I had Joe’s life. So cool straight baller.

  9. Writers committing suicide and taking down their paper with them…you love to see it

  10. This is all a ploy to take down Trump. Unfortunately for the left, it didn’t work. Trump has more support than ever. The left is promoting destruction, chaos , and abolishing police. The left is focused on a very small part of the population. Plus, Biden will have to debate Trump. Not going well for the left.

    1. Patriot Joe –

      Your ability to see the truth is incredible. The libs are destroying America on purpose. Anything to get rid of out great President. Nothing is real. All conspiracy. Trump has incredible support! The right lives the destruction of the Constitution. Deal with it Libs!!


  11. FACT! Another promise kept. We may not have a wall at the border that Mexico paid for, but we have a wall around the White House. Things are going great!

    Trump 2020!
    Trump 2024!

  12. I miss the days of everyone making fun and the cuz and other local media . Depressing

    1. I don’t listen to sports talk. It dulls my brain. I will try to do better and occasionally this in a Cuz shoots ropes comment.

        1. Jamie Lynch, man of the people. Let Tra Thomas get fired without a word and is buddy buddy with a certain producer who mocked black men everywhere as dwayne from swedesboro. Didnt call for his resignation or termination, just sat back and watched the 3 day suspension “dwayne” got. Woke.

    2. Randomly thought of the user name jillian meles bleached asshole. Good times

  13. Defund the police? Really Dems? That’s your move? Wow. And Biden is your guy? Wow.

  14. well, all I know is I just defunded the Inquirer of $77 every 13 weeks, cause I’m out

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    but yeah but feel free to talk repetitively talk shit on those 4 random dudes in fishtown with baseball bats to sway them off.

    Gee I wonder what the difference is. Wake up middle class whites, the establishment hates you and wants you replaced with mindless serfs.

    1. I’m still waiting for my so called “white privilege card” to arrive in the mail.. I was not “woke” to the fact that my grandparents came from Italy wirhout a cent and the inability to speak english and WORKED their way out of poverty meant “white privilege”.. eff blm and the sycophants..
      Someone wise once told me.. you can taker the n***** out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the nigg**.. so effin true

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