Markelle Fultz hit an early jumper.

Then he took it one step further:

Fultz finished the night with 12 points, six rebounds, and an assist as the Sixers took home a 120-114 win over the Orlando Magic.

He also had a nice block:

Ben Simmons had a nice night as well and took a shot to his eye, but he returned with three stitches and no real issues.

Next up for the Sixers is a trip to China. They’ll take on the Mavericks for two games in four days overseas. Their first matchup is Friday at 7 AM our time on NBA TV. Game two is Monday at 8 AM, also on NBA TV. That’ll be it for their preseason.

Jerryd Bayless is hurt and we got an update during the fourth quarter of last night’s game:

The Roundup:

Start your day off with the latest episode of the Crossing Broadcast!

After a bad 26-23 loss in overtime to the Titans on Sunday, the Eagles are starting to get ready for a big Sunday afternoon game at home against Kirk Cousins and the Vikings.

Yesterday was Doug Pederson’s day-after press conference, where he addressed a number of things. Including Jalen Mills:

“I mean, these corners are on islands a lot. I think, too, I look at it from an offensive perspective. That when you see a guy that maybe you can attack, you attack. And I think that’s what offenses are doing right now.”

To add to the gloomy Monday, Brian Westbrook is documenting what could be the fall of Jason Peters.

The Birds also worked out a few guys:

Finally, Le’Veon Bell thinks the Eagles have some interest in him. He’ll return to the Steelers during their Week 7 bye, if he isn’t traded.

The Flyers made more moves yesterday, putting Dale Weise and Taylor Leier on waivers.

The other guys that made the roster began their team bonding trip in Vail, Colorado:

Former Flyer fan favorite Scott Hartnell announced his retirement after 17 years in the league.

Gritty saw some time on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Thank God the Phillies season is done.

GM Matt Klentak discussed the season at a press conference yesterday.

“This team just rolled out there in a conventional style would not have made the playoffs,” Klentak said. “In fact, it would have been worse than this year’s team. The fact that we’ve outperformed our run differential as much as we have I think speaks to the fact that we probably did pretty well in the area of putting our players in the best positions to succeed. As the roster evolves and we have more ‘regular players,’ I think you’ll see that less and less. But the roster this year kind of dictated that that’s the way we behave, and we will adjust that behavior moving forward as necessary.”

Team President Andy MacPhail speaks this afternoon.

Former Phillie Jayson Werth was pulled over for a DUI and he didn’t trust the cops.

It was a huge day on the RADIO WARS front. It all began with Eytan Shander tweeting he was moving to just weekends at The Fanatic. And he didn’t like the move at all.

Then the maestro made his music. Harry Mayes was the victim of Gargano’s move to mid-days, resigning from the station. It was confirmed by Mayes and then confirmed once again in a press release by the station. His former partner, Jason Myrtetus, did not sound happy about it.

But don’t count out Mayes just yet, according to him.

And then to come full-circle, Shander was let go by The Fanatic because of those tweets.

What a day.

In other sports news, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs improved to 4-0 in a 27-23 win over the Broncos. And Mahomes threw a pass left handed for a first down.

The NCAA cited Baylor for a “lack of institutional control.”

LaMelo Ball started a brawl in Lithuania.

In the news, the Viking statue on Boathouse Row was sent into the Schuylkill River.

Alex Trebek moderated a governor’s debate in PA. It didn’t go well.