Weekly Roundup: What you may have Missed in Philadelphia Sports Last Week 7/19

Think last week was a slow sports week?  Think again.

The Phils are scuffling, Cliff Lee took notice.  Roy Halladay took a week off.

Thank god Mel Gibson doesn't play right field.  If only Ichiro did.

Have the fans turned on Jayson Werth?

Wheeler's the worst, Wolf is the man.

Morning Carts.

Evan Turner is about to save the Sixers, while Billy King ruins the Nets.

Andy Roddick is funny, the Always Sunny guys talk hockey.

FAILS: parenting, marketing, fans, graphics.

Charlie Manuel couldn't get a ride.  Jamie Moyer certainly could.

Brad Lidge signed a leg in his.

This woman has a whole padded room full of issues.

Chicago put a bounty on the Kane's puck.

And Canadians still suck.