Top 10 Philly Sports Moments of 2012

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This is easily the most half-assed top 10 list you will read this year. But here are the top 10 Philly Sports Moments of 2012, as is tradition. There weren’t many, so hence the mailingitinedness of the post. I took your suggestions into advisement, and wanted to wait until today. You’ll see why.

10) Lehigh beats Duke

For our first moment, we have to step outside of Philly (because there weren’t enough memorable moments to get a full 10). 

9) Phillies re-sign Cole Hamels

It’s kind of sad that the biggest Phillies signing or acquisition was of their own, homegrown player. But it is.

8) Peter Laviolette gets into it with Dan Bylsma and his glasses

– smiley face –

7) Sixers trade for Andrew Bynum

Well, it was fun until he had to actually play.

6) Chase Utley home run in first at-bat back 

Rushing into Citizens Bank Park to catch Utley’s first at-bat since returning from having no knees, I feared that I would miss something special, cool. I didn’t. I made it to a railing behind the first level just in time to see Utley do the improbable, proving that he is still, in fact, the man.

5) Sixers beat Bulls

Andre Iguodala hit important free-throws and Joshua Harris hugged like a woman.

4) Brian Dawkins number retirement ceremony

This took on a life of its own as the day neared, reminding us all of what it was like when we had a competitive football team.

3) Claude Giroux: The Shift

Just watch it, ejaculate.

2) Fired Andy

It actually happened. It’s going to take to next year until it sinks in.

1) Sidney Crosby shows off his womanhood as Flyers roll Penguins in Game 3

By far the most entertaining, fun, exciting, memorable Philly sports game of the year.


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  1. Fuck off heather, you bitch cunt.
    You haven’t won a cup since 1976 & your owner is a flake womanizer

  2. Um, lest we forget Pat the Bat retiring a Phillie and fucking every pussy he sees one last time?

  3. No Claude a Jew getting a selfish suspension and costing the flyers the series or Danny B’s kid having a heart attack at age 8

  4. You think it’s sad that they signed Cole Hamels? Yeah, he would look better in a Dodgers or Texas uniform.

  5. @that guy
    Pat the Bat nailing pussy left and right isn’t a top 2012 sports moment. It can’t really be considered a noteworthy moment when it happens every day of his life.

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