Your Monday Morning Roundup: Scandal Edition

Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 9.41.11 AMJerry Sandusky's book is very unfortunately named

Good morning, fellow humans. I tried to take this weekend off. I wanted to read (er, listen) to some more of the Steve Jobs book, start up a Blu-Ray obsession with Mad Men (never seen it), and watch some futbol (yeah, I’m on the EPL thing now) and football.

Instead, the Phillies acquired Jim Thome while Ms. CB and I ate Mexican on Friday night. Lurid details of Penn State’s ex-defensive coordinator raping little boys in the shower were released. And there was plenty of other Phillies news and the Flyers painting the map of Hawaii on the backs of Jeff Carter and the CoLOLumbus Blue Jackets. I did manage to sneak two episodes of Mad Men in late Saturday night, though– so far so good, but are we supposed to be fooled into thinking his secretary is attractive somehow? I understand it’s the 50s and all, but she’s nearing bowl-cut territory and looks like her skin was cured in a smokers’ lounge. I don’t get it?

Anyway, busy sports weekend. And the Eagles tonight. Let’s hit it.


A couple of quick notes:

– I fucking hate cancer. So does Philly Phaithful. Buy a t-shirt from them this month, Movember, and proceeds will go to fight cancer. Also, you’re encouraged to grow a sweet stache. And curse a lot, apparently… or maybe that's just me.

– Eagles game TONIGHT. Drinker’s Philadelphia will be serving $1 hot dogs and a slew of other drink specials. Must. Check. Out.

– Get tickets for the Otho Davis Scholarship awards dinner tomorrow night. Impressive list of attendees:

Along with Buddy and our scholarship recipient, confirmed guests include: Mike Ditka, Dick Vermeil, Ron Jaworski, Harold Carmichael, Cris Carter, Eric Allen, Seth Joyner, Clyde Simmons, Mike Quick and many other players and coaches from the “Buddy Ryan Era.” 

Tickets hither.


The roundup:

– Jerry Sandusky raped little boys. The disturbing details from the grand jury presentment are here. Joe Paterno issues an awful statement here. As recently as 2009, Sandusky was hosting overnight camps on a Penn State satellite campus here. Penn State may want to (has removed, I’m told) the “Sandusky Blitz” from its Creamery menu here. The DA who, in 1998, had officers hide in the home of a molested boy to listen in on conversations between the boy’s mother and Sandusky went missing in 2005. His laptop in a river here.

– The Phillies acquired Jim Thome. He handed his wife chewed gum before the press conference. His contract has incentives.

– HBO will air a 12-minute preview show for 24/7 on November 25th.

Young Roy Halladay.

Jeff Carter rented a suite for Saturday night’s jammy jam at The Well. Blondes and brunettes, fat guys and stached guys– those are a few of Jeff’s favorite things.

– Lenny Dykstra bailed on his fight with Jose Canseco. Dykstra says he didn’t.

– Shady McCoy fired Drew Rosenhaus. Again.

– Lindsay Lohan spent only four hours in jail.

– There was an arrest warrant for T.O. and someone has naked pictures of Michael Vick that they’re trying to sell.

– Rob Ryan thinks he’s the best defensive coordinator in the NFL.

– There is audio out there of Ron Washington’s F-bomb-laden speech to his team before Game 7. And it’s awesome.

– Bill Lyon, legend, writes about Buddy Ryan.

– Ronaldo’s girlfriend is hot.

– Finally, Michael Cuddyer is on Twitter (@mcuddy5). You know what to do.

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9 Responses

  1. Mistake, Slappy Boyo: You link to a site that Links to the Ron Washington’s speech. Here’s the direct link:
    Although that other site had a lot of good stuff, I may have to spend more time there.
    I guess you were mezzmerized by Bar Rafaeli so I understand the mistake. Ms. CB might have a problem with it though hahahahah.

  2. Paterno is getting a pass and its wrong.
    The grad assistant testified to the grand jury that he witnessed Sandusky rape a young boy in the shower, and the next day he told Paterno.
    Paterno informed the Athletic Director, but after he washed his hands of that knowledge and nothing was done and Sandusky continued to abuse children for another decade.
    The grad assistant should have told Paterno that he had witnessed Sandusky rape his son, at least then Paterno might have given a shit.
    The fact that he ignored those claims, showed a complete lack of integrity and compassion despite the number of football wins he might have.
    Instead of protecting these pedophile coddling coaches, we need to start protecting these children.

  3. Sunday we got up to a down-pour, and headed to the early service at our church. Our church has just completed a huge add on that has more than doubled the size of the church and it was the first Sunday in the new sanctuary. It was a beautiful service, and it was packed! After church we headed home to change since it was much cooler than expected, then we headed out to my parents and it rained the entire drive, thankfully nothing severe although we were a little late. We had a delicious lunch and then the kids had egg hunt #2. My mom has a huge basket of fake apples in her living room, and David always plays with them, instead of putting eggs in his basket, he loaded it up with apples.

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